[Lifestyle] There are no islands in Bali south of the equator

At 6 o’clock in the morning, I woke up to the roar of the plane. I didn’t know which country was in the sky. Looking out from the small window, the clear blue and white clouds were like the background of an ancient landscape painting. When the plane landed close to the sea, “welcome to Bali Denpasar” came from the radio, and I realized that there is no word for island in the local area, and it is Bali.

After leaving the airport, the scorching sun shone unbearably on the body, and instantly felt a surge of humidity from Southeast Asia, and a group of people hid in the car as if fleeing. After arriving at the homestay, I lay on the bamboo and rattan chair in the courtyard. The mango trees have just begun to bear fruit, and the banana leaves are showing new green. The owner of the homestay prepared a sumptuous BBQ for us. Sitting by the swimming pool under the evening wind, insects and frogs croaked, and the table was full of barbecue and dipping sauce. Everyone was very excited when they talked about the first time they came to the south of the equator.

[Lifestyle] There are no islands in Bali south of the equator

looking for the sky gate

Day1: Gate of the Sky – Mount Agung – Volcanic Hot Springs

In the early morning of the next day, our chartered driver was waiting at the gate of the hotel, because today’s destination is the “Gate of the Sky”, which is nearly 100 kilometers away. If you don’t start early, you will encounter traffic jams, and the itinerary for this day will also be compressed . The area where we live has only one main road, which is not wide, and it is crowded with speeding scooters. This is the most common scene in Indonesia, and it is already a part of urban culture.

The “Gate of the Sky” is a group of temples located at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. We headed north from Jimbaran Beach and gradually entered the secret jungle. The mountain road was winding and steep, and it took about two or three hours to arrive. As the oldest Hindu temple in Bali, you must respect religious etiquette when entering it. Shoulders and legs must not be exposed. You must buy or rent a “sarong” to surround it. As long as you wear a sarong and abide by the relevant regulations, you can enter without a ticket. Climbing along the steps, the buildings carved with unique religious totems are solemn and quiet, and the Mount Agung in the distance is looming in the clouds and mist. Standing in the gate of the sky is Mount Agung in the background, coupled with the unique reflection photography technique, it seems to be another independent world, more like a dream. Tourists lined up against the scorching sun just for this glimpse.

When I was going down the mountain, my attention was attracted by Mount Agung. As soon as I got on the bus, the driver said in fluent Chinese that we would go to the viewing platform closest to the volcano for lunch, which was exactly what I wanted. Surrounded by mountain roads for more than an hour, the volcano was swallowed by clouds and mist when we arrived at the viewing platform. We sat on the outdoor corridor and ate and waited for the wind to come. Observing the cloud movement, I hurried over to start time-lapse photography, watching the volcano emerge from the clouds and mist, it was spectacular. It took only ten minutes to be shrouded in new clouds and mist. Several friends regretted that they didn’t have time to take pictures. Mount Agung is 3,142 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in Bali, and it is also a veritable active volcano. It erupted just a few days ago when we went there. It is beautiful and dangerous.

[Lifestyle] There are no islands in Bali south of the equator

From the winding mountain roads, past farmhouses and pastoral fields, to the valley where the volcanic hot springs are located, the cities and suburbs of Bali are basically low-rise bungalows, usually with a small courtyard, and the doorway represents religious belief. construction and worship. The hot spring is right next to the natural bay at the foot of Mount Agung, and the environment is elegant. In the sunset, people are rowing boats and wandering. The bars on the shore have begun to light up. Soaking in such a place, it feels like time can stand still. Until it was dark, the driver brother reminded that today’s itinerary has exceeded the time limit.

Integrate into the local culture

Day2: Ubud Market – Ubud Palace – Sea Temple – Floating Restaurant

The Ubud traditional market is considered to be the most cultural place in Bali. We got off the bus at a corner of the downtown area and were quickly engulfed in the strong atmosphere of the street market. There are a variety of handicrafts hanging in the narrow streets and alleys, such as musical instruments, carvings, woven bags, sarongs, soap, porcelain, etc. These exquisite handicrafts are of high quality and low price, and are completely the crystallization of the hard work and wisdom of the local people. A friend bought an exquisite idyllic oil painting, saying that he can relive the impression of Bali by hanging it at home in the future.

[Lifestyle] There are no islands in Bali south of the equator

Going around in the Ubud market, a crowded intersection is the Ubud Palace, which is inconspicuous from the outside and does not require tickets. This palace is the residence of the Sukawati royal family. It was built in the 16th century. The carvings of the palace are very exquisite, and the gold leaf decoration shows the status of the royal family. However, it only takes a few minutes to walk around the whole palace. Many places are forbidden to enter. It is said that now There are people living in it. At three o’clock in the afternoon, visits were completely prohibited. Unfortunately, our two friends were stopped outside the door.

Tanah Lot is one of the most important seaside temples in Bali. It is located on a huge rock by the sea. When the tide is high, the rock is surrounded by sea water, and the Tanah Lot is separated from the land. The scenery at dusk is the most beautiful. We arrived at the Ubud Market in about 40 minutes by car. There is a commercial street from the entrance of the scenic spot to the Tanah Lot Temple. You can also see domestic special snacks here. Each person came with a seaside-style floral shirt. There are quite a lot of tourists in Tanah Lot Temple. When I went there, it was high tide, and the downhill cableway was closed. I could only take pictures on the rocks at the foot of Tanah Lot Temple. I didn’t escape from being completely soaked below the knees, so it’s more reliable to learn from the people of Bali who flip flops every day. Standing on the cliff by the sea, watching the waves rushing by at dusk is also very spectacular.

