“Go beyond” the top of the world and drive to the “wild” of China | BJ80 helps measure the new height of Mount Everest

This is a world-renowned measurement that aims to redefine the top of the world; it is also a glorious challenge to witness the strength and courage of a great country.

On April 30, the first press conference of the 2020 Mount Everest Elevation Survey was officially launched at the base camp of Mount Everest. The re-measurement of Mount Everest can be said to once again mark the totem in the hearts of Chinese people. The important weapon of the country, the mission must be achieved! BJ80, as the natural resource surveying operation vehicle for this Mount Everest surveying mission, will escort the national surveying and mapping workers throughout the process and bravely reach the peak. As an important representative of Chinese automobiles, Beijing Off-Road will once again witness the glory of a great country with more than 60 years of historical accumulation and quality inheritance.

Fearless and enterprising, go to the “top of the world”

Fearless and enterprising, bravely climbing the peak is the spirit of the Chinese nation passed down from generation to generation.

The measurement and scientific research of Mount Everest is an important symbol and way for human beings to understand and understand the earth. It represents the scientific spirit of Chinese researchers to explore the natural world rationally, and also represents my country’s comprehensive national strength and scientific research level. In 1975, the height of Mount Everest was measured. For the first time in my country, a measuring target was erected on the top of Mount Everest, and the altitude of Mount Everest was accurately measured as 8848.13 meters. Generations of mountaineering team members have bravely shouldered the polar mission and moved forward fearlessly, breaking new heights in the world inch by inch.

Just like the fearless progress of the national mountaineering team, Beijing’s cross-country journey of more than 60 years has always carried the majesty of the country and never forgotten the original intention. As a model of a national automobile brand, in 1978, when the national survey team was conducting relative gravity measurements in northern Tibet, there were BAIC off-road vehicles; decades have passed, and today, Beijing off-road vehicles are still accompanying the surveyors, climbing far and wide Mountains, traveling thousands of miles.

The years are countless, but the old man is still the same. Accompanied by wind and rain from generation to generation, it is the unchanging trust of generations of surveyors and mappers in BAIC for decades! From 1966 to 2020, from plains to mountain tops, from China to the world… Spectacular and powerful, Beijing Off-Road has witnessed and participated in glorious moments in China’s development process.

Fight bravely and go to the journey of glory

Thousands of scouring and thousands of drums are hard work, but after blowing out the yellow sand, you can get to gold.

Beijing Offroad, which has always undertaken arduous tasks, is now once again embarking on a journey with enthusiasm for serving the country. With more than 60 years of company day and night, Beijing Off-Road is always ready to contribute solid strength to the national mission.

To retest the trip to Mount Everest, what you need is not only a car and a tool, but also a reliable partner under harsh conditions. It not only needs to be calm and unhurried under complex road conditions, but also needs to have sufficient soft power to provide the staff with a quality and comfortable driving environment. At important national moments, Beijing Off-Road has never been absent. The BJ80 series, which has been awarded as the chairman’s review car several times, has done its part in this Mount Everest mission. With the achievements of innovative technology, it will continue to write a new totem of China’s high-end off-road and reproduce it. The hard-core strength of the “off-road family” has made another wonderful appearance.

This is a group of people representing “China’s power”, a “high-end off-road flagship” car, and a “world-high” thing. Under the guardianship of BJ80, the measurement mountaineering team is about to launch a new challenge to Mount Everest. In the new era of climbing a new starting point, no force can shake the status of the motherland. This is not only the belief of the country, but also the spirit of the people, and it is also the best inheritance of our generation’s climbing spirit.

The grand events of the country always have glory; there is always “Beijing” at the moment of glory. Once again shouldering the heavy responsibility entrusted by the times, Beijing Off-Road will surely bravely break into the “forbidden zone of life” with the courage and confidence to move forward fearlessly, and help measure China’s new heights with the attitude of “off-road family”!