[Industry] The era of tourism IP is coming to create a campsite with a “soul”

The camping industry ecosystem centered on campgrounds has gradually emerged. However, various problems have followed one after another, such as imperfect industrial models, single profit channels, and poor operating models. The campground market generally presents such a phenomenon: the passenger flow is sparse, “people can’t keep them when they come, and they can’t make any money, let alone secondary consumption and bringing relatives and friends.” In any case, Most of them are because there is no core IP, and the camp has no operation of innovative content, so there is no “soul”, and it has become a stereotyped “parking lot”. How to break through the predicament? The author will sort out for you one by one below.

Content is the core of maintaining the vitality of IP

“Tourism IP” can be an exclusive and unique element that attracts tourists, such as image, film and television, sports, etc., and has a significant recognition function in a complex market. Simply put, IP means having a lot of data, customer base, traffic. In the past two years, it is not uncommon for IP to drive the industrial chain. For example, the famous “Disney Children’s Paradise”, the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan “Kumamon”, and the movie “Zootopia” are all current “hot IPs”.

Tourism IP is to achieve and maintain transactions, that is, the number of tourists, total consumption, unit price per customer, whether it can bring about re-consumption, etc. All of these determine how much profit you can make in this IP war? In the world of tourism, you must To consolidate the position of the boss, it is necessary to grasp the market positioning and constantly update it.

[Industry] The era of tourism IP is coming to create a campsite with a

IP places great emphasis on the vitality of cross-media. The United States and Japan, two major IP countries, especially Japan, have been discussed and imitated the most. In Japan, the IP industry is referred to as “content commerce” and typically includes forms of distribution such as anime, movies, TV dramas, music, merchandising, and live events.

According to the latest market statistics of tourist sources, the post-80s generation is the main group in terms of the current travel population. This market is mainly popular in the form of self-driving travel, parent-child travel, theme parks, etc. This is because the post-80s consumer group basically revolves around Children’s choice of tourism consumption. In the future, the post-90s and post-00s will become the main force of the modern tourism industry.

Grasp the market positioning and take the differentiated route

Wei Xiaoan, a well-known tourism economics and management expert, said that there are at least 300 large-scale theme parks such as “Happy Valley” that were once popular, with an investment of more than 50 million yuan. Today, nearly 70% of them are at a loss, and 20% of them are flat. The reason is also because they did not insist on creating a unique theme park and took a differentiated route.

In the future tourism industry, “content is king, culture is the soul, and experience is the first” will be the most important internal logic of the tourism industry. China’s tourism industry is still far from enough in terms of content and creativity. It is blindly copying and imitating, and seriously lacks unique highlights. Even if a large group like Wanda has created many cultural and tourism projects, it is far from enough to truly have its own IP and unique creativity. It lacks a series of real tourism that can truly bring tourists beyond imagination There is also a lack of content that can bring unique experiences, scenes and moving content.

High conversion model from IP incubation to IP realization

The camping industry’s research on tourism IP is to control the investment and development of campsite planning and construction, and to explore the direction of marketing and management. The domestic tourism industry has developed from the era of “group tours” in scenic spots to today’s era of “self-driving tours”. The favorites of the minority have merged into the popularity of the public. The concept of “global tourism” advocated in the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” is to first dig out all tourism resources in the region to design popular IPs that attract consumption, form a certain scale of industrial chain, and then adjust according to the line of the tourism system to create products Diversified development and final tourist destination selection. Form a short-cycle, high-transformation, fully-closed-loop model from IP incubation to IP realization.

As consumption upgrades continue to increase, the stratification of consumer groups intensifies, and the demand for individual depth continues to increase, there is an urgent need for innovation and breakthroughs in content. For example, emerging elderly tourism, camping tourism, study tourism, health tourism, film and television tourism, cruise tourism, low-altitude tourism, etc. need to seek to meet changing market demands.

[Industry] The era of tourism IP is coming to create a campsite with a

“Tourism + cross-border” promotes secondary consumption

Tourism IP can be understood as a willingness to make consumers pay quickly, firmly stick consumers to the tourism industry chain with irreplaceable value recognition, and make the related product system have super liquidity. But any well-managed tourist attraction must have its unique characteristics to maintain the vitality of IP. In this era of global informationization, cross-border integration has become the general trend of industry development. Cross-border integration with industries with mature operating models to make up for their own shortcomings, such as theme parks, movies, catering, outdoor industries, etc., can not only improve tourists’ experience needs It can also increase profit channels, learn from successful experiences, and improve operating conditions.

