May 1st self-driving tour is on the agenda, the new generation of Tiggo 7 will accompany you steadily

The May Day holiday is approaching, and the local epidemic is basically under control. The heart that has been forced to stay at home for the past few months finally has a chance to release. But at this stage, traveling by public transportation is still not reassuring. In addition, the oil price has recently reached the era of 5 yuan. At this time, it is best to buy an SUV for self-driving travel. Today, the editor recommends a smooth, fuel-efficient, high-quality SUV—the all-new generation Tiggo 7. Let it accompany you to enjoy the May Day holiday.

May 1st self-driving tour is on the agenda, the new generation of Tiggo 7 will accompany you steadily

Smooth, fuel-efficient and high passability, enjoy comfortable and easy travel

Self-driving travel is a trip that breaks free from the shackles of the city, and needs to deal with different and complicated road conditions, so it is a test of the power and passability of the vehicle.

In terms of power, the new generation of Tiggo 7 is equipped with a 1.5T engine code-named SQRE4T15C, with a maximum power of 115kW and a maximum torque of 230N•m. Using cutting-edge technologies such as low-inertia turbo and integrated intercooler intake manifold, this engine can effectively avoid turbo lag and sudden sense of intervention, and the peak torque can burst out at 1750rpm, bringing better fuel economy And better power performance, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 6.8L. Efficient and more economical, the new generation of Tiggo 7 allows you to enjoy a more comfortable journey at a lower travel cost anytime, anywhere.

May 1st self-driving tour is on the agenda, the new generation of Tiggo 7 will accompany you steadily

In terms of transmission, it is matched with the 9CVT continuously variable transmission that has won the honor of “Long Pan Cup” World Top Ten Transmissions. Thanks to the new high-efficiency vane pump, new hydraulic torque converter, new hydraulic system and new generation of transmission steel belt, The power transmission of the 9CVT gearbox is smoother and more economical, bringing an extremely comfortable and relaxed driving experience. In addition, the ground clearance of 196mm also ensures the better passability of the new generation of Tiggo 7, giving the driver the confidence to ride in the mountains.

Embrace a large space to accommodate a wonderful small world

Space is naturally an important requirement for self-driving travel. The all-new Tiggo 7 has a body size of 4500/1842/1746mm and a wheelbase of 2670mm. The superior size data ensures a spacious and comfortable seating space, allowing the rear passengers to have ample head and leg room. Traveling with a family of five will still not feel cramped.

In terms of storage space, the new-generation Tiggo 7 trunk has a regular volume of 475L and can be expanded to a maximum of 1500L, which can easily accommodate large items such as barbecue grills, scooters, tents and various food materials required for self-driving tours. In addition to the conventional storage slots, the new car also reserves a large area of ​​storage space under the center console, and the USB interface is set here, which makes the space in the car more efficient and more organized.

May 1st self-driving tour is on the agenda, the new generation of Tiggo 7 will accompany you steadily

In order to further enhance the driving comfort, the new generation of Tiggo 7 is equipped with fully covered ergonomic leather seats with wide and thick cushions and excellent support for the back and shoulders of the seats. In addition, the new generation of Tiggo 7 also has functions such as electric heating of the front seats and electric 6-way adjustment of the driver’s seat, which can relieve the fatigue of the journey to the greatest extent.

Extremely intelligent safety blessing guards every step of travel

In terms of safety performance, Chery Automobile has also worked hard on the new generation of Tiggo 7. The application of high-strength steel in the body of the new generation Tiggo 7 reaches more than 60%, and the super-safe combination mode of multiple pieces of Benteler ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel and large-area galvanized steel sheets creates a high-strength safety “barrier” for users. In terms of active safety, the new-generation Tiggo 7 is equipped with Bosch version 9.3 ESP body electronic stability system as standard, which responds more quickly and controls more precisely, and can easily cope with complex road conditions such as curves and mountain roads, as well as severe weather such as ice, snow, and rainstorms, and maximize assistance. Users avoid collisions and injuries. In addition, the new car is also equipped with intelligent safety and driving assistance configurations such as EPB electronic parking + AUTOHOLD automatic parking system and CCS cruise control system to ensure user safety in an all-round way.

May 1st self-driving tour is on the agenda, the new generation of Tiggo 7 will accompany you steadily

Based on the current consumers’ stringent requirements for air quality and concern for travel health, the new generation of Tiggo 7 is also the first to adopt the first batch of “N95 medical grade” anti-bacterial air-conditioning filters in China, which can be replaced for free for life. The filtration efficiency of the filter element for ≥0.3µm particles/germs can reach over 95%, which can effectively block, absorb and dehydrate virus carriers, reduce the survival time of germs, and create a healthier and safer driving environment for users.

Self-driving travel focuses on pleasant mood and comfortable driving. During self-driving travel, we spend most of the time in the car, so the performance of the car itself directly affects the quality of our travel. The new generation of Tiggo 7 is smooth and fuel-efficient, spacious, comfortable, safe and reliable. If you choose it for family travel, you will not be disappointed!