In the era of national idols, the new generation of Fox teaches you how to make a C debut

In the past two years, various idol audition programs have emerged in an endless stream. Whether it is “Creation 101” in the female group audition, “In the Name of the Group” in the male group audition, and the popular “Creation Camp” and other programs have aroused the enthusiasm of young people. Lively discussion. Many contestants in the show have a huge fan base, and their every move is closely watched by netizens. The more unique the contestants are, the more opportunities they have to occupy the C position in the show, and from time to time they are on the headlines of hot searches.

Contestants with distinctive personalities and outstanding strengths are the eye-catching trump cards in idol talent shows. The reason is nothing more than that with the increase of young consumers, the trend of personalized aesthetics is becoming more and more clear. In addition to being beautiful and attractive, pick idols also need to have personality! The same is true in the automotive market. Buying a car is no longer limited to routines. A car is not only a means of transportation, but also a concrete symbol of one’s life attitude and preferences. The new generation of Fox is a player with both appearance and strength, and has a distinctive personality, which undoubtedly has great appeal to young consumers nowadays.

In the era of national idols, the new generation of Fox teaches you how to make a C debut

Refuse to be stereotyped, and only when you have a “style” can you be popular

In the current era of personalized aesthetics, the stereotyped Internet celebrity faces make people lose their focus, and the characteristic “single eyelid” contestants are more able to hold the stage with their sharp aura. The new generation of Fox also has a sharp and full of aura. The black honeycomb design of the hexagonal grille on the front face is highly recognizable, and it is integrated with the LED headlights and the sharp “blade” type LED daytime running lights, making the front face of the new generation Focus unforgettable.

In the era of national idols, the new generation of Fox teaches you how to make a C debut

The slender engine cover, smooth front fenders and three-dimensional waistline design make the overall visual effect of the vehicle more dynamic and fashionable, just like a cheetah ready to go. The layered rear combined with the horizontally stretched taillights are also very recognizable. The 18-inch blackened wheels and the upturned rear spoiler clearly reveal Fox’s sporty male style. The outstanding appearance design makes Fox have a star halo wherever he goes, and has countless fans.

Powerful players bring their own traffic, and only with “materials” can they be passionate

As the old saying goes, one minute on stage, ten years off stage. Many of the contestants who performed brilliantly on the stage had years of “painful” experience in professional training, and it was this long-term training and polishing that allowed them to have their own aura as soon as they shot, stunning the audience. Similarly, in 2005, Focus entered China with the glory of the WRC World Cross-Country Rally, and defined the sports car with “sports fashion”. Afterwards, it won the CTCC China Touring Car Championship and won 9 championships in 13 years. It has become a legend! With excellent handling Its performance and exhilarating driving pleasure have won it countless fans.

In 2018, the new-generation Focus achieved another success, winning 10 individual championships in the CCPC mass-produced vehicle performance competition. Behind countless legends and honors, it is inseparable from Ford’s long-term careful polishing and adjustment of Focus, constantly injecting world-leading automotive technology into it, and building the excellent quality of real materials.

In the era of national idols, the new generation of Fox teaches you how to make a C debut

The new generation of Focus is equipped with Ford EcoBoost® 180 turbocharged dual-injection engine, which integrates cutting-edge technologies such as PFDI dual-injection system and central balance shaft. And other characteristics in one, the maximum power is 135KW, and the maximum torque is 243N·m. In the low-speed range of 1000-2000 rpm most commonly used by users, the torque is increased by as much as 20%, making it easy to shuttle in the city. The matching brand-new 8AT gearbox can automatically adjust the accelerator pedal force by evaluating vehicle and environmental information, and optimize the timing of shifting based on the evaluation of the user’s driving style to achieve more positive shift response and better fuel economy It can be described as the best partner under the excellent power combination.

As for the suspension, it’s no different. The new generation of Focus adopts SLA long and short arm blade rear independent suspension with independent sub-frame, which brings users clear road feeling feedback, excellent vibration filtering effect and driving stability; the new EPAS electronic power steering system brings precise and smooth Steering experience; and the ultra-high-strength and lightweight body that has won the Euro NCAP 5-star full score evaluation, all contribute to a more agile and comfortable driving experience, making Focus the best endorsement for performance hot dogs in the eyes of users.

Interesting souls are chosen one in a million, only those with high IQ will be really picked

You have to be pretty, and you have to be smart enough to easily deal with the complex environment of daily car use. The new-generation Focus is equipped with the Co-Pilot360™ intelligent driving assistance system, which has reached the level of L2 automatic driving. It integrates ACC full-speed adaptive cruise control, intelligent navigation assistance system, one-button parking, intelligent traffic sign recognition and other leading configurations at the same level, which can provide convenience for car owners in various car usage scenarios, bringing safety, joy and comfort driving experience.

In the era of national idols, the new generation of Fox teaches you how to make a C debut

After the ACC full-speed adaptive cruise control is activated in the daily car, it can automatically control the accelerator, steering and brake of the vehicle. The vehicle always drives safely in the middle of the lane; one-key parking brings a more intelligent and convenient parking experience. Whether it is vertical parking or side parking, it can be done with one button, and it can be easily put into the garage without the need for the owner to do it himself. For novice drivers who are afraid of parking, it is definitely doubled.

In the era of national idols, the new generation of Fox teaches you how to make a C debut

In addition, the new generation of Focus is also equipped with the SYNC® 3 vehicle connection system, which can not only receive real-time traffic information, but also support Baidu Car Life and Apple Car Play, and seamlessly connect to smartphones. Keeping hands on the steering wheel and keeping eyes on the road, car owners can easily complete operations such as making calls, playing music, sending and receiving text messages, and obtaining route guidance through Baidu map resources, making daily car use an easy and convenient journey of enjoyment.

In the show, the contestants rely on their outstanding talents and distinctive personalities to win the competition and make their C debut. The new generation of Focus also stands out from the market with its irreplaceable advantages. Whether it is the stylish appearance design, the track-level control genes inherited for 21 years, or the outstanding intelligent technology, they are the unique advantages of the new generation of Focus. In the current trend of personalized aesthetics, the new generation of Focus will inevitably become the favorite car of young consumers.