[Lifestyle] There are no islands in Bali south of the equator

In the evening, we pre-booked the local Javanese-style Indonesian-style meal “MANG ENGKING Floating Restaurant”. As the name suggests, the entire restaurant is on the water. All buildings are built of bamboo, with thatched roofs, and there are open halls and huts. Sit down and put your feet under the hollowed-out table, and a school of fish will come to peck it. While the environment is elegant and interesting, the food also lives up to its reputation. Fresh and soft coconut drinks are rare. None of the authentic Nanyang-style dishes disappoints, and even the prepared spicy sauce has a unique flavor. At night, the lights of the floating restaurant are shining, and one story after another is heard.

Chasing the Waves Lembongan Island

Day3: One-day trip to Lembongan Island–SPA

Lembongan Island is a small island in the southeast corner of Bali. It is also one of the must-see places when traveling to Bali. It is relatively primitive and the sea water is clear and blue. Most of the residents on the island live by planting seaweed. In Bali, there are round-trip transportation boats every day, and the one-way trip takes about 40 minutes, but the sailing time needs to be determined according to the wind and waves at sea. The wind and waves in the afternoon are usually stronger than in the morning, so the tour guide suggested that we try to come back at two or three o’clock. It was also the first time that we were tossing in the waves in a traffic boat, and felt thrilling while dragging in the life jacket.

Lembongan Island is specially developed for tourism, and has also designed many recreational projects based on its natural ecology, such as banana boats, diving, surfing, jet skis, paragliding, and motorcycle riding around the island. Our group was divided into a diving team and a landlubbing team. The diving team stayed on the play platform in the sea to experience the fun of deep diving and snorkeling. There are many snorkeling spots in Lembongan Island, which are arranged according to the tide of the day. For example, I have already landed on the island by boat first, and when the shore became shallow, the boat ran aground. We had to disembark and walk in the water, and walked ashore through the shallows of about 50 meters. Lying by the infinity pool connected to the sea level and enjoying the scenery, friends have already started playing mahjong and chess. The farmhouse on the island is like a leisurely camp life.

[Lifestyle] There are no islands in Bali south of the equator

After going to three snorkeling spots, the diving team returned with a sea star, breaking our small courtyard time and starting a round-the-island tour. The first stop on the sightseeing bus is naturally the most famous “Devil’s Tears”. The Devil’s Tears is a cliff bay with extremely rough waves. The azure sea water beats the reefs on the shore against the huge waves, and the rainbow is looming in the rising mist. The large turtles washed up by the waves and unable to swim by themselves are clearly visible, which is very spectacular. However, the waves here are too big, and it is dangerous to take pictures on the edge of the cliff, so you should not be too greedy for the beautiful scenery. Passing through narrow alleys, mountain roads, passing through several scenic spots, and getting off at the highest point of Lembongan Island, a group of children surrounded us and pestered us to buy them with Coke. They didn’t wear shoes, and their crystal clear eyes made us People dare not look directly, at that moment you find that there are many things in this place that are hidden by the beautiful scenery, and you can’t get rid of them.

Bali is recognized as a SPA paradise. It is rich in various essential oils and various SPA treatments, which have gradually become a major local feature. After we returned from Lembongan Island, we went to experience an authentic SPA in Bali. The two-hour traditional spa treatment can relieve the fatigue of the whole body, which is really pleasant and beautiful.

beach farewell

Day4: Wildlife Park – Foreigner Street – Jimbaran Beach BBQ

The plants in the tropical rainforest climate are lush and lush, providing a good habitat for all kinds of wild animals. In the Bali Wildlife Park, there are more than 80 species from Indonesia, India, Africa and other places. We took a sightseeing car through the jungle and came to areas that simulated the natural living environment of animals. They can move freely within a certain range. Gorillas, parrots, and civet cats can be touched at your fingertips. The free tiger show combined with national legends and stories is quite distinctive. The rare Komodo dragon is scary even when sleeping. The illusion of a real tropical jungle.

[Lifestyle] There are no islands in Bali south of the equator

After having lunch at the zoo, we pulled out of the tropical rainforest and returned to the downtown area, always buying some local souvenirs for this trip. “Foreigners Street” is a commercial area centered on Kuta Square, where there are both high-end luxury brands and handcrafted souvenirs. Here you can also feel the hot tourism atmosphere of Bali. Cat poop coffee is something I personally think must be bought, but it takes a lot of work to identify authentic cat poop coffee.

Jimbaran Beach was originally a small fishing village, but now it is a must-see for tourists in Bali. Although we live nearby, we deliberately stayed to this beach on the last day, probably because we wanted to say goodbye to the island. It’s the beach. Jimbaran has the most beautiful sunset scenery, and there are seafood barbecue restaurants along the seashore. Our group are all football fans, playing football on the beach, playing with the waves, and enjoying the real island time. On the beach where the setting sun slides into twilight, eating fresh and tender seafood barbecue, listening to the music played by the locals, chatting, and saying a long goodbye to this beach and this island, with a voice The waves come back at night.

[Lifestyle] There are no islands in Bali south of the equator

Conclusion: The summer night torrential rain south of the equator, woke up in the morning to the sound of cocks and dogs, and felt that everything was like a dream, only the salty sea breeze was real and clear in memory. The beautiful scenery and slow pace of Bali will indeed make people lose their sense of reality for a moment, forget their troubles, and the meaning of travel is nothing more than this.