“RV evaluation” RV 5-year/150,000 km warranty “Jing Yan” who gave you the courage

 Van Loon described the “pioneer” in the preface of “Tolerance”-hungry, weak, but unyielding, and wants to use his weak power to change the world. Fortunately, our world is tolerant, so we have seen such a “deviant” RV brand appear. Jingyan, a RV brand that “amazing” us.

Vehicle Profile

Name: Jingyan · Habitat 599

Model: Self-propelled Type B

Chassis: Iveco 8AT

Measurements: 5999×2011×2711 (2960) mm

Weight: 3000kg (curb weight)

Price: 379,800 yuan

Driver’s license: C2 or above

Background: Zhongruigong Design is a newly-born RV brand with the same origin as the popular RV “Xunxing”.

Advantages: 1. Warranty for 5 years or 150,000 kilometers for the bodywork 2. The base price is relatively low, and the configuration is sufficient 3. The details and workmanship are well received 4. The toilet has a good sense of space 5. The rear door can be opened to increase the use of variable combinations

Disadvantages: 1. There are many upgrade configurations 2. The size of the gray water tank and the clean water tank do not match 3. The use space is small 4. The toilet takes up the aisle space 5. The luggage cabinet does not have a locking function 6. There are few after-sales outlets (a common problem in RVs)

Purchase index: ★★★★☆ (full level is 5★)

Laobai Comments

The evaluation of “amazing” is worthy of this Jingyan Qi 599 RV. Although the appearance of a B-type RV can’t make too much fuss, the color of the body is eye-catching. The interior design of the car is a testament to the skill of Zhongrui Engineering, moving between square inches, and finally put a lot of effort into workmanship and materials. The conscience is that the basic model of 379,800 yuan can also meet the travel needs, and the old white four-star recommendation (one star is missing because it is a new brand).

Vehicle analysis

Qi 599 RV is a refit model of Jingyan RV based on the most popular Iveco 8AT automatic transmission chassis. The bright color of the body maintains the low-key personality of the B-type RV.

The “Zhongrui Gongshe” LOGO on the outside of the cab means that this RV is designed and produced by “Zhongrui Gongshe”.

The body length of 5999mm is the limit to ensure that the C driver’s license can drive the vehicle.

The details of the body equipment are well handled, without the perfunctory atmosphere of common models.

Because the toilet is located in the middle of the body, the black water is inside the body. As the storage space of the black water tank, it is difficult to place items here. Lao Bai thinks that although this design is novel, it reduces a small amount of practical space.

The cockpit retains the style of the original model, and the seats are re-wrapped to match the style of the car.

The interior of the car adopts the classic rear horizontal bed layout of the B-type RV, and cooperates with the rear door and folding bed to make the use of the RV more varied.

After the seats in the cockpit are turned over, it can be combined with a single row of deck sofas to form a complete leisure area. If the multi-directional rotating table is a routine operation, then the hidden shoebox under the feet can be regarded as a master operation. But it doesn’t seem to be very easy to clean.

The indoor kitchen design is very simple, with electric ceramic stove, vegetable sink, microwave oven, and refrigerator. However, the basic version of the refrigerator is only 48L, which must be replaced by a larger refrigerator.

The bathroom adopts a circular door design, and the space is shared with the aisle. Frankly speaking, this is already the best solution, but Lao Bai still doesn’t like it, because it is too troublesome to use.

The design of the cabinet is very beautiful, and the texture of the metal is also very good, but Lao Bai did not see the lock, that is to say, there is no locking function. This one seems a little dangerous.

I forgot to take a photo of the bed, but the supporting plastic flowers at the bottom of the bed are very eye-catching. With the latex mattress, you can unlock many postures.

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Figure: Jingyan RV.

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