Finding the way Saibei Haval H9 will discover the different Hunshandake together with you

There are always some beautiful things in the world that we can’t imagine

The distance is waiting for us to experience

Jilu China explores the most beautiful off-road routes

Haval H9 accompanies you to appreciate the beauty of the world

This time it started from finding the different Hunshandake in Saibei

The Hunshandake Sandy Land across the northern part of the Great Wall is one of the four largest sandy lands in Inner Mongolia.

Formed 220,000 years ago

The historical changes have created the magnificent natural landscape, rich wild animals and plants and simple folk customs.

The terrain here is varied and the road conditions are complex. There are many sand dunes, muddy land, rivers and lakes.

There are more beautiful scenery and lesser-known off-road secrets here


Along with the footsteps of departure, Haval H9 led us to start the journey of finding the way to Saibei

The convoy is on its way to the northern foot of Bayangurtu Mountain, the birthplace of the Luan River

The rugged and complicated mountain roads are extremely difficult to walk

For Haval H9, the challenge really begins


The Haohao Luan River has flowed in northern China for tens of millions of years

She not only raised countless sons and daughters of Han, Man, Mongolia and other ethnic groups.

It also gave birth to a splendid and splendid regional culture with a strong and unique style.

The 90-kilometer Luanhe Trail from Donghouding to Duolun is not well known to people

Driving on such a mysterious path with extremely complicated road conditions

It is a severe test for vehicle performance and driving skills 

Haval H9 professional SUV chassis high rigid body strong power system

Provides a strong guarantee for smooth crossing


Along the Luanhe River, the majestic and magnificent scenery outside the Great Wall gradually appears

In April, Fangfei waits for the snow to fall like winter

The beauty of Hunshandake knows no season

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, it can always bring us surprises

The upper reaches of the Luan River have always been the intersection of Han farming civilization and northern grassland civilization

It is also the forefront of the conflict and fusion of two civilizations

Snow in April at the Yuanshangdu Site

Bright rays of sunshine in the Hunshan Sandy Land

Surprises and unknowns are always around


Ulan Butong has both endless plains and rolling hills.

The combination of forest and grassland is both majestic and beautiful

This way Haval H9 carried us through the four seasons and saw the beautiful scenery

I have also experienced many dangers and adversities

Haval H9 has an all-terrain control system with seven driving modes to cope with various road conditions calmly

A lot of high-tech equipment makes the journey comfortable and comfortable


At the source of the Luan River, in the Blue Flag Snowfield, on the shore of Dali Lake, in Hunshandake

April in the world, Fangcao Mountain, Lianshan Mountain, the side of the ancient road outside the long pavilion

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