How to develop foreign camps from the development of themed tourism products to the construction of franchised supply channels

RV travel is an upgrade of self-driving travel, but without complete living facilities and safety guarantees, a beautiful vision can only be presented in the heart. At present, the conditions of campsites in China are uneven, and some of them can only be regarded as the level of motels and even parking lots. To promote the development of the industry in an orderly manner, it is not only about the number and scale of campsites, but also based on Create a unique campsite with its own conditions and guide consumers to the campsite. The mature camping culture abroad, perfect service management system and reasonable supporting facilities are all worth learning and learning from.

When it comes to RVs, the United States may be the most image that comes to mind. We often see in movies and TV shows that many families in the United States include RVs in their car purchase plans. Based on this, this article will summarize the development of the American camping tourism industry and share the management model of Jellystone Auto Camp, the second largest camping chain operation brand in North America, hoping to provide reference for the camping industry professionals and enthusiasts.

How to develop foreign camps from the development of themed tourism products to the construction of franchised supply channels

From the development of camping culture to the construction of facilities, the prototype of the modern camping site originated in 1861. With the development of the American automobile industry, this activity can not only strengthen the body, but also experience the fun of being close to nature. Exchanges have moved from local to global. So far, foreign RV camps have undergone tremendous changes both in terms of quantity and form. From tent camping to caravan camping, the exploration of the development of the camping industry has gradually upgraded from the basic camping operation guide to researching it from an academic perspective. European and American countries attach great importance to camping life, and regard it as a “tourism project that has never declined” together with leisure, picnics, and rafting, and it has become one of the important activities to protect forest parks and nature reserves. 

In developed countries in Europe and the United States, car travel is very popular. In terms of site selection and layout, foreign camps pay more attention to convenient transportation and the surrounding natural ecological environment. Its value is not only a place to provide services for camping tourists, but also an independent It has become a tourist destination for camping and leisure enthusiasts. The camp has complete food and accommodation, entertainment, medical and other service facilities, which not only meet the needs of camping enthusiasts to return to nature and focus on experience, but also maximize the operating benefits of the campsite itself. s return.

Double promotion of camp management experience and scale

As of today, there are more than 23,000 campgrounds in the United States. About one-third of the tourism accommodation facilities, tourism time and tourism land in the United States exist in the form of camping. According to statistics, an average of 9%-10% of American families own RVs, and the frequency of use is more than 50 days a year. There are a total of 8 million American RVs all year round. The development of campgrounds has also brought huge economic benefits to the country and promoted the improvement of its national happiness index.

In terms of site selection, American campsites are mostly closely integrated with tourism projects, brand development is carried out according to tourist routes, and advertisements and signs are installed at the main scenic spots and traffic arterial entrances. Among them, more than 80% are built by the government along the highway, and the supporting facilities of the camps are very simple; 20% of the camps are invested and built by private enterprises in other areas. Each camp has both common features and different characteristics. Some are close to the people, some are high-end and luxurious, and some are niche and alternative.

How to develop foreign camps from the development of themed tourism products to the construction of franchised supply channels

The regional development characteristics of domestic tourism camps are obvious. Camps are mainly distributed in economically developed areas such as the Bohai Rim Economic Circle, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, and the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, as well as Southwest China and other areas with good resource development conditions and camp construction needs. In contrast, my country’s car camping sites are still in their infancy, relying on leisure and entertainment, relying on the scenic spots and nearby scenic spots to operate, small in scale, small in number, simple in service, and far from meeting the needs of the domestic market.

However, foreign car campgrounds are more like a comprehensive leisure community, including comprehensive service areas, dining areas, camping areas, leisure and entertainment areas, social activity areas, etc. The supporting facilities and management quality adopt uniform standard service specifications, A refined service model in line with international standards. 

Founded in 1969, the Jellystone car camp chain brand is the second largest camping chain operation brand in North America after KOA. It has a high reputation and strong market influence in the field of camp chain development. Two countries in Canada have set up more than 80 camping destinations. The camp is a characteristic chain camp with the theme of the famous cartoon image “Yogi Bear”. The subsequent development has established a milestone significance.

The award-winning Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Camp is located in Wisconsin Dells (Wisconsin Dells). The Jellystone Group is specially designed for family camping, around thematic development and business concepts, and the mascot Yogi Bear is a well-known cute Cartoon image. Its appearance is close to nature and its popular story shows a highly consistent core connotation for Stone Group’s development goal of focusing on the family parent-child market. Various channels provide sufficient guarantee for the characteristic construction of the campsite, and its unique brand culture allows it to create a unique and attractive camping experience for millions of American families in the field of camping.

How to develop foreign camps from the development of themed tourism products to the construction of franchised supply channels

Integration and development of theme development and cultural and creative industries 

The development of camping tourism must be integrated with cultural and creative industries across borders, highlighting content themes to arouse more people’s spiritual needs and sense of belonging. A beautiful story and a touching movie can provide good themes. Yogi Bear Jellystone Park uses cartoon bears as image endorsement and story marketing to strengthen the brand, inject vitality into the camp, and radiate vitality throughout the camp activities throughout the year. Let marketing promotion and cute cartoon images capture the market in a relaxed and pleasant way, and strengthen campers’ awareness of the brand.

