More than 55% off, Skoda’s “May 5th Shopping Festival” brand day plays new tricks

At the beginning of May, Shanghai launched the “May 5th Shopping Festival”, mobilizing thousands of businesses and stores throughout the city. Skoda actively responded to the call and brought its popular models to the “Five with SAIC” car carnival at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from May 1st to 10th, and held a special brand day event on May 2nd.

This is the first time since the resumption of work and production that Skoda has communicated face-to-face with users in the form of a large-scale consumption festival. The external linkage has brought together super high popularity. According to statistics, the activities on Brand Day attracted more than 1.12 million users to participate in the live broadcast interaction on platforms such as Douyin, Dianchedi, and Yizhibo.

More than 55% off, Skoda's

Five major benefits to activate car consumption

Recently, Skoda disclosed the future development plan of the brand through an online press conference, announced the latest suggested retail price range of 77,900 yuan to 247,900 yuan for the entire series of products, and took the lead in firing the starting gun to activate the kinetic energy of automobile consumption.

In response to the “May 5th Shopping Festival”, Skoda introduced five major discounts and other preferential policies based on the adjustment of the suggested retail prices of all models, including a renewal gift package of up to 15,000 yuan, a 5-year super-long installment, a 20% down payment, and a maintenance gift package, etc. . During the car carnival, Skoda also provided 5.5% off special cars and 50% off car purchase coupons and other koi prizes. The benefits are full of quality.

More than 55% off, Skoda's

Marketing Innovation Expands Retail Boundaries

At the brand day event, Skoda invited a number of car experts to interact live with users through platforms such as Douyin and Dianchedi, introducing 125 reasons to like Skoda and relevant discount information for the May 5th Shopping Festival, seamless online and offline connect. In addition, in order to benefit more users, Skoda will also bring the sub-venues of the shopping festival to Shanghai’s popular business districts such as Central Bailian. These are just a microcosm of Skoda’s range of marketing innovations. In order to further expand the contacts with consumers, Skoda and Suning Tesco launched a strategic cooperation, and opened “Sijia Space” into Suning’s offline stores, so that users can “close contact” with Skoda in the bustling business district, walking in the car At the forefront of the new retail trend.

More than 55% off, Skoda's

At the same time, with the help of new marketing models such as online live broadcasting, Skoda has achieved more direct dialogue and communication with users. At present, more than 450 Skoda dealers and more than 3,500 sales consultants have released nearly 30,000 short videos on Douyin and Kuaishou, and conducted more than 14,500 live broadcasts, bringing nearly 10,000 prospective customers.

More than 55% off, Skoda's

This year coincides with the 125th anniversary of Skoda’s founding and the 15th anniversary of the brand’s entry into China. Along the way, Skoda has always adhered to the German quality, forming distinctive product features such as spacious space, practical configuration, excellent quality, and high cost performance. In recent years, with the launch of highly personalized models such as Kodiaq GT and Comic GT, as well as the forward-looking exploration in the field of intelligent networking, Skoda has shown a young and active brand image.

    This “May 5th Shopping Festival”, Skoda launched a full-scale attack with multiple heavy discounts, which not only helped the rapid recovery of market consumption momentum, but also further strengthened the value-for-money product experience, highlighting its uniqueness in helping users pursue a better life with smart solutions. Change your mind.