Jiangxi Isuzu’s 2019 Lingtuo comes out with a starting price of 105,800!

On May 21, Jiangxi Isuzu’s 2019 Lingtuo pickup debuted, tailor-made for the new generation of pickup users who pursue high-end quality. The new car covers long wheelbase version and standard wheelbase version, and a new automatic transmission model is launched, forming a powerful family matrix of 12 models in total. The official guide price of the 2019 Lingtuo is 111,800 to 154,800 yuan, of which the guide price of the new automatic transmission model launched by Lingtuo is 132,800 to 154,800 yuan.

Jiangxi Isuzu's 2019 Lingtuo comes out with a starting price of 105,800!

As the only joint-venture high-end pickup of the same level in China, the 2019 Lingtuo adds a large central control color screen and is equipped with an artificial intelligence system, opening up infinite new horizons and exploring more lifestyles of pickups. In order to let car fans and friends experience the new life of pickup trucks together with Isuzu, Jiangxi Isuzu sincerely launched a special discount for new cars for customers.

Jiangxi Isuzu's 2019 Lingtuo comes out with a starting price of 105,800!

The new automatic transmission will open up the future travel mode

Looking at the pickup truck market in recent years, major car companies are committed to transforming into the mid-to-high-end market. Automatic transmission pickups have grown rapidly from the few models in the past, and will become a new growth point for pickup trucks in the future. Jiangxi Isuzu launched D-MAX as early as 2014, pioneering the automatic transmission of pickup trucks in China, and has been deeply cultivating high-end pickup trucks with automatic transmission and leading the development trend of the industry. After 6 years, the 2019 Lingtuo launched a new model equipped with a French 6AT gearbox, which effectively complemented the German Getrag 6MT gearbox, and became another sign of its enhanced home attributes, boosting the pickup truck industry to move towards passenger use. healthy development trend.

Jiangxi Isuzu's 2019 Lingtuo comes out with a starting price of 105,800!

The Italian VM2.5T diesel engine and 6AT form a golden power combination. The technology is mature and the performance is stable. While reducing fuel consumption, it can always burst out strong power. Driving a pickup can also indulge in the world and pursue freedom. The Lingtuo pickup, which has always been good at long-distance trekking, is still equipped with a part-time four-wheel drive system and Eaton differential lock after the upgrade to ensure that it can obtain balanced and stable passing performance and the off-road ability to overcome various non-paved roads.

Top Zhougu security, multi-functional application scenarios

As a multi-purpose vehicle, pickups need to face more dangers than ordinary sedans, and their safety performance is particularly outstanding. Jiangxi Isuzu pickups have always been known for their safety and quality. The 2019 Lingtuo adopts a high-strength body structure, equipped with four-door anti-collision steel beams and double-sided galvanized steel plates, like a steel warrior to protect the safety and thoughtfulness of the occupants in the driving cabin; Lingtuo inherits Isuzu’s centuries-old technology and adopts the same platform as D-MAX The rigid chassis can ensure the safety and stability of the vehicle even when the vehicle is running at high speed.

Jiangxi Isuzu's 2019 Lingtuo comes out with a starting price of 105,800!

On the basis of its high-strength and high-safety body, the 2019 Lingtuo cab is equipped with dual airbags to prevent problems before they happen. Safety systems such as ABS+EBD+BA give full play to the concern for users’ lives, so that the safety of drivers and passengers will not be threatened. The anti-pinching function of the main driving window, when the window glass is raised, it will automatically fall when it encounters an obstacle to prevent accidental pinching; the four doors are automatically closed, which is not only convenient for getting in and out of the car, but also safer for the elderly and children. Whether it is daily transportation, commercial logistics transportation, or self-driving travel, everyone needs a loyal “guard” like Lingtuo, who can feel the most caring and considerate while driving freely.

The appearance of the ISUZU family shines with the light of joint venture high-end pickups

The 2019 Lingtuo perfectly inherits the overall advantages of ISUZU pickups and has been perfectly updated in details. In terms of appearance, the classic design language of the family is still adopted, and the overall styling is tough and majestic. The diamond eagle eye-mounted headlights are highly compatible with the ISUZU family-style front grille, with a sharp shape and radiant light. It has a delayed turn-off function of the headlights, which is as user-friendly as many high-end passenger cars. The stylish and sporty rear guardrail undoubtedly highlights the extraordinary momentum of the vehicle. The new car adds a lot of shark fin antennas on the top that are only equipped with high-end cars and SUVs, which is beautiful, stylish and functional.

Jiangxi Isuzu's 2019 Lingtuo comes out with a starting price of 105,800!

Having been deeply involved in the Chinese pickup market for six years, Jiangxi Isuzu has always been actively creating a new high-end quality experience. With the government’s strong support for the policy of lifting the ban on pickup trucks, and the increasing demand of car owners for passenger pickup trucks, the 2019 Lingtuo is coming, combining comfortable driving space, rich technological configuration, driving safety, and free driving. Feelings have been taken to a whole new level. The 2019 Lingtuo makes the high-end value of the joint venture worthy of its name, develops a more diversified pickup truck lifestyle for more pickup truck lovers, and brings higher market attention to Jiangxi Isuzu pickup trucks. The future pickup truck travel mode has already arrived ahead of schedule!