After obtaining the exclusive authorization to use the IP of Yogi Bear, he began to deeply dig and refine the theme culture, from the name to the self-developed logo system, to the camp landscape, creative restaurants and many other aspects, even the self-service vending machines. It can bring out that it is created to cater to the overall atmosphere, and all of them continue the theme of warmth, family affection, joy, and nature in fairy tales, and occupy the hearts of consumers with the image of Yogi Bear. 

How to develop foreign camps from the development of themed tourism products to the construction of franchised supply channels

Franchised supply channels create uniqueness 

The park is full of Yogi Bear statues of different sizes and shapes, and the kitchen and retail stores also have a strong fairy tale color, which will become a demonstration model for the expansion of the Stone Group in the future. Rich and exquisite franchise products are a major feature of Jellystone Camp, which has become one of the core attractions that are inseparable from the development of the camp. After decades of continuous research and development, there are about 200 kinds of various tourism peripheral products derived every year, with more than 500 categories of customized tourism products and souvenirs, most of which are unique. Through the channel construction of franchise processing and franchise operation, these commodity suppliers only supply to the camps under the Stone Group for sale. In addition to the common daily necessities such as T-shirts, mugs, and stickers, it has been extended to flags, carpets, and office supplies, which have become the standardized configuration of the Stone Group camp.

Carrying out a complete theme-based marketing strategy, through the construction of a graphic design team, Stone Group produces a large number of cartoon souvenirs, packaging bags and other promotional materials every year for free use when the camp conducts media promotion and holds events. Through the development of peripheral product lines, the promotion of brand effect is strengthened.

What Makes Jellystone Park Camp Unique? 

On the official website of Jellystone Park, there is such a description, “We are a franchise network of campgrounds, focusing on providing holiday activities. Whether you are a RV enthusiast, or choose tent camping, Jellystone Park Campgrounds can provide a range from From rustic to luxurious accommodations, first-class facilities and activities to help you plan a vacation the whole family will love.”

How to develop foreign camps from the development of themed tourism products to the construction of franchised supply channels

Yogi Bear Camp is open year-round

When the weather turns cold, campers needn’t despair. There are also plenty of Yogi Bear Jellystone Park camps open through winter, so don’t give up on the year-round fun of camping. In addition to RV camping and tent camping, many campsites also offer heated cabins. In the northern camp, you can ski in winter, and in the southern camp, you can enjoy the fun of yoga and the warm climate.

winter project u2028 at campsite park

Since it is open all year round, of course there needs to be some fun. Some villages suitable for winter tourism, such as Gloucester Point, people can come to the camp to see the old world charm of Colonial Williamsburg. Enjoy holiday Christmas candles and sleighs, thousands of lights and decorations in the historic village of Gustbridge, where people will enjoy more than expected family camping.

Large camp space is a condition for extended stay 

Nearly seven million American families own their own campervans. RV travel is one of the fastest growing travel methods. RVs allow campers to enjoy camping life while enjoying the comfort of home. Among them, for the camp type RV camp, sufficient living space is one of the necessary conditions for extending the camper’s stay.

Why Jellystone Park is great for family camping

Jellystone Park Campground is a destination for family fun of all ages. Little ones will enjoy pottery, horse cart rides, comics, movies, swimming, and more, while older kids will enjoy the boats, miniature golf, pedal cars, and video games. Mom and Dad can join in on bingo games, walks and listen to live band performances. With the pool, games room, playground, mini-golf, cinema and multimedia games on offer and daily activities at camp, you’ll never hear your kids say “I’m bored”! 

How to develop foreign camps from the development of themed tourism products to the construction of franchised supply channels

Create Unforgettable Family Vacation Memories 

In addition to the annual family-related holidays, there are themed weekends, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Yogi Bear birthday parties, Father’s Day and more. The camp will also hold a variety of themed activities, allowing staff to play cartoon characters, Cindy Bear, Bobo Bear or commando Smith Bear, bringing them from cartoons to real life, and spending an unforgettable time with tourists camp trip. With so much family fun and family entertainment for all ages, sure no one will get bored! 

What makes a family vacation in Jellystone Park so special? In the next 5 years, the domestic campsite industry will also invest in a large number of car camping industries and related facilities. China will enter a period of rapid development of car campgrounds. On this basis, there will inevitably be survival problems in many camps. Today’s campsite industry has begun to show a chain trend, and it is the last word to keep warm in groups. Then, the exploration of theme in the business model of foreign chain campsites is also a direction to learn from.

The future of the camping industry will tend to be comprehensive development, popular IP, theme parks, etc. will greatly enrich the connotation of tourism and innovate the form of tourism. Through the rational layout of themes, network operation and brand development, a complete product system and a complete guarantee system are formed. Focusing on the whole country and actively integrating domestic resources, domestic self-driving camps can also have a richer and more three-dimensional sensory experience.