How to fight “May sickness”? Arrizo GX helps you rejuvenate

For this generation of young people, “May disease” is really not a new term. At the turn of spring and summer, a series of psychological or physical discomforts such as dizziness, weakness of limbs, reluctance to get up, and reluctance to go to work will all strike. Being lazy and mournful is the normal state of patients with “May disease”.

How to fight against “May disease”? More sunshine and more exercise is the kingly way! Today, the editor recommends a high-performance sedan that can arouse your desire to go out – Arrizo GX.

How to fight

1.5T+9CVT Platinum Power Combination Awakens the Sleeping Restless Factor

Awaken the sleeping restless factor? Vigorous and lively power is naturally an essential element.

In terms of power, Arrizo GX is equipped with a 1.5T+9CVT platinum power combination with a maximum power of 108kW and a maximum torque of 210N•m. The thermal efficiency of this “star” engine that is standard in the whole series reaches 37.1%, which is completely comparable to that of joint venture brands. Not only that, adopting the leading integrated technology of luxury brand engines, compared with the traditional 1.5T engine with non-integrated technology, the acceleration response of this engine has been improved by 35%.

How to fight

In terms of transmission, the matching new-generation 9CVT gearbox not only retains the stable and smooth characteristics of traditional CVT gearboxes, but also provides more direct power response. Perfectly matched with the 1.5T engine, the SPORT mode brings out the power to the extreme. The 0-60km/h acceleration time is only 4 seconds, and the 100km/h acceleration time is 9 seconds. Roaming among the high-rise buildings with feasting lights, galloping on the beautiful forest avenue, Arrizo GX’s strong power and rapid acceleration can quickly activate and heat up the blood factors in the body, awakening your unruly soul under the calm appearance, Indulge in the hearty driving pleasure.

How to fight

Professional sports chassis adjustment makes the control more indiscriminate

If you want a more reckless high-fuel driving experience, superior handling is naturally indispensable.

In terms of chassis, Arrizo GX adopts the layout of the front MacPherson independent suspension and the rear torsion beam non-independent suspension. Due to the needs of the sporty trend, the suspension stroke is set to be relatively short, which will retain part of the road feeling, but without excessive aftershock Especially when the vehicle passes through the speed bump continuously, the passengers can feel the continuous up and down vibration without too much aftershock, so that the driver and passengers will not feel the looseness of the chassis.

In addition, thanks to track-level professional sports chassis tuning, Arrizo GX’s overall control feeling is outstanding, especially in line-shifting stability, straight-line control, and curve control, and the body tilt is suppressed during high-speed cornering. Also very in place. Draw a corner with a neat and calm posture, and then run to the next corner. Even on the complicated road conditions like Bangda 18th Turn, Arrizo GX can give you the confidence to control it calmly.

How to fight

In addition, the steering feel of Arrizo GX is quite good, the high speed is stable and low speed is light, and the directivity is relatively accurate, allowing you to enjoy more flexible and flexible driving control.

Roaming in the embrace of the sun, wandering in the beautiful scenery of early summer, let Arrizo GX accompany you to rejuvenate your vitality! It is worth mentioning that there are car purchase benefits for the recent purchase of Arrizo GX! Comprehensive discount up to 10,000 yuan (3,000 yuan in cash + financial personal loan car purchase subsidy up to 4,000 yuan + replacement subsidy up to 3,000 yuan) or directly enjoy the financial personal loan car purchase discount (0 interest for 3 years or 10% down payment for car purchases, down payment as low as 7777 yuan ), take action quickly!