[Industry] Functional inventory of camp accommodation modules

If we say that the biggest difference between choosing a campsite and a hotel or station accommodation, it may be the various accommodation forms of the campsite, such as RVs, wooden houses, tree houses, tents, containers, water view tents, and bubble rooms. As a basic supporting facility, some camps carefully create a kind of characteristic accommodation as their main product, while some camps tend to provide a variety of accommodations to provide tourists with a variety of choices. So what are the hidden secrets of these rich accommodation forms?

A popular choice for back-to-basics log cabins

Fit Type: Universal Applicability: Five Stars Feature: Three and a Half Stars Value: Four Stars

As a traditional and simple architectural style, the wooden house has ecological primitive features that coincide with the natural atmosphere of the camp. Now it has almost become the standard configuration of the camp. This is also inseparable from the characteristics of easy construction and low cost of the wooden house. For For camping, it is indeed a good and inexpensive option.

[Industry] Functional inventory of camp accommodation modules

Camp huts are generally assembled by splicing. The construction is simple and the cycle is short. Usually, it can be completed in 2-3 months. It has low requirements for the construction site, and can be built on the seashore, mountains, and grasslands, and is less destructive to the environment, because most of the camp wooden houses are mobile, can flexibly choose the site, and can also be disassembled and reorganized. For seasonal operations It is more convenient for the campsite.

The wooden houses are simple in structure and more flexible in design. Modern industrial style box wooden houses, UFO-shaped rotating forest wooden houses, tree stump wooden houses, etc. In addition, camps in different regions can design wooden houses with regional characteristics according to local architectural styles and cultural customs. The high occupancy rate of wooden houses is also inseparable from its characteristics. In addition to the log cabins we usually talk about, many resorts and scenic spots have built wooden villas. The wooden villas with European and American country styles can meet the needs of big family outings or group building gatherings. The world wooden house village in Anhui Enlong, Zhenjiang Longen Wooden house tourism resorts and so on are such representatives. Therefore, the wooden house is an attraction with both appearance and practicality, and its universality and cost-effectiveness are very high, so it will inevitably become a must-have choice for camping.

A mountain hermit whose tree house blends into nature 

Suitable Type: Mountain Applicability: Three Stars Features: Five Stars Value: Three Stars

Strictly speaking, a tree house is also a kind of wooden house, but it is built on trees or suspended between trees. In the TV series “Swordsman”, Tian Boguang lived in a small tree house. Compared with the wooden house, it has more natural characteristics and charm.

[Industry] Functional inventory of camp accommodation modules

If we talk about camp tree houses, the most representative one is the Huangshan Qiyun Camp in Huangshan Mountain. They create a tree house world in Qiyun Mountain. A variety of tree houses with unique shapes are hidden in the deep mountain jungle, just like the residence of mountain hermits. . Ziyoujia invites German tree house masters and domestic cutting-edge designers to design tree houses with unique styles and shapes, such as building blocks, attics, burgers, lighthouses, spiral stairs, and spaceships, according to the needs of different customer groups and different themes. The collision and combination form a strong attraction to tourists from the appearance alone.

The tree house hangs in mid-air and is located in a highland deep in the mountains. From the perspective of the view, you can overlook the beautiful scenery of the mountains, and it has the functions of accommodation and viewing. However, the choice of construction sites for tree houses is relatively narrow. It is no longer feasible to build on old and thick old trees. Tree houses in camps generally use steel or wood as the bottom support, but the forest area still needs to be allowed. The development of mountain forest camps should also consider the damage to the ecological environment. Moreover, the construction period and cost of the tree house from site selection to design and construction are relatively high, so the tree house will be screened for the applicability of the camp, of course, this also highlights its uniqueness.

Simple and luxurious tent 

Fit Type: Universal Applicability: Four Stars Feature: Four Stars Value: Three and a Half Stars

Tents are the best partner for camping in the wild because they are easy to carry, easy to assemble, and rainproof and sunshade. Generally, campsites will have tent camping areas to provide simple tent rentals for tourists. In recent years, luxury tents, which are completely opposite to the simple tents we have in mind, have gradually entered the public’s field of vision. Wild luxury tent camps bring tents with exquisite design and built-in modern luxury to tourists, who can enjoy luxury and comfort in the untouched mountains and nature. It can be regarded as attracting customers from the outside to the mainland. Qiandao Lake Starry Sky Tent Hotel, Anji Tent Kexi Longcha Valley Resort Hotel, Kangteng Geladan Tent Camp, Xiahe Nuoerdan Camp, etc. are all representative wild luxury tents.

