“Hiking, Fun, Hunting and Living”, Beijing Off-Road “Hiking Ark” Plan Conference Held

When the epidemic comes, the wind and rain are urgent, and walking calls for light boats. This year’s new crown epidemic has made more and more people realize that health is the first wealth in life. Paying attention to health and caring for life has become the consensus of the whole society.

On sunny days, one should go out of the house; in the green season, one should embrace nature. Off-roading and sunshine go hand in hand, and health and travel also complement each other; in the summer when the “epidemic” is over and the sky is sunny, it is even more necessary to live “hot hunting”.

Protecting the public’s healthy travel has always been one of the priorities of Beijing Off-Road. Beijing Off-Road has the only off-road vehicle research institute with a scale of 1,000 people in China. In the face of the epidemic, in a very short period of time, we have achieved technological innovation and launched new health technology products. Not only that, but also organically combine “fun field experience”, “intimate service” and “green intelligent manufacturing” to form the “big health” system of Beijing off-road. Let every car owner enjoy a healthy trip.

Every Beijing brand off-road vehicle is like an ark galloping on the road. It builds a solid protection fortress for the owner and his family, so that the owner can not only go where he wants to go, but also open a door to a warm and healthy life. A new door to travel.

The “Hiking Ark Project” released today includes four highlights: “Hiking Fun Wild Life”, “Hiking Green Smart Manufacturing”, “Hiking Hard-core Technology” and “Hiking Caring Service”.

First of all, we are committed to building the most experiential hiking and fun field life circle, leading everyone to travel healthily and rest assured. The first cross-country town in the country carefully built by Beijing Off-Road has recently settled in Beijing Kuye Valley. It has an internationally certified professional off-road venue and will become one of the most representative off-road holy places in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in the future; Cross-country parks, cross-country stations, and cross-country clubs will be built within the scope, forming a unique experience ecology of Beijing’s off-road.

Secondly, relying on the “most environmentally friendly” green intelligent manufacturing factory to achieve green energy saving from the source, BAIC SUV is the only green automobile manufacturing enterprise in Beijing. The factory we are in today is the only modern manufacturing base in China that focuses on the production of off-road vehicles, and has been selected into the list of national green factories by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Through the use of photovoltaic power generation systems, adhere to the development of low energy consumption and low emissions, on the basis of saving energy, reducing consumption, environmental protection, and ensuring healthy and sustainable resources, self-sufficiency in power energy has been realized.

At the same time, Beijing Off-Road has deeply cultivated the hard-core technology of hiking and launched a number of health technologies including high-efficiency filtration technology, low-VOC, and low-odor materials. It is worth mentioning that Beijing Off-Road is the first off-road vehicle company in China to have authoritatively certified CN95 filtration and purification technology. This technology can effectively block PM2.5 and virus droplets, making the “walking ark” a safe mobile space. In addition, Beijing Off-Road is also accelerating the pace of research in technical fields such as “all-round gas sterilization and disinfection”, “antibacterial materials”, “intelligent purification materials”, and “allergic substance control”. It is believed that their advent will also bring consumers Come to a healthier and better “hiking” experience.

Finally, Beijing Off-Road has comprehensive hiking and caring services. “Air conditioning system disinfection and maintenance” can achieve antibacterial protection of air conditioning filters for up to 6 months, and the antibacterial rate exceeds 99.9%. At the same time, we provide cockpit deep cleaning services with 4 disinfection methods to effectively suppress germs. Let everyone travel without worries.

Every exploration will bring new gains, and every cross-country trip will also see different scenery; just this summer, let us embrace nature together and release our cross-country heart with the company of Hiking Ark.

On May 27, the 2020 BJ40 City Hunter Edition, the first product equipped with Trekking Ark technology, will be launched on the market. At that time, Beijing Off-Road will join hands with Modern Sky and Top 100 fashion brands to present a wonderful cloud sharing LIVE show. At 8 pm on the 27th, more surprises will be waiting for you on the “cloud”.