Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

Presenting the 72nd anniversary of the Land Rover brand and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Range Rover family. The Land Rover brand took advantage of the third “World Land Rover Day” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Land Rover Range Rover together with screen stars, business leaders and industry leaders – “Range Rover Life” webcast British drama, five consecutive episodes in five days out. At 19:00 on the evening of May 2, the third episode of “Rushing Up to Tianmen Mountain” started broadcasting shockingly.

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

“Range Rover Life” Land Rover Range Rover 50th Anniversary Presentation

Through the five scenes of “Range Rover World”, “Range Rover Feelings”, “Range Rover Way”, “Range Rover Life” and “Range Rover Journey”, this episode respectively tells about the best of Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Sport products, and anecdotes about Range Rover Sport. stories, the stories of Range Rover Sport role models and the glorious achievements of the Range Rover Sport Tour.

In this live broadcast, Mr. Hu Bo, Executive Vice President of Products and Marketing of Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover Joint Marketing Sales and Service Organization, shared the wonderful development history of Range Rover Sport for the majority of Land Rover owners and fans: “Range Rover Sport The Range Rover is the representative work of the Land Rover brand, and it pioneered a sporty luxury all-terrain SUV. For decades, the Range Rover Sport has not only inherited the family’s luxurious and respectful style, but also distinguished itself in its class of power performance and extraordinary performance. The all-terrain capability and the extreme enjoyment of driving control awaken the passion of the elite for driving, demonstrate the extraordinary sports charm, and help more consumers realize new challenges in life.”

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover Joint Marketing Sales and Service Organization Hu Bo, Executive Vice President of Products and Marketing, and host Wang Cong

In addition, during the live broadcast, Mr. Sun Huizhu, a professor at the Shanghai Theater Academy, shared with you the British charm of British movies; Li Shoubai and Li Shiyi, father and daughter of Shanghai-style cultural inheritors, led everyone to visit old Shanghai; The “Range Rover Life” and the spiritual world of constantly challenging and surpassing oneself; Ms. Liang Hong, a well-known media person, led everyone to appreciate the innovative performance of the Range Rover Sport; The passionate story of climbing the Tianmen Mountain ladder; the Land Rover brand trainer even brought you a wonderful explanation of the Range Rover Sport model throughout the live broadcast. 

The fourth episode “Self-Driving Galaxy Tour” will start broadcasting as scheduled at 19:00 on May 3rd, demonstrating the “minimalist beauty” of Range Rover Velar.

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

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Born to be a king of sports

Since its birth in 1948, Land Rover has been adhering to the spirit of “heart to no bounds”, committed to creating luxury all-terrain vehicles that adapt to various road conditions. In 2004, in order to meet the diverse needs of consumers, Land Rover launched the Range Rover Sport model for the first time, raising the luxury sports style to a new level.

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

First Generation Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport pioneered the sporty luxury all-terrain SUV. This model inherits the luxury characteristics of the Range Rover family, integrating excellent road driving experience, refined luxury style and Land Rover’s iconic ATRS all-terrain technology, and has a more distinctive and passionate personality and color. Range Rover Sport not only raises the luxury of Land Rover to a new level, but also enables drivers and passengers to fully appreciate its proud charm.

Seiko luxury full of dynamic charm

While presenting the exquisite and luxurious design as always, the Range Rover Sport strengthens the dynamic characteristics in the shape design. When you approach the Range Rover Sport, the new streamlined LED headlights have an eye-catching design, bringing a strong visual impact, with the black mesh grille, making the sporty look ready to emerge. The new front fender trim, the new rear taillight design, and the one-piece exhaust pipe trim, etc., all enhance its luxury sports, and its attributes highlight the irreplaceable design style of Land Rover.

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

2020 Range Rover Sport

Entering the car, you can fully experience the incomparable British luxury style. Everything you see and touch shows the luxury and exquisite craftsmanship: the Alcantara-covered steering wheel, the high-grade suede leather tactile headliner, the luxurious Windsor leather and suede seats all show a luxurious texture; British treasure Meridian ™ advanced sound system creates a stereo surround sound effect comparable to top theaters. At the same time, the legendary commander-style driver’s seat provides the driver with a clearer and wider view, and the driving environment outside the car is unobstructed.