[Industry] Functional inventory of camp accommodation modules

Tent hotels are nothing more than winning in design shapes, spherical, pointed, herringbone, and polygonal. Tents can display a variety of shapes. Compared with traditional houses, the senses they bring to people are quite different without losing their original tonality. Especially spherical tents, there are fully transparent spherical glass houses, and there are also half-covered starry sky tents, which are very popular for stargazing and scenery, with large space, romantic and comfortable. Tents have a wide range of applications. Grasslands and lakesides are the most perfect. They can also camp in mountains and deserts. The important thing is that their construction efficiency is high and the cost is relatively reasonable. The price of a complete set of luxury tents with built-in facilities is around 200,000. Whether it is an ordinary simple tent or a wild luxury camp tent, it seems that the tent has always been an inseparable accessory from the camp.

Fashion collision of container industrial style

Suitable type: forest type, rural type Applicability: four stars Features: four and a half stars Value: three and a half stars

The concept of container houses is not new in foreign countries, but as a camp accommodation unit, its strong modern industrial style and stylish and cold accommodation pattern are still full of novelty. The container house conveys a new living architectural concept. The regular points, lines and surfaces and the irregular collocation provide space for modern architectural aesthetics, and also add new attractions to the camp. At present, among domestic camps, Xinjin Banzhulin 318 RV Town and Yajiang 318 Self-Driving Tour Camp can experience container accommodation.

[Industry] Functional inventory of camp accommodation modules

The camp container house is generally customized in the factory, and then assembled after transportation to the camp. The on-site construction is simple, and the demand and damage to the environment are small. It is an internationally recognized low-carbon and environmentally friendly building form. It is mobile, so it can be flexibly matched with a variety of forms, and it does not occupy land indicators, so it is suitable for seasonally operated camps. It is very suitable for mountainous, coastal, and rural environments, and its compatibility with deserts and grasslands is relatively low. In terms of cost, container houses are similar to wooden houses and wild luxury tents, but they have higher security and privacy, and the style features with greater differences show more comprehensive value.

The ace partner of RV camping life

Fit Type: Universal Applicability: 5 Stars Features: 3 Stars Value: 4 Stars

RV is naturally an indispensable option for camp accommodation. At present, 80% of the more than 500 camps that have been put into operation in China have RV camps. In terms of its characteristics, it is still an integral part of the self-driving sports camp.

[Industry] Functional inventory of camp accommodation modules

At the moment when the self-driving tour market is booming, RV camps have emerged as supporting facilities for RV water and electricity supply and docking. Although many RV camps are seeking transformation and development and multi-directional operations, RVs are still their main signs. RVs are more expensive than wooden houses, containers, and tents, but they have no construction period, are easy to purchase, have a variety of styles, and the experience of RV accommodation is quite different from other types. It is still unique to tourists. The RV does not have any restrictions on the type of campsite. It is suitable for all terrains and landforms, but it needs to build a parking area and a reasonable wastewater discharge system. The partner of RV and camp seems to have become a standard configuration. From the deployment of RV camps in the 13th Five-Year Plan of various provinces to the orientation of market demand, RV is still an inseparable ace partner of camps.

Alternative Minorities with Distinctive Personalities

Suitable Type: Specific Analysis Applicability: Two Stars Features: Five Stars Value: Specific

[Industry] Functional inventory of camp accommodation modules

There are still a few accommodation forms that rely on local characteristics or new materials in the camps. The water view tents in Beijing Longwan International Camping Park have exotic white roofs similar to luxury tents and fall by the lake; the yurts in the Nalati Grassland Camp , the price is cheap, and you can experience the customs and culture of the Kazakh people; the yurt experience of Qinghai Lake veterans self-driving yurt camp, and the Yanzigou Bubble Hotel in Ganzi, with a fully transparent bubble tent surrounded by 360 views. Although these personalized accommodation units can easily become the characteristic products of the camp, there is not much reference, and their implementation value should be discussed in detail.


There will always be new and unique forms of accommodation. However, when seeking features, campsites must also consider applicability, cost-effectiveness, and whether they can really bring benefits. It is acceptable to operate a characteristic accommodation product and a variety of accommodation facilities, as long as the operator Just don’t get lost among the many cabins.