“Power” and “Style” ——The 2019 Ring of Towers Touring Team in Aksu

On May 18th, following the opening ceremony of the 15th “Dulang Kucha” Cultural Tourism Festival in Aksu, Xinjiang, the team participating in the 2019 China Ring Tower (International) Rally assembled into a neat parade team at 12:30. Starting from the camp of Aksu Movie Town, a 19-kilometer city parade was carried out. This parade is one of the series activities of the 2019 China Ring Tower (International) Rally entering Aksu City, and it is an important link to show the city style of Aksu.

The convoy participating in the parade assembled and drove out of the camp

The parade went along Jiaotong Road-Tanan Road-Shanghai Road-Sanjiaodi-Beijing Road-Dongxi Street-Youyi Road-Binhe Road-Fushi Road, and finally returned to the film town, passing through the national 4A-level scenic spot in Aksu City—— The Langhe Scenic Area allows the racers to feel the cultural landscape and urban customs in the beautiful Aksu City. The parade was also warmly welcomed by the citizens of Aksu. Whether it was the besieged camp around the tower, or the crowds who stopped to watch and take pictures in the streets and alleys, people fully felt the enthusiasm of the people for the charm of racing culture.

The parade convoy passes through the main road in Aksu city

The handsome driver during the parade gestures

As the starting city of this competition, Aksu City has unique tourism resources, integrating ancient and modern. Aksu has been an important station on the ancient Silk Road since ancient times, and it is also the birthplace of Qiuci culture and Duolang culture. At the same time, it has convenient transportation and complete tourism supporting facilities, which perfectly integrates ancient customs and modern travel methods.

The parade continues on its route

Children on the side of the road cast curious eyes on the convoy

This parade will surely become a window to show the city style of Aksu, let more people know and feel the unique style and charm of this city, and it will also be a catalyst for promoting Aksu’s tourism industry, effectively invigorating Aksu’s tourism economy, and continuously improving Aksu. A significant force in tourism branding and awareness.

The picture comes from the official photographer Jiang Wenyao