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

2020 Range Rover Sport interior

Inheriting the relentless pursuit of extreme respect and driving, the 2020 Range Rover Sport is equipped with a brand-new Invitrogen 3.0-liter dual-supercharged engine, bringing the driver enjoyment of surging power. Matched with a 48-volt mild hybrid power system, it not only further increases the output power, but also provides more excellent running smoothness and response speed, enabling it to burst out a peak torque of up to 550 Nm and a maximum output power of 400 horsepower. It only takes 6.2 seconds to achieve 0 to 100 km/h, and the top speed is as high as 225 km/h.

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

Invitrogen 3.0 liter twin supercharged engine

Of course, a series of forward-looking technological innovations and applications have injected powerful genes into the Range Rover Sport. The pixel-type laser LED headlights are composed of 144 LEDs and 4 four laser diodes, making the maximum irradiation distance reach 500 meters; the second-generation full-color head-up display system projects important information such as current speed, gear position, and navigation direction to the eyes on the windshield of the windshield, allowing the driver to control the overall situation by looking ahead; the InControl intelligent dual-screen exclusive touch infotainment system, with two responsive 10-inch high-resolution touch screens, provides car navigation, Phone, media player and other functions, to achieve easy and convenient human-computer interaction experience.

Experiencing the peak and becoming an immortal realm

Relying on its undoubted strength, the Range Rover Sport stands on the top of glory and has created numerous world-renowned achievements: In 2013, the Range Rover Sport challenged Pikes Peak in Colorado, USA, and successfully ran in only 12 minutes and 35.61 seconds. The entire track has an average speed of 95.23 km/h, breaking the record for the climbing speed of a mass-produced SUV at Pikes Peak.

Only a few months later, the Range Rover Sport galloped 800 kilometers and successfully crossed the Rub Khali Desert known as the “blank land” with an astonishing record of 10 hours and 22 minutes, once again showing its excellent driving charm.

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

Range Rover Sport crosses the ‘blank space’ Rub Khali Desert

In addition, the Range Rover Sport also conquered the Inferno downhill ski track in Switzerland with a time of 21 minutes and 36 seconds. This ski track has a total length of 14.9 kilometers, a slope of 75%, and an altitude difference of up to 2170 meters. The whole process includes snow, ice, rocks, gravel, mud, grass and other different road conditions.

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

Range Rover Sport conquers Switzerland’s Inferno downhill ski track

In China, the Range Rover Sport has also set many breathtaking records: In 2018, Le Mans champion and famous Chinese racing driver Dong Hebin drove an unmodified mass-produced Range Rover Sport SVR to successfully challenge the world-renowned Tianmen Mountain “99 Bends” broke the previous record created by super sports cars with an astonishing time of 9 minutes and 51 seconds. Immediately afterwards, he drove the Range Rover Sport P400e to set another record, successfully challenged the 999 steps with a slope of 45 degrees, and climbed to the top of Tianmen Mountain Nantianmen.

Fast and Furious, Range Rover Sport starts to challenge life

Range Rover Sport climbs the 999 steps of Tianmen Cave

Last year, the Range Rover Sport also completed the feat of “72-hour challenge to vertical China”. That is, within 72 hours, successfully crossed the largest altitude drop of the Chinese highway, starting from Aiding Lake, the lowest point in China -155 meters above sea level, crossing the highest point of the Chinese highway at 5,566 meters above sea level, and reaching the Mount Everest elevation measurement monument, at an altitude of 8844.43 The towering magnificence of Mount Everest.

Numerous honors have become the best footnotes of the Range Rover Sport Seiko luxury style and excellent all-terrain capabilities. In the torrent of time, the Range Rover Sport continues to surpass itself and move forward boldly, vividly interpreting the ultimate state of a sporty luxury all-terrain SUV. In the future, the Land Rover brand will unswervingly practice the brand concept of “Boundless Heart”, accompany Chinese consumers to conquer all kinds of dangers, and jointly create a new chapter of the legend.