Living out the beauty of quality is the “back wave”

Gentlemen share beauty and beauty, harmony but difference. A younger body is more tolerant of diverse cultures, aesthetics and values

The most beautiful scenery in a country is its young people

what you love is your life

A short film “The Back Wave” swept the screen of social media. In the eloquent speeches, the spirit and lifestyle of the younger generation infected every audience.

There is no doubt that we live in a colorful new era. Seeing cutting-edge art exhibitions, visiting coffee museums, and checking in at Internet celebrity restaurants are the correct way for the younger generation to open up their quality life; exquisite makeup, delicate lenses, and ins-style camera filters are our greatest insistence on beauty.

This “quality and beauty” lifestyle is exactly what the younger generation loves and pursues. This is also like the “quality and car life” brought by the next-generation MAZDA3 Angkesaila. It can not only allow you to control the busy urban life with ease, but also allow you to walk out of the city and enjoy yourself outside the car window. scenery.

Living out the beauty of quality is the

“Quality” sense of life, to the details

“I’m not at home, I’m in the cafe, not in the cafe, I’m on the way to the cafe.” The great French writer Balzac’s experience of the quality of life comes from coffee. The aroma and mellow details of coffee determine Balzac’s creative inspiration. For a young man who spends 2-4 hours in the cab every day, the texture of the car comes from the sensory enjoyment of the whole body.

Born on the compact front-wheel-drive platform of the new generation “Chuangchi Blue Sky Vehicle Construction Technology”, the next-generation MAZDA3 Angkesaila has a sense of space, quietness and touch that surpass the same level.

Living out the beauty of quality is the

In order to create a driving feeling of “human and horse as one”, the interior design of the next-generation MAZDA3 Angkesaila follows the “subtraction aesthetics”, presenting a simple, pure and scientific spatial texture layout for the driver and passengers. The design of the center console is centered on the driver, emphasizing the sense of axis in the horizontal direction. Based on the research on the physiological characteristics of human vision, the next-generation MAZDA 3 Angkesaila reduces the seams and screw joints in the interior design, and the air outlet of the air conditioner is a hidden fade-out design, which minimizes “visual noise” and creates a Allowing users to focus on the spatial texture of driving itself.

In order to create a quiet driving space, the next-generation MAZDA3 uses the newly developed “resin damping module technology” to suppress the resonance of the vehicle body during driving. At the same time, the structure and materials are optimized to reduce noise intrusion , so that the driver and passengers can enjoy the quiet texture.

In terms of touch texture, Mazda designers digitalized the comfort of touch, and adjusted the switch operation in 0.01mm increments, so that drivers and passengers can feel the delicate and textured changes in the operation feeling. The switches, buttons are well made, whether you press, pull, tap or turn them, you can experience the same tactile feel. In addition, in order to highlight the real texture of the leather in the car, the designer and the craftsman jointly started the development of the texture, and finally took shape through repeated trial and error.

“Beautiful” life, high quality standard

Bauhaus founder Gropius said: The thinking of a real architect is close to that of a philosopher and a poet. This master architect of the modern school devoted himself to the reconciliation between art and industrialized society with an extremely serious attitude, tried to explore the new unity of art and technology, and asked designers to “inject soul into dead mechanical products”.

Today, nearly a hundred years later, Mazda has perfectly echoed Bauhaus in the field of automotive industrial products with the “Soul Motion 2.0” design philosophy.

Living out the beauty of quality is the

A powerful concave surface of light and shadow flows from the front of the car to the body, forming a stretched and elegant body proportion, just like a glimpse of the sky. With the blessing of the “Soul Motion 2.0” design concept, the next-generation MAZDA3 Angkesaila uses its own way to show its understanding of the current young aesthetic trend. The nearly perfect body proportions and light and shadow surfaces express the most quintessential beauty of Japanese aesthetics to the extreme. The gorgeous beauty is the stunning shadow of the gorgeous life blooming, pursuing the unique wabi-sabi beauty and breath-holding feeling unique to machinery. Cut out the complex and keep it simple, presenting an elegant and vivid shape with changing light and shadow.

As an important part of Mazda’s styling design, car paint also constitutes an element of aesthetic impact. The next-generation MAZDA 3 Angkesaila has newly added platinum steel gray paint, which is popular among users. It is made of the same craftsmanship as Crystal Soul Red. Under different light conditions, the body will present a fluid-like mechanical beauty. . Highly mark the taste of drivers and passengers with color.

Living out the beauty of quality is the

The “quality and beauty” trend led by the next-generation MAZDA3 Angkesaila is just like the quality and beauty lifestyle pursued by “Houlang”, using texture and beauty to store energy for a better life. In order to better support the better life of the young consumer groups, the next-generation MAZDA3 Angkesaila series has launched an upgrade package, and the purchase of the next-generation MAZDA3 Angkesaila can enjoy a flexible financial policy of 24 installments, 0 interest rate, and 0-day supply for 90 days , Enjoy a stress-free life with a car. Before May 31, 2020, if you purchase the next-generation MAZDA3 Angkesaila, you can enjoy “6 free basic maintenance for 3 years”, and the cost of maintaining a car is 0. Only by living out the beauty of quality can you be the last wave. What you love is your life.