Hurry up! “Little Red Pepper” MAZDA CX-30 is on the way

Today, the “new generation sports car SUV” MAZDA CX-30 was officially assembled and shipped from Changan Mazda’s Nanjing factory, and was sent to 432 dealer stores across the country at high speed.

Hurry up!

Since the pre-sale started on April 26, MAZDA CX-30 has amazed everyone with a “dome shadow surface” that reflects the sky and the earth, and once again refreshed people’s perception of the beauty of automotive industry design. Car fans and prospective users even compare MAZDA CX-30 to a “little red pepper”, which shows how “hot” its “body” and color are. As Mazda’s best overseas factory, Chang’an Mazda Nanjing Factory has perfectly mass-produced this curved shape full of light and shadow magic with the ultimate craftsmanship. Now it has matured on the branches and is ready to be harvested.

Hurry up!

MAZDA CX-30, which is positioned as a “new-generation sports car SUV”, combines the beauty and handling of a coupe with the space practicality of an SUV and the high passability of an SUV for the first time, creating a breakthrough in the mid-to-high-end small SUV market. The unique “traveling aesthetics” satisfies the pursuit of cutting-edge, challenging and creative lifestyles of young consumer groups.

As the first SUV model of Mazda’s new generation product group, MAZDA CX-30 is fully equipped with “Chuangchi Blue Sky Vehicle Architecture Technology”, which fully surpasses competing products of the same level in terms of vehicle quality, driving pleasure, NVH quietness, and active and passive safety. models, once again broadened the value boundary of the small SUV segment.

At present, the pre-sale of MAZDA CX-30 has been fully launched, and the pre-sale price is 129,900 to 176,900 yuan. The new car will arrive in the store one after another in the next time. Consumers across the country are welcome to go to Changan Mazda offline stores to taste and test drive. “Little Red Pepper” is so gorgeous, first pick, first serve!