“Manufacturer” linkage, BMW “618” explores new ideas for online and offline marketing

Under the background that promoting consumption has become an important starting point for economic recovery after the epidemic, the annual “618” e-commerce celebration is in full swing. As a large-value and durable consumer product, in this year’s “618” e-commerce celebration, BMW will focus on two models mainly aimed at young customers – the new BMW X1 and the innovative BMW X2. Blind box” participation method leads online traffic to offline dealership stores to build a complete car buying experience.

At the same time, the MINI brand will also take the lead in introducing 5 dealer partners to open “shop-in-shop” in the MINI Tmall official flagship store during the “618” period. Customers in different cities will start regional and personalized marketing services, providing more convenient shopping paths and a more three-dimensional car buying experience.

This is a brand new attempt by BMW to explore new ideas for online and offline marketing and realize the linkage of “manufacturers”. As the positive role of digital tools and the Internet economy in post-epidemic economic recovery has become increasingly prominent, auto companies are also thinking about how to realize marketing digitalization faster. BMW believes that in the era of the digital economy, auto companies must implement a customer-centric marketing model and create a seamless interactive digital experience: connect online and offline, realize the “manufacturer” linkage between auto brands and dealers, and provide different customer groups with Customized marketing plans; and use digital tools based on big data to achieve more accurate and efficient information communication and delivery, and improve marketing efficiency.

Last year, BMW established Lingyue Digital Information Technology Company to implement its digital strategy. In the early days of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Lingyue cooperated with the R&D and marketing teams to launch the “BMW Remote Digital Marketing Assistant” on a pilot basis in the first batch of 69 dealers in less than a month. You can keep in touch with customers with the latest brand and product information without leaving your home. In less than a month after its launch, the WeChat-based mini-program received more than 340,000 visits to the homepage alone. At present, this one-stop marketing platform not only maintains continuous function upgrades, but also has been promoted to more than 400 dealers across the country, providing more support for dealer partners.

The development of digitalization is changing customers’ consumption expectations and consumption habits. In 2020, the market situation will change dramatically. BMW will continue to adjust its marketing strategy, keep getting closer to customers with innovative thinking and digital means, and pass on the brand spirit to more Chinese customers.