[Interview with RV People] Be a down-to-earth person and work hard Zhongtian RV Marketing Director: Shi Lin

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Guide: Zhongtian RV, as the oldest RV brand in China, was once the overlord of the Chinese RV market, but its performance has been mediocre in recent years. Xiaobai was appointed as the marketing director of Zhongtian RV, what will he do? Today, I interviewed Ms. Shi Lin, the new marketing director of Zhongtian RV, about these questions, hoping to find the answers we want.

Interviewee: Shi Lin, marketing director of Zhongtian RV

Interviewer: Bai Tan RV: Bai Long, who did not want to be named

[Interview with RV People] Be a down-to-earth person and work hard Zhongtian RV Marketing Director: Shi Lin

Lao Bai: Zhongtian RV has been mediocre in recent years. What measures have you taken to change this situation after you took office?

Shi Lin: I joined Zhongtian RV in early 2016. I have never touched a RV before. I have been engaged in the marketing of electronic products for more than ten years. In July 2018, I was promoted to the deputy director of marketing. , I will act as an agent for all the work of the RV marketing department. I just heard you say the word “pingping”, and I agree with that. Zhongtian RV is a leading company in the industry, and Zhongtian’s 18-year corporate history also represents the 18-year development of China’s RV industry. But when I joined the company in 2016, I heard too many voices saying that Zhongtian is like ten The year is like a day, and there has been a slight change since the launch of Monsoon 6+ in September 2017, but the overall performance is not ideal. Compared with some dark horses that have turned out now, they are less energetic and aggressive. In this state, I took over the RV marketing department, which is actually quite stressful. New positions require new running-in, new adjustments, and new layouts.

[Interview with RV People] Be a down-to-earth person and work hard Zhongtian RV Marketing Director: Shi Lin

First, adjust the team. I reintegrated the original scattered areas and reorganized the separate sales into four parallel groups. Each group has a regional manager and 2 sales managers. Mutual backup and mutual cooperation between people, so as to not only do a good job in echelon construction, but also allow healthy internal competition to promote everyone’s common progress. Our current team, including me, has corresponding backups, so as to maximize The impact of personnel changes on the work has been reduced. So far, the effect is not bad. Of course, our team still needs to be adjusted and constantly improved.

[Interview with RV People] Be a down-to-earth person and work hard Zhongtian RV Marketing Director: Shi Lin

Secondly, reorganize the dealer policy, clarify the relevant reward rebate policy and so on. I hope Zhongtian RV can provide more support and incentive policies to our dealer partners, so that everyone can enjoy the so-called win-win situation.

Third, re-establish the customer return visit system, which I think is the most important point. For this reason, I specially set up a post in my team that did not exist before – customer service specialist. This position is not only responsible for the follow-up visits after new car sales, but also to track the status of old car fans. The lack of communication with customers is not only a problem that existed before Zhongtian, but also a problem that many RV companies have.

Now that we have established such a communication platform, we have a link to communicate with riders. This link is not only to undertake the after-sales problem, but also to obtain the customer’s valuable experience in using the RV. Having thousands of car friends is the biggest advantage of our 18-year-old car company. We need to use them to clarify our development direction, make Chinese-made RVs, and truly let Chinese people enjoy the best products and services. Service, let more friends enjoy the RV life, travel on the road, and enjoy it.

[Interview with RV People] Be a down-to-earth person and work hard Zhongtian RV Marketing Director: Shi Lin

Fourth, expand after-sales outlets. Brand is not only the guarantee of product quality, but also the guarantee of worry-free after-sales service. This is true for Haier, Gree, and Midea, as well as for RVs. While expanding the sales system, we also continuously improved the after-sales system. When the new car was released on February 28 this year, we also conducted a routine dealer training, including product training and after-sales training. Of course, this kind of training is not one-off, but every six months. We will use more after-sales outlets and excellent after-sales technology to provide more reliable protection for riders.

Fifth, brand promotion. The notion that good wine is not afraid of deep alleys has long since changed. In the past, in addition to our own official website and WeChat official account, our cooperation with the media was very basic, so we needed a more three-dimensional publicity system. For this reason, we have revised the official website and WeChat official account. Although it has not yet met my ideal requirements, at least we have begun to change, and then the new media sector also needs a lot of work. Then we will strengthen cooperation with media such as RV Times, Off-Road e-family, RV Travel Network, RV Home, etc., to continuously deepen our brand influence.

Zhongtian originated in 2001. As the first C-type RV manufacturer in China, we admit that our transformation needs to be accelerated and we must work harder. In 2019, I will lead the team to take every step in a down-to-earth manner. We believe that 2019 will definitely be better than what I did in 2018.

[Interview with RV People] Be a down-to-earth person and work hard Zhongtian RV Marketing Director: Shi Lin

Lao Bai: You just mentioned the new product launch event on February 28. Do you have any plans for the promotion of new cars throughout the year?

Shi Lin: From the perspective of the market, Iveco Wolfson automatic transmission is basically the mainstream product this year. This chassis is relatively mature, and our focus in 2019 is to develop RV products around this chassis. The RV we launched in February is developed on this basis. Our new car promotion this year also focuses on optimizing this product.

[Interview with RV People] Be a down-to-earth person and work hard Zhongtian RV Marketing Director: Shi Lin

Lao Bai: The entire RV market is very chaotic now, especially in terms of the quality of RVs, and there are many safety hazards. But from what aspects will Zhongtian RV solve these problems?

Shi Lin: The RV industry is changing rapidly, and many RV brands have disappeared into history. After 18 years of ups and downs, Zhongtian RV still has a place that cannot be underestimated in the industry, and it naturally has its heritage and strength. Any industry has its way of survival of the fittest. Now the number of RV manufacturers in the market has increased from a few dozen to more than 300, and there are so many brands. In 2019, it is foreseeable that the market competition will become more and more cruel. This is a challenge and an opportunity for Zhongtian RV. How to turn pressure into motivation is the key. We are very aware of our own product advantages, such as the entire aviation aluminum plate, all-aluminum frame, and the solid body structure, waterways, circuits, etc. that have passed the test of time. That’s all.

To tell a short story, one of our car friends took his family out to play in October last year (2018), but was overturned by a large truck on the road. The whole car turned over several times. There were still four or five people sitting in the car at the time. It turned out that the windshield was broken and the body structure remained intact. The family of five was also safe and sound. Afterwards, when the car friend returned to the factory to repair the car, he still held our leader’s car. Hand said that fortunately, he bought a Zhongtian RV, and he will choose Zhongtian when changing cars in the future. This is the greatest affirmation for us, and also the most basic commitment we have made to all riders, for which we are unswerving.

Lao Bai: In 2019, what activities do we have for riders?

Shi Lin: In Yunnan or Qinghai around October in the second half of the year, we will organize an event for riders, and will notify riders in advance. In addition, we will also encourage and support dealers in each region to organize local car club activities.

[Interview with RV People] Be a down-to-earth person and work hard Zhongtian RV Marketing Director: Shi Lin

Rider activities are actually to give back to riders, and it is one of the best ways to promote the brand. We promise that starting from this year, as long as Zhongtian riders participate in the activities of designated clubs, we will give certain brand support. Let riders have a place to play after buying a car, have more friends to play together, and everyone can enjoy the real fun of RV life. We will do a good job in publicity, logistics and other work during the same period. Of course, we will also arrange for the media to report the whole process, and we will release some videos and pictures for the riders as commemorations. We are confident that Zhongtian will do better and better.

Picture: Zhongtian RV, Laobai.

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