Flying life | I have flown before, how about you, please continue to fly

I finally took the time to watch [Flying Life], which has been buzzing about racing stories in the WeChat group during this period of time. I’m not a professional film critic, I just watched the movie carefully and got some thoughts.

Although I have the title of a so-called off-road senior, in fact I have no professional level, I can’t even steal a car, and I can’t even change a tire (Actually, I am also very young, so I can’t help it. When I debuted, the starting point was a bit high. Therefore, many post-shows envy and hate Bengong, and attack when they have the opportunity), at that time, he was working in one of the three major clubs in the country. From 2004 to 2006, when the cross-country race was just starting, Bengong was also working When the club was in the limelight, it had sponsors with strong financial resources and the pride of spending millions of dollars. It went to cross-country races all over the country on time every month, and came back with a basket full of trophies.

So, watching the movie, the characters and scenes introduced at the beginning of the credits, and seeing the familiar but gone faces, I was deeply touched. When I saw Youwan Heping appearing, this was the highest commander of the China Automobile Federation. Hey, I also told the story, and I found it a bit interesting. In the club, there was also the words “South China Sea hunters win the flag” inscribed by Chairman Wan~

Although the film is art, the material is taken from the experience of life. The intersection with Han Han is only in the rally. Rally races are different from cross-country races. You need to survey the road, write road books, communicate and cooperate with the driver. Bengong was fortunate to have participated in three national championship rallies as a navigator. Fortunately, he was not kicked off the car. Cross-country races are different. Rally races are much more dangerous. There is no tire wall outside the track; either big tree gutters or cliffs. The female teammates who used to run races together tried to overturn their cars into the pond and almost drowned. There are also stages on the road, where traffic rules must be strictly obeyed, red lights are not allowed, and accidents are not allowed. In short, rally races and cross-country races are both car races, but there are many differences in content. Participating in the rally will meet many second- and third-tier stars, and there are also Olympic champions. The most famous one should be Jimmy Lin. However, everyone in the competition is as busy as a dog, and they are not melon-eating people. After a day of competition, they are all tired like dogs (dogs are innocent), so how can they find time to find autographs and take pictures?

The statistics about Han Han in the WeChat group are clear and clear. To be honest, I can’t understand it, and I don’t want to understand it, because I am not a professional racing car, so I am not qualified to question it. However, I have watched all the films of Speeding Life, and I personally understand that Han Han’s original meaning is that people who love racing should not forget their original aspirations, overcome all difficulties, and make Speeding their own dream. As Han Han said: “To be with everything you love, and the price of love, you don’t want to live a boring life, and the villain is a boring life.”

Movie art is inherently exaggerated, otherwise how can it attract the attention and thoughts of the audience. Because I have participated in it before, I can understand the meaning expressed in it. Seeing sponsorships for races, going on reality shows, singing, pole dancing, and embroidering the name of the sponsor’s girlfriend on the race suits, these should not be embarrassing, in front of love, it is not worth mentioning at all, it has become It’s time to send charcoal in the snow! I can’t help but think of the planning proposal that Ben Gong wrote every time for sponsorship, racked his brains, and then submitted it in anxiety, waiting for an indefinite period of time, wait for a word, we temporarily fail the project, and we will talk about it next time.

I love motor sports, but it is difficult to find sponsors, because from the perspective of a business, the investment and return are out of proportion. If I were a merchant, it would be difficult to understand if I didn’t love this niche money-burning movement.

The film expresses everyone’s aspirations. The domestic racing environment is not good. Many drivers are trying to sell their money to participate in the competition for their own love. Rally racing is much more expensive than off-road racing. The cost of the CRC championship racing car is claimed to have exceeded 5 million, and (see a film review) the fact will be the same. At present, in the COC national track off-road competition, participating in the professional refitting group requires at least one million refitting, otherwise it will be very difficult to get the results. The so-called farmer drivers, let me say it responsibly, please modify the appearance of the car properly, and don’t use your willfulness to challenge the audience’s attention. We are just popular, not vulgar. We are a cheap sport, not a drop in price.

No matter how many malicious or unintentional comments I see, everyone’s three views are different, so I can’t agree with it. Personally, I still want to thank Han Han for creating the best racing movie for Chinese racers! I look forward to the day when the story about off-road vehicles will also be put on the screen (it would be the best if I can play tricks, hehehe).

Stick to what you love, love what you insist on, suffer from it, enjoy it!

One sand is one world, one flower is one heaven, holding infinity in both hands, a moment is eternity!

Written impromptu, without much professional level, let’s take it as a small afterthought, trolls, please detour~~

Flying life | I have flown before, how about you, please continue to fly

Flying life | I have flown before, how about you, please continue to fly

Flying life | I have flown before, how about you, please continue to fly

Flying life | I have flown before, how about you, please continue to fly

Pay tribute to the eternal speed king brother Xu Lang!