“In-depth talk about RV” This fat man is Jin Rui, founder of RV designer Zhongrui Engineering

Introduction: What does a RV designer look like? What does the RV look like in the designer’s eyes? Today, let’s take a look at the RV in the eyes of RV designers and RV designers.

Interviewee: Jin Rui, founder & chief designer of Zhongrui Engineering

Interviewer: Bai Tan RV Bailong

Photography: Lao Wang of CCRV

Bailong: On a certain RV at the RV show, we saw a name that does not belong to this RV—Zongrui Gongshe. What exactly is Zhongrui Gongsha? This made Lao Bai very confused. Is it an organization or a person’s name? In this regard, we invited Mr. Jin Rui to give us an answer about Zhongrui Engineering Design.

Jinrui: Hello everyone, I am Jinrui from Zhongrui Engineering. In fact, we have been working behind the scenes, that is, at the forefront of the entire industry chain. When a customer uses a RV, the origin of the product starts from the design. We I have always been engaged in the top end of the product, that is, the design of the RV, the interior and exterior design, the function design, and the layout design.

Bailong: As far as I know, Zhongrui Engineering is the only design company in the RV market. From the perspective of a design company, would you like to talk about the difference between domestic RVs and imported RVs?

Jin Rui: The past two years should not be regarded as the only one. With the maturity of the market, some fresh forces have gradually emerged, including some design companies from other fields. Maybe we did it earlier A (RV) design company. Our advantage lies in the appearance, vision, and material selection. In the past two years, we have gradually settled down to the process, function, and process guidance, including the layout of the production line, and slowly dig deeper. For those who have participated in domestic and foreign exhibitions in recent years, and visited domestic and foreign RV companies, the difference is not that simple. Although all domestic RV manufacturers are slowly shortening the gap, I think the origin is the etiquette for RVs. I think the designers and engineers of RV factories have never been engaged in such camping activities. This is the difference and gap in the origin.

I think that the upstream suppliers and supporting companies of domestic RV companies, in addition to imports, because the imported materials are too expensive, and the domestic products are gradually perfected, and they are piled up together, forming some gaps in products.

Bailong: The first time we discovered the name Zhongruigong was on the Jingyan RV, which is also our newly launched brand this time. The name Jingyan is very similar to Jingyan, can you tell me the origin of this name?

Jinrui: By chance, this year we established our own RV factory in Heze, Shandong, mainly to manufacture RVs under our own brand, and also provide design and production tasks for 2B RV companies, as well as OEM, parts, and division of labor. .

Heze is relatively close to Henan. With a Heze accent, Jingyan means experience. Jingyan is a visual feast no matter whether it is inside or outside the RV.

Bailong: We are now sitting in the car of Jingyan RV Qi 599 to do interviews and reports for you. This car is very beautiful. Can you introduce the characteristics of this RV?

Jin Rui: This RV has many features from the inside out.

1. In terms of pricing and sales strategy, the ultra-low price of this car starts from 379,800 yuan;

2. Warranty for 5 years/150,000 kilometers, and warranty for the main structure of the bodywork.

3. If the customer wants to buy this RV with a loan, the interest rate will be zero for the first year. If you sneak on the surface with the operating company, if you travel, you will be given 2,000 yuan in oil supplements every year for the first three years. This is the strategy.

In terms of RVs, we put a lot of thought into every detail, whether it’s design, construction, material selection, or waterway systems, like the 3°C anti-icing controllers that are only equipped on some high-end cars. Indoor water tanks, quiet hardware, comfortable accessories in the sleeping and sleeping areas, bed flowers, latex mattresses, no matter what kind of configuration is standard for all systems.

Bailong: Just now you said 5 years/150,000 kilometers. As we all know, the after-sales problem is a particularly troublesome problem in the RV industry. Why do we dare to risk the world and propose a 5-year/150,000 kilometers warranty. What work have we done in after-sales?

Jin Rui: We used to manufacture our own products in other companies. At that time, it was difficult to control the quality of the products down to every detail. Why did we dare to say that the five-year warranty of 150,000 kilometers may be better than some The quality assurance of OEMs is even higher, because we are confident in material selection-design-craftsmanship, and confidence in our products. In March this year, we established our own factory in Heze, Shandong Province. We have a very complete, whether it is equipment or personnel, we have very complete technical strength to solve such problems. Just now I mentioned the main structure of the five-year 150,000-kilometer, which is to return to the factory for maintenance. We also have four dealers across the country to cooperate with us accordingly.

Bailong: For this Jingyanqi 599 RV, as a designer, what is the most satisfying part? Where is the most unsatisfactory place?

Jin Rui: The most satisfying part, I think, is the two functional divisions of the bed and the bathroom. We really put a lot of thought into it. At the beginning of the definition of each RV we make, there are two functions: a good bath and a good sleep. This is also the most driving force for us to make a car. So these two spaces are more intentional, and they are also my favorite places.

What I dislike the most about this car is that the factory has just been built, and some edge banding is not in place. Immediately after returning home, the process, equipment, and materials should be adjusted, and this should be replaced. It is a beautiful product with perfect details.

Bailong: What big plans do we have in the coming year for Zhongrui Engineering and the newly launched Jingyan brand RV?

Jin Rui: Jingyan RVs are positioned as road-type and family-type RVs. We put B-type RVs under the Jingyan brand. In the future, we will make new Transit, V90 and other B-type RVs. To launch, to give customers more choices.

Bailong: As a RV designer, what suggestions do you have for friends who are planning to buy a RV?

Jin Rui: A short suggestion. You must think about your own needs. Not every car has multiple beds. The more members the better, you must choose the RV that suits you. It is best to experience it 1-2 times I think this is the most important thing to buy a RV after RV camping.

Bailong: As a RV designer, what would you like to say to the current domestic RV manufacturers?

Jinrui: Don’t fight for prices, organize more employees and designers to participate in RV camping activities, and provide products with high cost performance and high expectations in the market. At this stage, try not to fall into a price war. This is my biggest desire. We have thought deeply about the shape of small details. After entering the interior, we have a fuller control over the integrity of the space.

In fact, the Wolfson chassis has inherent defects, for example, the car body is too narrow, and the rear axle is relatively forward, in the middle of the car body, which makes it difficult for all our layouts to be perfectly presented. Then we use one thing for two purposes, such as the layout of the bi-folding door of the bathroom, which you have never seen in foreign RVs, which is one of our characteristics. In addition to our control of the appearance, we really put a lot of thought into the details of the waterway system, including the selection of materials, and did a lot of experiments. Including the circuit system, the wiring harness of the circuit system is made by the wiring harness manufacturer supporting the BYD factory, and they are the supporting manufacturer for us.

Picture: Pharaoh and Jingyan RV.

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