“Interview with RV Characters” explores the dream RV behind “Wang Zhan” Shen, Chairman of Jinghang RV

Introduction: Jinghang RV has maintained the image of “high-end RV” since it entered the RV market. Its products are also remarkable in terms of workmanship, materials and design. Of course, the price is also a high-end route. And it is such a high-end brand that suddenly launched a low-priced “Dream RV” at 29.98 in May 2019. Is Jinghang RV crazy? Or is there another picture?

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Interviewee: Shen Wei, chairman of Jinghang RV

Interviewer: Bai Tan RV Bailong

Photography: Lao Wang of CCRV

Bailong: As a leader in the industry, Jinghang RV has been leading the way with its excellent product quality and unique product design since its birth. In May of this year, Jinghang RV launched his king bomb—Dream RV, hitting the market with a price of 299,800. As a RV brand with a high-end brand, why does it launch such a low-priced RV? Today, Mr. Shen Wei from Jinghang RV will give you an answer.

Shen Wei: It has been two full years since Jinghang RV launched its products in June 2017. Why launch the product of dream caravan? It is precisely because the popularity of the Jinghang Automobile brand is not well-known. Why push this brand? It is mainly for those who want to own a RV soon, and those who want to buy a RV in the next three years, or those who want to buy a RV in five years, get into the RV (life) earlier.

why do you say so? The price of 299,800, from the company’s point of view, the purchase cost and manufacturing cost do not have the enterprise’s amortized cost. I hope to get two aspects: 1. Those who want to buy a RV in the next three to five years will start immediately and pay attention to Jinghang; 2. 2B projects. In the past two years, there have been few 2B projects, and travel companies and leasing companies have done relatively few . Then after our car is released, there will be a lot of future information. Those who come to see Jinghang and those of our other brands to attract traffic, I feel more gratified and proud, and the sales of other brands have increased.

Bailong: At the exhibition in May, I saw the launch of the dream RV, followed by the launch of the “Smart Starship” RV at the booth in June. Does this mean that Jinghang RV has accelerated the speed of RV models? We’re already on a fast track?

Shen Wei: Yes, we brought the starship this time. Among the entire IVECO domestic chassis, the price we are currently offering is the most high-end car. In August, there will be another product unveiled at the 21st Century RV Show – called the future.

Bailong: Can you briefly introduce the features of this “smart starship” RV we launched today?

Shen Wei: For example, the mobile phone can turn on the boiler (water heater) and the air conditioner. In this industry, we will be the first at present.

Bailong: The first air conditioner you mentioned is smart, and is it controlled by a mobile phone?

Shen Wei: Yes.

Bailong: As an outdoor product, the RV has great uncertainty in the use environment. How does Jinghang RV ensure the stability of the intelligent system of the “Smart Starship” in the wild?

Shen Wei: This product is jointly developed by us and a supporting supplier. This product has been (has) been around for a year. We have done many field road tests and it is still relatively stable.

Bailong: The after-sales problem is a difficult problem for the entire RV industry at this stage. How does Jinghang RV solve the after-sales problem of products?

Shen Wei: When it comes to after-sales service, it is Jinghang’s flaw. In the industry, it is Jinghang’s flaw, and it is a flaw that restricts my development. In the past two years, in the past two years, we have actively communicated with the OEMs, and even cooperated with the OEMs, and even established joint ventures. We are already doing it. In the service section, many users asked me, our car broke down, how do you deal with it? Now the service of Jinghang Automobile is a point-to-point service. In the near future, I will be like Yutong, like Chase, at least have a service system of more than 1,000 4S stores across the country. I am working hard. My own service is the flaw of Jinghang. I will improve this in the past two years. , docking with the OEM.

Bailong: If you were given the ideal of 1,000 companies, it can be said to be an ideal now. Add a time limit, how long do you think it is?

Shen Wei: This should be very soon. We are already negotiating with OEMs. This should be kept secret. I am working hard. In our current situation, from the current scale, (relatively) OEMs are too small. The reason why we need to increase sales capacity is mainly for the later cooperation and joint venture with OEMs.

Bailong: Can you briefly introduce the current after-sales processing method in a few words?

Shen Wei: According to the dealers, there are currently 11 dealers, and all 11 dealers are capable of maintenance. Of course, this is far from enough. As mentioned earlier, we are still actively working on late-stage projects, mainly in joint ventures with OEMs, mainly to allow OEMs to release the services of existing 4S stores.

Bailong: What steps does our distributor need to go through from design to production, and how long does it take?

Shen Wei: First build the digital model, then build it, including the production and engraving of FRP. It’s very fast. It’s not like before. The cars used to be made of clay. Now it’s not like this, and the whole machine factory won’t After doing this, the time for you to build it is very fast, and now it is all about modeling and carving.

From our research and development to the product, the cycle is about 6 months. Now Iveco has a lot of data, and the deformed car will come out in three to four months. If there is a complete new car, at least 6 months or more.

Bailong: Let me ask a more challenging question. What are your personal satisfaction and dissatisfaction with Jinghang RV?

Shen Wei: In this industry, many people say that our company is a dark horse. I am also very pleased that there has been such a large growth in such a short period of time, and the volume is doubling every year. We invest more in research and development, and invest more in workers. I take my workers out to see the exhibition every year. We are satisfied with our public security and laws, whether the 6-meter car can be placed more than 7 meters, and the layout of my car is satisfied. Now the C driver’s license is within 6 meters, it is difficult for our bed to be a vertical bed, it is difficult to arrange, and the space is too small.

Bailong: Jinghang RV, the products we have seen are mainly self-propelled C-type RVs. Do we have plans for other models?

Shen Wei: Yes, if the law and regulation car can reach more than 7 meters, I will immediately get a Type A car. I saw that the Type 3 chassis can finally be converted into a RV since I was a child.

Bailong: Another sharp question. As a leader in the industry, Jinghang RV, how do you view the current RV brand in the RV market? Is there anything you want to say about this question? for other brands.

Shen Wei: I can’t say much, after all, I am a new recruit in the RV industry. First, be yourself.

Bailong: Mr. Shen’s answer is also a relatively good answer. As a RV manufacturer, what would you like to say to those users who are planning to buy a RV?

Shen Wei: I want to be rational to the car lovers who are about to buy a RV. It is best not only to see the car at the auto show and inquire about the price, but also to go to the factory to see what the factory is for. The same way in building an RV.

Picture: CCRV Pharaoh, Jinghang RV

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