RV safety is no joke

Warning: The content of the article can easily cause discomfort to some people.

RV safety is no joke

More and more people choose RVs for their dreams or other reasons, and use them to travel around the world or live by the lake. When choosing a RV, there are thousands of choices, imported, domestic, trailer, self-propelled, branded, small factory, Volkswagen, customized, B-type, C-type, white, red, Fresh, vintage…

After the options are finished, you don’t know that the new RV you brought home has huge safety problems. Why no one told you, lol.

RV safety is no joke


Glue is the original sin. Even your ability to breathe will be taken away.

Many RV manufacturers advertise that the boards they use are “E0” grade, and at the same time, they are also in high spirits when introducing them. But I especially want to ask: Can you really not smell the hot eyes in the car?

In the manufacturing process of the RV, not only boards are used, whether it is the sandwich body of the car body or the furniture, a large amount of glue is needed to fix and bond. The price of glue can vary by as much as 10 times. As a consumer, you only need to buy a non-professional formaldehyde detector worth 100 yuan on a certain treasure, and you will find the clues.

In fact, it’s okay if we don’t buy bad products. I just want to know that the employees who make money for you have been surrounded by this gas for a long time. Will your heart not hurt?

RV safety is no joke


The application of electricity can be regarded as the greatest miracle in human history. It brings people the light in the dark night, the guide when they are lost, and sometimes misfortune. According to statistics from the American Industry Association, 60% of RV fires are caused by DIY circuits.

There are more problems in the country, which are caused by the mother’s womb, such as design defects, insufficient materials, and unskilled installation.

China likes large lithium batteries, large inverters, large solar energy, etc. We cannot arbitrarily believe that they are the cause of the accident, but we can clearly see that large domestic and foreign RV manufacturers are cautious about them.

RV safety is no joke


Losing weight is the source of happiness for women, and so is the RV.

RVs can carry unlimited happiness, but the weight they carry is limited.

When you yell “I have everything in my RV”, think about how the RV feels. It will appear when there is a large water tank, a large lithium battery, and solid wood furniture-the accelerator is weak when going uphill, and the brake is weak when going downhill. Even if the overall weight of the car body is not high, the unreasonable weight distribution is not an exception. Things that happen when the front of the car is tilted after filling up with water. Are you scared?

RV safety is no joke


Is it safe to sit?

Today, instead of talking about boring laws, I will simply talk about a few questions from a perceptual perspective.

1. The first attribute of a RV is a car. The speed can basically reach more than 100km/h. Does the seat in your car meet the standard size of a car?

2. Where is your safety belt fastened? (Look at a picture from the Internet)

3. What is the role of the table in front of the seat in an emergency?

gas tank

Clean and efficient energy has become a murderous weapon in your hands.

Exaggerated? No exaggeration! Many motorhomes have substandard or non-existent forced air vents in gas tank bays. What’s more, some people put the gas tank on the back of the RV. It’s chilling to think about it. Once there is a rear- end collision…you are killing people!

RV safety is no joke

household appliances

The RV is home, and refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, and microwave ovens are all must-haves in the home. A RV is a car. Constant walking and bumps make most household appliances unsuitable for RV use. To give a simple example, household refrigerators cannot be powered on within 12 hours after moving, while refrigerators in RVs are used almost every day in bumps.

It can be seen that many household appliances are not suitable for use in RVs, and now the air conditioners and water heaters at home are all installed on RVs. Is this unproven method of use really reliable?

RV safety is no joke

The above are the safety hazards in RVs that I have seen, but they are not the only ones. Just stop here, I know you’re scared, and I’m scared too.

The RV is a dream, we are chasing it, please raise your hand and don’t turn it into a nightmare, thank you.

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