Mahayana family banquet thanksgiving all the way

From ancient times to the present, regardless of whether people are thousands of miles apart or live next to each other, every special festival or day of great significance, they will gather together in the form of a family feast to show the prosperity of the family.

Mahayana family banquet is not just a simple meal, but also a new measure of Mahayana to optimize communication channels and innovate customer experience.

In May 2019, Dacheng Auto officially launched the “Dahcheng Family Banquet·Thanksgiving for You”-Dahren Car Owner Symposium, and gradually invited new and old owners of Dacheng Automobile to participate in the Dacheng Family Banquet activities across the country.

On May 18, the first stop of the Mahayana family banquet – Guiyang Station officially launched…

On May 19, Ningbo Station, Heze Station and Shijiazhuang Station arrived as scheduled…

On May 26, Guangzhou Station and Zhenjiang Station are ready to go…

In June, the excitement continues…

Mahayana family banquet thanksgiving all the way

Build a communication platform to let Mahayana understand users better

As an important part of the Mahayana family banquet, the Mahayana Car Owner Symposium builds an efficient communication platform for users. As an important group of people who are most directly in contact with products, users have their own experience and cognition on all aspects of products. Whether it is products or service experience, they have a very important say. An important reference for user experience. During the communication and discussion, users’ ideas were fully expressed, and Mahayana fully understood their real feelings and experience in car purchase, car use, and car maintenance, which brought great benefits to the iterative upgrade of products, optimization and improvement of marketing services and after-sales service experience. first hand information.

Mahayana family banquet thanksgiving all the way

Listening to users’ voices is an important part of Mahayana’s service concept of “all user-centered”. Mahayana does not blindly build a car behind closed doors, but dares to face users, abandons the traditional one-way information transmission, and strives to improve the overall value chain. Realize two-way communication and interaction with users, make Mahayana more down-to-earth, and make products no longer cold machines, but become emotional carriers that understand users better.

At the event at Guiyang station, relevant leaders of Mahayana said in their speech: Mahayana’s current achievements cannot be separated from the support and love of new and old car owners and media friends. You are the source of our persistence, continuous innovation and progress! We believe that by talking face-to-face with family members, talking about our own products and services, and establishing and maintaining good trust among family members, we will continuously improve the quality and service of Mahayana!

Mahayana family banquet thanksgiving all the way

Provide solutions to make travel better

2018 is a year of great significance for Dacheng Automobile. In this year, Dacheng Automobile has a new release, and it comes with youthful dreams;

2019 is a year of linking the past and the future. In this year, Dacheng Auto completed the development of a thousand service network, covering all key districts and counties, and creating a service network layout with more convenient services.

With the continuous growth of the user group, how to better meet the increasingly escalating user needs and delight users has become a major issue.

At the symposium for car owners at Shijiazhuang Station, the relevant leaders of Mahayana said: Mahayana adheres to all user-centered values ​​and concepts, takes customer needs as the guide, and strives to create a service system that is closest to customers. Through the implementation of the service standards of “three complete services, four modernizations, and six unifications”, the customer’s “five worry-free” service commitments are realized (rescue, maintenance, accessories, care, integrity) Worry), making unremitting efforts and explorations to provide car owners with convenient and high-quality services throughout the life cycle of car purchase, driving, car use, car maintenance, replacement, and car life.

Mahayana family banquet thanksgiving all the way

Innovative service experience, let the car use the whole process worry-free

In addition to doing a good job in new car sales, how to serve existing customers well and bring a good experience to more new customers who are about to join Mahayana is also crucial. Dacheng Family Banquet is a new attempt of Dacheng Auto to innovate customer experience and quickly respond to user needs. In addition to maintaining new and old car owners, it is more about listening to the real feelings and experiences of Dacheng users in terms of car purchase, car use, and car maintenance. And suggestions, actively absorb and adopt.

At the same time, Dacheng Automobile’s own online community, the Orange Club, was officially launched on April 25, 2019. All Dacheng car owners can realize convenient car owner services such as car friend communication, points mall, service appointment, one-key rescue, consultation, complaints and suggestions online after passing the car owner certification. At the same time, the online customer service is online 24 hours a day, answering inquiries from car owners and fans in real time, reducing offline communication and time costs for car owners.

In addition, Dacheng Automobile will also use the most professional technology and the most positive attitude through “one-to-one” butler service, 7*24-hour online service rescue, “three comprehensive services, four modernizations, and six unifications”. The attitude is to provide the highest quality service for the majority of users and create a worry-free car experience throughout the journey.

Mahayana family banquet thanksgiving all the way

Explore new models to help Orange Gong partners

Cheng Gong Partners is another platform created by Dacheng Automobile to provide value-added projects for Dacheng car owners. The relevant leaders of Dacheng Company introduced that Dacheng car owners can join Cheng Gong Partners plan to invite their relatives and friends by recommending and sharing. Friends who follow Mahayana cars, join the Mahayana family, and successfully recommend car purchases can get a reward of 2,000 yuan per unit (tax included), with no upper limit; at the same time, friends recommended by Mahayana car owners can also enjoy exclusive services.

The Chenggong Partner Project is a completely zero-input, zero-cost, high-return project. It upgrades the common behavior of car owners to introduce it to a systematic project that can be supported by the system. Personnel from all walks of life who accept and are willing to promote Mahayana products, and are willing to grow together with Mahayana, can also join the Chenggong Partner Program, for mutual benefit and win-win, and to create and share the future!

The market environment is still in the process of consumption upgrading. “Everything is user-centric” and maintaining communication is one of the key factors for success. Dacheng Automobile will use family banquets as the first step to optimize communication channels and innovate customer experience. Together with users, create a new marketing service model of sharing, co-creation and win-win.