“Travel + film and television” is becoming more and more popular

Under the catalysis of the Internet and media technology, some film and television cultural bases are becoming more and more popular. The film and television city is not only engaged in the work of film and television shooting, but also includes the development and operation of related tourism resources such as film and television entertainment experience, catering and accommodation, leisure and shopping, forming an ecological center. A film and television cultural town that integrates vacation, sightseeing, rehabilitation, and other functions. For example, the hit movie “The Hobbit” has attracted countless tourists and movie fans to the “Hobbit Village”.

The “Never-Ending” Disneyland

The tourism IP is not formed at the beginning, but after continuous updating and adjustment, it has been endowed with more connotations of the scenery and successfully created a highlight to attract tourists. Among them, the most classic case is the Disney amusement park in the United States. Why does “Disney” open a family and become popular? Its success comes from this.

[Industry] The era of tourism IP is coming to create a campsite with a

First of all, Disney amusement park has a tourism IP system including media network, film and television entertainment, parks and resorts, consumer products and interactive entertainment. Nearly a thousand widely disseminated cartoon-themed movies had a total revenue of US$52.465 billion in 2015, exceeding the sum of the total revenue of China’s three major Internet giants. In order to maintain the vitality and increase the attractiveness of tourist attraction IP, all Disney projects are analyzing and summarizing according to the situation of tourists, and constantly investing more financial and material resources to update and iterate, so it is also called “never built”. Finished” Disneyland.

Of course, not all IPs have the value of combining with theme parks. Due to factors such as audiences, themes, plots, images, and scenes, IPs that can be combined with theme parks must have relatively high comprehensive quality and must have their survival. Therefore, in recent years, the operating status of domestic theme parks has not been good, mainly because it is difficult to become an independent brand.

Let’s have an in-depth experience of “camp + race + off-road”

“Alxa Heroes Club” is a global large-scale off-road annual event initiated by the off-road e-family, which integrates off-road carnival, Thor’s Hammer, T3 Desert Challenge, Tengger Desert Challenge, ATV Grand Prix, etc. The grand event is also the product of the deep integration of cross-country e-race event IP and event tourism. During the Heroes Meeting in 2016, more than 60,000 vehicles participated in the event, and more than 300,000 people attended the event. The related activities of the Alxa Heroes Club have demonstrated its huge resource dominance and market space, super large venue and perfect equipment, providing more cooperation models for automobile companies, peripheral products and fast-moving consumer customers, and establishing peripheral tourism industry, education, sports events and other related industries.

IP that cannot be converted into revenue is just a flash in the pan

If you want to seize the opportunity of the camping industry, the key is to grasp the application of IP. IP is the selling point of the product, its core competitiveness, the concrete carrier of cultural and regional customs and the soul of the product, not just by creating a series of Image creation. It is more important to note that the vitality of IP is time-dependent. As the loyalty of fans declines, the attention of target customers decreases, and it may eventually become an outdated IP.

For example, although “Journey to the West” has a deeper connotation, it is a pity that the content has always been rigid. Although “Where is Dad going” has driven the upsurge of rural tourism, it has gradually been downplayed by people as the ratings of film and television have declined. After matching, the services in the market will inevitably be refreshed. Therefore, all marketing and business development must be carried out in a systematic and orderly manner. Good development is the conversion of IP revenue, and IP that cannot be converted into revenue is just a topic and focus.

[Industry] The era of tourism IP is coming to create a campsite with a


In the final analysis, the camp should rely on local characteristic tourism resources to create a unique entertainment experience, cultural communication, leisure shopping and other cultural tourism and leisure complexes. Increasing self-attraction and realizing the combination of IP and tourism industry chain through the development of content operation is the main way to increase campsite income and expand influence. Of course, we must not only be number one in the ideological system of tourism IP, but also achieve self-breakthrough in the ability of tourism IP to incubate ideas, integrate capital and operate on the ground, and eventually become a campsite with characteristics and a soul. campsite.