Looking at the future trend of smart travel from the Chery Lion Ecological Alliance Conference

Recently, the “2019 Chery Lion Ecological Alliance Conference” was held in Wuhu, Anhui, with the theme of “Smart Future”. Nearly 100 well-known Internet, technology companies and related companies in the automotive industry chain have reached an “alliance” agreement with “Chery Lion” as the core, to jointly conquer future travel, smart cities, 5G applications, car networking user services, and smart car network information. problems in areas such as security. While focusing on the achievements of “Chery Lion” since its launch more than a year ago, Chery Automobile also described the four major development trends of smart travel in the future.

Looking at the future trend of smart travel from the Chery Lion Ecological Alliance Conference

Trend 1: 5G commercial promotion, intelligent driving will accelerate

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Radio and Television. The arrival of the 5G era seems to be faster than we thought. This will not only have a profound impact on the communication field, but will also accelerate the implementation and application of automotive intelligent driving technology.

At this conference, Chery Automobile, together with 11 partners including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, Neuroinspired, Horizon, Quanergy, Bethel, Jinyi Technology, Falcon Eye Technology, Xuanyuan Zhijia, etc. , committed to in-depth cooperation in intelligent driving and smart city construction under the 5G environment.

Looking at the future trend of smart travel from the Chery Lion Ecological Alliance Conference

Chery self-driving car

As one of the earliest companies in China to deploy intelligent driving, in 2010, Chery cooperated with the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish an unmanned vehicle technology platform. After years of hard work, Chery has completed the research and development of the first and second generation of driverless products, and plans to achieve L3 conditional autonomous driving in 2020 and L4 highly autonomous driving in 2025.

Trend 2: Intelligent interconnection goes one step further, injecting “soul” into automobiles

With the addition of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and image recognition technologies, the way of human-vehicle interaction has been redefined. Desay SV, Neusoft Group, Huayang General Motors, Joyson Electronics, HKUST Xunfei, Tianbao, Shanghai PATEO and other well-known software and hardware companies joined Chery’s “Forerunner” partner program at this conference to jointly build Chery’s smart cockpit enterprise standard.

Looking at the future trend of smart travel from the Chery Lion Ecological Alliance Conference

Visitors experience Chery’s “LION smart cockpit”

Currently, the “LION smart cockpit” launched by Chery integrates forward-looking technologies in in-vehicle entertainment and the Internet of Things. It has functions such as face recognition, AI voice interaction, and car-home linkage. It can realize full-voice operation, fatigue detection, and provide personalized services according to users’ daily habits. It also supports smart home (desk lamps, fans, sweeping robots) and other functions. It can realize the seamless connection between driving and life. These functions endow the car with a more interesting “soul”, making the car no longer a cold machine, but a companion in the life of the owner. When you sit in the car, what you get is a car that can perceive, interact, realize A mobile third space with emotional integration.

Trend 3: Driving is safer, and automotive information security is moving towards standardization

Autonomous driving technology is the future development direction of the global automobile industry. As Chery’s new-generation Tiggo 8, which initially possesses L2-level core autonomous driving technology, is put into mass production, protecting the information security of autonomous driving has become the top priority. In order to fully protect the information security of users, Chery cooperates with China Automotive Research Institute Automobile Inspection Center (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhongke-Saisky Joint Laboratory to jointly implement information security testing and penetration testing, formulation of enterprise security standard system, implementation of security standard system and compliance review.

Looking at the future trend of smart travel from the Chery Lion Ecological Alliance Conference

In April 2018, Chery and Baidu established the Apollo Automotive Information Security Laboratory

In recent years, Chery has already begun to explore the data information security and commercialization of autonomous driving and intelligent networked vehicles. In April last year, Chery and Baidu jointly established the Baidu Apollo Automotive Information Security Laboratory. As the first batch of partners of the Apollo project and the first batch of important cooperation units of the security laboratory, Chery participated in the preparation of the laboratory and is one of the core tripartite members. It is understood that the platform cooperates with relevant national departments, major car companies and chip partners to carry out in-depth technical research to prevent national security, car company security and personal information leakage caused by security vulnerabilities, and to create smarter and safer smart cars. Provide a more solid and powerful guarantee.

Trend 4: Unification of multi-terminal accounts and comprehensive improvement of user experience

In terms of improving user experience, Chery has also integrated Meituan, Kuwo Music, Himalaya, Kaola FM | Listening Partner, iQiyi, Moji Weather, Meiniao Technology, e-Daijia, Leting Toutiao, Chexingyi, Tuhu Internet enterprise resources such as Yangche, ETCP Group, Lvmama Tourism, etc., based on the “Lion Zhiyun” intelligent network connection system, create more advanced products in the fields of in-vehicle life service products, in-vehicle massive music services, in-vehicle audio content services, and in-vehicle user radio service applications. Rich user services.

After the cooperation, Chery users can use one account to share and log in many well-known Internet platforms including Meituan, Kuwo Music, Himalaya, Kaola FM|Listening Partner, iQiyi, Moji Weather, etc. The APP truly realizes the seamless connection inside and outside the car, does not require users to make repeated consumption for the same service function on different platforms, and improves the user experience in an all-round way.

Faced with the development trend of electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing, Chery Automobile is moving in this direction with practical actions. In the words of Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile, the smart business, as the seventh segment of the group’s business, represents the future of Chery. The core technology and strong ecological circle contained in the Chery Lion team will lead Chery to open a new chapter.