Pazhongju and the Off-Road Film Association became partners

[Off-Road Photographers Association] is a member photography organization directly under the off-road e-family, the world’s largest off-road activity platform. Members of the association come from cross-country e-family members, covering all parts of the country. There is a media team and media. Members are active in national auto off-road activities, various auto races, and various large-scale off-road e-family events, and have taken a lot of wonderful photos.

As a photography organization directly under the off-road e-family, all the members of the off-road e-family are members of the off-road e-family. In the activities of the off-road e-family all over the country every year, the members of the film association are active members among the members, and they all actively participate in the activities and participate in the activities. Most of the outstanding members who record activities, the exquisite travel notes on the forum and various activity records are from the members of the Film Association.

The Off-Road Film Association now has WeChat public account, Sina Weibo, Jinri Toutiao, Yidian News and other self-media. Since its establishment in 2016, it has been insisting on sending pictures and texts every day. Timely send records of member activities and various large-scale activities of the e-family all over the country, as well as exquisite pictures and texts. One of the largest public accounts.

Pazhongju and the Off-Road Film Association became partners

Pazhongju and the Off-Road Film Association became partners

Pazhongju and the Off-Road Film Association became partners

Pazhongju and the Off-Road Film Association became partners

Pazhongju and the Off-Road Film Association became partners

Pazhongju and the Off-Road Film Association became partners

Pajero (China) club is the national Pajero owner

and the home of off-road enthusiasts.

We advocate a healthy life for people and vehicles, and are keen on social welfare.

Transfer positive energy.

Advocate mild off-roading and share happiness.

Gradually guide car users across the country to participate in public welfare and environmental protection, love support,

Pay attention to social vulnerable groups and other activities.

– original intention –

Be an off-road person with a sense of responsibility and social responsibility, and silently influence the people around you. Don’t let the elderly parents worry about us anymore, and set an example for the children who are growing up.

– core value –

Equality, respect, fairness, openness, voluntariness, and sharing.

– Organization Philosophy –

Respect every rider and unite all the forces that can be gathered to explore the unknown.

– Propaganda concept –

Gather strength, because you are wonderful.

– Philosophy of public welfare –

Light a lamp, the world will not be alone.

– Member Environmental Protection Convention –

The Pajero (China) club calls on car enthusiasts all over the country to participate in caring for and protecting the environment.

Every one of our members is a voluntary protector of the environment no matter where he is.
Revere nature, respect nature, save water, and love animals and plants.

During the journey, please take away all the discarded items that can be taken away, and do not leave any items that should not belong to the local area, so as to restore the original tranquility of the vast world.

(1. Bring environmental protection garbage bags with you, collect waste batteries with you, and dispose of them in a designated place; 2. Please do not throw sundries, cigarette butts, etc. out of the window at will while the vehicle is moving; 3. Please take your own garbage as much as possible Take away the garbage left by others, and clean up the garbage in the car when passing the rest stop.)

Follow ALLinPAJERO and share the healthy life of people and cars.

– intellectual property –

    1. The Chinese and English name of “Pajero (China) Club” (ALLinPAJERO) and its abbreviation “Pazhongju” text name, trademark graphic copyright, etc. have been applied for registration and protection at the State Trademark Administration of China, hereby declare.

    2. This WeChat ID is the only public platform of Pajero (China) Club. Pajero Club has not authorized any individual or organization other than the club to use the name and image of the club, and has the right to sue for any unauthorized use.

    3. The Pajero (China) club name trademark and its visual image and other intellectual property rights are owned by Xi’an Dongcheng Yiqing Advertising Co., Ltd. and its creators.