Of the 40 “least earth-like” places on Earth, 4 places in China are on the list

Maybe you’ve been to many places in the world

Ordinary mountains and rivers don’t have much mystery to you

but the earth is so big

All that is missing is beauty and wonder

they are created by god

or man-made masterpiece

Some are beautiful enough to burn your eyes

Some are so low-key that no one knows

Pura Lempuyang Temple – Bali

Of the 40

Climbing 1,700 steps to the top of the mountain, overlooking the mythical volcano and the sea, as if stepping through this door, you can reach another world.

Sea caves in Capri – Italy

Of the 40

On the steep coast of Capri Island, there are many sea caves, the most famous of which is the Blue Hole (Grotta Azzurra).

Cappadocia – Turkey

Of the 40

When you come to Turkey and come to the magical Cappadocia, you can’t experience the essence of it without taking a hot air balloon.

Fluorescent Beach – Maldives

Of the 40

Romantic couples performed many touching love stories here. I don’t know when it started, people began to call this luminous beach “Blue Tears”.

Lake Natron – Tanzania

Of the 40

As the water level changes, the color of the lake is white, pink or pea green, which looks very beautiful.

Mutnovsky Volcanic Ice Caves – Russia

Of the 40

There are many beautiful frozen caves in the world, many of which no longer exist, and they are worth seeing and cherishing.

Spotted Lake – Canada

Of the 40

The color of the lake changes throughout the year, so no matter what time of day you go, you can see beautiful color spots.

Rose Lake – Senegal

Of the 40

The locals say that the most beautiful color of the lake is when the hot and dry wind blows from the east. At that time, the salt algae in the lake broke out under the catalysis of the hot wind, turning the lake into blooming roses.

Han Doong Cave – Vietnam

Of the 40

Parts of Han Son Doong can be as high as 200 meters and as wide as 150 meters, enough to accommodate a 40-story skyscraper.

Vatnajökull Caves – Iceland

Of the 40

What is strange is that lava, craters and hot lakes are also distributed in the Vatnajökull area, and Iceland is therefore known as “the land of ice and fire”.

Colorful Sand Dunes – Lassen Volcanic Park, USA

Of the 40

The colorful sand dunes in the national park rise and fall one after another, just like outer space, and there is also the largest dome volcano in the world.

Gates of Hell – Turkmenistan

Of the 40

As of 2015, the flames at the entrance of the cave have never stopped, and the locals call it “the gate of hell.”

Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

Of the 40

Salar de Uyuni was formed after a huge lake dried up about 40,000 years ago. During the rainy season, the surface of the crust-like salt marshes will form a smooth mirror.

Red Beach – Panjin, China

Of the 40

The exact time when the red beach appeared cannot be verified. Some scholars say that when there was the earth and the sea, there was already a red beach.

Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland

Of the 40

The 8-kilometer coast consists of a total of about 40,000 hexagonal stone pillars. The stone pillars are continuous and orderly, extending into the sea in a stepped shape.

Glowworm Caves – New Zealand

Of the 40

The limestone layers below the ground form a series of huge cave systems, decorated with various stalactites and stalagmites and fireflies.

Mount Roraima – Venezuela

Of the 40

In 1912, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel “The Lost World” was set in this part of Mount Roraima.

Dracaena – Socotra Island, Yemen

Of the 40

The huge dragon’s blood tree is like an alien plant, which is amazing.

Fly Fountain – Nevada, USA

Of the 40

The Flying Fountain is not formed naturally, but a beautiful artificial accident. In 1964, geothermal energy from drilling caused minerals to rise to the surface.

Danxia Landform – China

Of the 40

Danxia landform is famous for its interlaced bedding, steep rock walls, majestic momentum, peculiar shape and colorful colors.

Grand Prismatic Spring – Wyoming, USA

Of the 40

The beauty of Grand Prismatic Springs is that the color of the lake changes with the seasons.

Great Wall – China

Of the 40

It shows the power of life because of its brokenness, and alludes to the ancient country because of its winding. —— Tagore

Han Ying Cave – Vietnam

Of the 40

After countless times of flooding, Hanying Cave has been polished into a scallop shape. Rows of fluted limestone are like a petrified waterfall, which is full of vitality under the decoration of green algae.

Lombard Street – San Francisco, USA

Of the 40

The reason the road is so curved is because here the hill is so steep (27°) that otherwise the road would be too steep for most vehicles.

Ponte de Lima Tunnel – Portugal

Of the 40

In Ponte de Lima, Portugal, a row of tunnels made of towering trees is like a fairy tale world.

Hand of God – Scotland

Of the 40

The rocks on the Socrates Heights are separated by columns, like the traces of God’s hand.

Mount Bromo – Indonesia

Of the 40

Indonesia, a country with many islands, has as many as 4,500 volcanoes, and three of the world’s top ten active volcanoes are here.

The Boundaries of the Earth – Eastbourne, England

Of the 40

Eastbourne clings to the cliffs of Beachy Head, the place behind the cliffs became the fabled boundary of the earth.

Mu Geng Chai Rice Terraces – Vietnam

Of the 40

The Mugengzhai terraced fields in Vietnam, is this farming with life?

Machu Picchu – Peru

Of the 40

The ruins of the Inca Empire civilization, built on the untouched cliffs of the mountains, were discovered by American archaeologists in 1911.

Church Hill – Iceland

Of the 40

Because it looks like a straw hat, some people call it “Straw Hat Mountain”. Coupled with Iceland’s gorgeous aurora, it is like a dark fairy tale.

Railway on the edge of the cliff – Curitiba, Brazil

Of the 40

One side is a high mountain, the other side is an abyss, thrilling and exciting.

Rayong Dam – Thailand

Of the 40

The dam in Rayong, Thailand, is a very dreamy place, so beautiful that it is unreal.

Interlaken Tulip Valley – Switzerland

Of the 40

The tulips in the small town of Interlaken, Switzerland completely conquered everyone.

Antalya Stone Mirror – Turkey

Of the 40

A black stone slab that has been polished and watered on the streets of Antalya city makes for this stunning photo.

Tuscany – Italy

Of the 40

One of the most beautiful rural areas in the world, the undulating hills here are extremely beautiful under the reflection of the setting sun or morning glow.

Masai Mara National Park – Kenya

Of the 40

For thousands of years, these creatures have arrived as promised from September to October, forming a spectacular scene of “big migration of wild animals” that is rare on our planet today.

Sahara Desert – Morocco

Of the 40

Traveling in the desert is a challenge to people’s physical strength and intelligence, but it is strange and exciting: wandering the long desert, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Antelope Canyon – USA

Of the 40

Not far to the southeast of the town of Peggy, there are two mysterious canyons. When the sun shines into the deep and quiet valley, the dance of light and shadow will release its charm here.

Li River Landscape – China

Of the 40

With Guilin City as the center, Xing’an Lingqu in the north and Yangshuo in the south, connected by the Li River, it has been intoxicated by countless literati for thousands of years.

These least earth-like places

Each is a miracle

just over time

something changed

some don’t even exist anymore


if you miss a place

Take the time to find and meet

Don’t wait until it’s gone to say sorry

·  END  ·

-This article is reproduced from the public account: Selected Geographical Knowledge-