[Industry] How to play “Camp+”

From the simple accommodation attribute to the continuous integration of cultural and entertainment elements, the content planning of domestic campsites has finally been opened up. After integrating with different industries, the diversity of campsite content even exceeds that of European countries with developed RV camping industry. . But it is undeniable that domestic consumer culture determines that camps cannot survive simply by providing accommodation and RV parking. The key to sustainable development is a suitable and consensual “camp+”.

[Industry] How to play

small circle, big market

As a mature cross-border model, camp + sports has flourished in the past one or two years. Based on the Alxa Heroes Association, more and more event culture has been embedded in the camp, and gradually formed a normalized existence mode. After several months of market testing, these compound camps based on sports events have received good market feedback. The campsites “invaded” by sports culture have a higher degree of adhesion with consumers, and the emergence of circle culture Make consumer behavior no longer just a one-shot deal.

Seeing the situation clearly, some camp owners pursuing differentiation began to enter the field of niche sports. China’s first aviation flight camp settled in Wanfenglin, Xingyi, Guizhou, providing the public with aviation sports products and services tailored to local conditions. In terms of content and structure, the camp uses the airspace resources in the area to coordinate and plan low-altitude visual flight routes between aviation flight camps, and thus derives service modules such as aviation sports competition performances, sports flight training, and leisure and entertainment. Zhu Baolin, director of the Group Division of the Guizhou Provincial Sports Bureau, said in an interview that the establishment of the China Aviation Flight Camp in Wanfenglin, Guizhou has integrated the sports and tourism industries, which not only meets people’s needs for viewing and experiencing aviation sports, but also can The formation of a low-altitude tourism and low-altitude sports brand marked by “Wanfenglin” in Guizhou and even China is of great significance for promoting the development and upgrading of multiple subjects such as the integration of sports and tourism.

Of course, we don’t need to question whether there are risks in product positioning centered on niche culture. In fact, the small circle will always maintain a high degree of loyalty to its own preferences, and as far as the camp is concerned, it is easier to maintain a strong relationship between the two parties. On the other hand, niche culture itself has the unique charm of attracting people outside the circle to enter the circle for early adopters, and the experience economy generated by this can subtly make up for the limitations of the audience. The creation of this complementary relationship will make the camp experience in two dimensions achieve profit.

[Industry] How to play


If we change our thinking and capture the curiosity-seeking mentality of young consumers from the perspective of accommodation experience, there is also something to do. In this regard, the Jiankou Xingkong Camp in Beijing is very representative—it is a hidden camp that cannot be located on the map software. The camp does not provide all modern equipment such as TV and WIFI, and even the toilets are public facilities. . But as the core feature of the camp, its original ecological lifestyle and 360° panorama star bubble room perfectly fit the consumption preferences of young people.

In fact, the unpopular projects we think may not be unpopular. Searching through social software, you can easily find that many astrology and star trail photography enthusiasts exist in the form of groups, and their scale is more than a few hundred people. With these potential consumer groups, the marketing strategy of the campsite will be simplified and more targeted. After all, with the theme, the campsite will have more gimmicks to speak of.

[Industry] How to play


It is predicted that the total number of domestic camps will exceed 2,000 in 2020. Under the pressure of increasingly fierce competition, higher requirements will be put forward for the differentiated operation of camps. Therefore, new campsites should combine the experience economy in content design, and take innovation as the guide. Whether it is investing in the likes of the public or the minority, it should broaden its horizons in terms of product formats, experience gameplay, scene design, and operation models. Finally, in a real sense, more possibilities are given to “camp+”.