[Industry] Marketing expenses should not be wasted


For companies in emerging industries, the search engine bidding ranking is undoubtedly the fastest marketing method, but after the exposure of the CCTV program, the credibility of search websites led by Baidu quickly dropped to freezing point, and consumers are faced with the search results. They are more calm at the time, and they are well aware of the potential rule of “recharging is the top ranking”.

The marketing effect caused by this incident has shrunk as a foregone conclusion. The number of direct users brought by effective clicks has dropped by half. economic benefits to come.

[Industry] Marketing expenses should not be wasted

For the caravan and camping industry, investing too much marketing expenses in search engines will not bring the expected effect of medicine. Because from the current situation, the most competitive and relatively mature industry individuals are more in line with the user characteristics of PPC. Through search results, top corporate information will be more conducive to stand out from competitors , and consumers’ instinctive behavior of “clicking on the first search result” will also become extremely precious in the mass of information. But as an emerging industry, due to the fact that the competitive relationship has not yet formed, especially when it is divided by region, it can be easily exposed in an obvious position only by keyword capture of search engines, and the bidding ranking in this state is superfluous.

Emerging media full of jokes

According to statistics, digital media currently accounts for 41% of large companies’ advertising expenses, and this ratio will exceed 50% in the next two years. As the most fashionable marketing method of digital media, companies will focus more on self-media and social media platforms. As mobile phone users rely more on the data terminals in their hands, a large number of soft articles, hard advertisements, and videos derived from brands are flooding them, all of which are inducing consumers to pay attention to brands and stimulating their purchase behavior. A slightly embarrassing “communication and interaction” with consumers. However, this form of promotion is far from as good as imagined, and the value of brand communication will be wasted in the illusion.

[Industry] Marketing expenses should not be wasted

Some time ago, the public account swiping tool collapsed, and thousands of self-regarding We Media were brought back to their original form—the reading volume of tens of thousands of self-media accounts on September 28 was only 1/1 of the normal day. 10. As soon as the news came out, there was an uproar. The company’s marketing staff was furious when faced with this situation. They never thought that the money wasted in vain. But in fact, the we media circle has become a place where good and bad people have mixed up since its birth, and activities such as swiping traffic and money laundering have emerged in an endless stream. We media and public relations companies even regard this behavior as a tacit kiss. Of course, two The ambiguous relationship between people must be maintained by Party A’s advertising expenses. What’s more interesting is that the author has come into contact with self-media people who can’t drive and are doing professional test driving content of cars, and similar phenomena are not unique.

However, judging from the effect of communication, using self-media and social platforms in the correct way can still bring good marketing benefits. If we use the marketing case of passenger cars as a reference, we can get a glimpse of it. Previously, a press conference invited 100 Internet celebrities to conduct a live broadcast. These high-value beauty anchors covered Laifeng, Huajiao, Yingke, Fanxing, Douyu, Yizhibo, Me Live, Dragon Ball, Meipai Live, Now Live broadcast on 10 major live broadcast platforms, and 60 anchors have been listed as popular recommendation positions on major live broadcast platforms. As many as ten thousand. If we put aside the slightly vulgar marketing process, the spread of this wave of brand value seems to have exceeded the company’s expectations.

[Industry] Marketing expenses should not be wasted


It is true that the marketing expenses of the caravan and camping industry are not high, and how to convert a small amount of money into the maximization of brand value is particularly critical. First of all, in the domestic market without a cultural foundation, it is not suitable to adopt a simple and rude rigid model, and the soft penetration of advertising branding is obviously more in line with the national conditions. Secondly, there are certain risks in the emerging media forms, while the stable traditional media does not lack the skills to bring the dead back to life. In terms of marketing content, RV and camping companies should combine mature business formats to make bundled promotions, identify consumption pain points, focus on the experience economy, and stimulate consumers to have “first cognition”. After all, consumers will have contact with them. Advertisement in unknown territory reassures.