[RV Show] Let the RV get out of the “cold palace”

What kind of RV is right for us? This is a question worth thinking about.

In today’s RV market, there are many RV brands, imported, domestic, and joint venture models, and many RV users are already confused at the beginning of their choice. Finally, I chose a RV among various voices, and then I couldn’t wait to take my family on a RV trip, but suddenly found that this was not what I wanted, so the RV was put on hold, dusted, and resold.

[RV Show] Let the RV get out of the

Motorhome Multiple Choice Questions

Model, size, price, displacement, gearbox, number of seats, number of beds, heating method, portable supplies… are all factors that need to be considered when choosing a RV. The answer to so many choices for the final collection must be correct?

the answer is negative. Because the basis of judgment for these choices is based on imagination, which is usually not consistent with the real situation. Both RV life and RV travel have high time requirements, ranging from two or three days to several months. Now most buyers of RVs are middle-class or above. The biggest characteristic of this group of people is that they have little time. That is to say, time is the biggest “cost” for RV travel. This can explain why so many RVs are put into the “little palace” after only one use.

What style of RV is more suitable for the current user group? To answer this question, it is necessary to know exactly what they need. Firstly, it only needs to meet the function of short-distance travel. Although it is a short-distance travel, the process must be delicate; secondly, it needs to be relatively convenient to use in the city, and can undertake a part of the function of transportation; finally, it needs to have a certain business reception capacity. Only the RV that meets these functions is the RV suitable for users at the present stage, and the RV that meets these functions should be a RV with exquisite workmanship, petite shape, and certain business attributes. The Marco Polo RV in the market seems to have some overlap with these attributes.

[RV Show] Let the RV get out of the

Mini RV

The Marco Polo touring car is modified from the Mercedes-Benz MVP V-Class, and its appearance has not changed much from the original car. Maintaining the square appearance of the Mercedes-Benz family, the body size is 5140mm×2249mm×1980mm, which is far smaller than the size of ordinary RVs. The cockpit also maintains the classic and stylish shape of the original model. The cross-shaped air outlet, floating display screen, COMAND multimedia control system, automatic switching function of air-conditioning cycle mode and intelligent driving system make the vehicle full of technology.

When you open the rear hatch, you will find that the RV retains the functions of a commercial vehicle while adding RV attributes to it. The layout of the cabin also subverts the layout of common domestic RVs. The compartment adopts the business layout of the front middle seat + small table, the rear part is the storage space, and the left side of the caravan is a kitchen system consisting of a stove, a vegetable sink and a small freezer. The sleep system consists of two parts. One is to lay the seat in the middle of the caravan flat as a double bed; the other is to push the top of the caravan upwards to increase the space in the car and provide a double bed when camping. Due to the limited space, the Marco Polo RV does not have a toilet, and the shower system also uses an outdoor shower.

[RV Show] Let the RV get out of the

As a small RV, Marco Polo has exquisite details and an ingenious layout, which is enough for several people to use for short-distance travel; and because of its small body size, general parking spaces and basements can be easily accessed; at the same time, it inherits the prototype car Business features of the V-Class.

Of course, while having many advantages, it also has its own shortcomings that cannot be covered up. First of all, it is really too small for a caravan, and the living facilities and entertainment facilities are very simple, and it is not even possible to go to the toilet. These factors make it difficult to live in the RV for a long time. Secondly, the power sockets of imported vehicles are all German standards, and they need to be used in China with an adapter. Finally, the RV uses a 2.2T diesel engine. Although it is full of power, it cannot apply for a Beijing license.

Diversity transition

The first feeling of the Marco Polo RV is “this is not a RV!” But it cannot be denied that this small RV that wanders between urban work and camping life is very practical. It is between camping, business, and transportation. Although it has some insufficient functions when used as a caravan, it has great advantages in parking, driving, and business reception. Compared with copying the camping life in Europe, America and other countries, this transitional camping life is more suitable for the actual needs of most Chinese people. But suitability does not mean acceptance. The domestic concept of RVs is still: full-featured, easy-going. It takes a long-term guidance for users to accept this “light camping” lifestyle.

[RV Show] Let the RV get out of the

Today, when the RV has just started, it is still impossible to draw an accurate conclusion on which RV is most suitable for domestic users. However, it can be seen from the utilization rate that commercial RVs represented by Marco Polo generally have a high usage rate because of their transportation and business functions, while conventional RV types live in the “cold palace” all the year round due to time constraints.

Because my country’s social structure and use environment are significantly different from those in Europe and the United States, the diversification of RVs has become the only way for the development of RVs. Only by allowing users to have enough choices can we figure out which models are most likely to be accepted by the public and which models are really suitable for us.


The process of being selected is painful, even cruel. Before this problem that all RV brands have to face, the company’s responsiveness and adaptability to the market are particularly important. But once the enterprise has survived this process, the various strengths of the enterprise will be improved rapidly, and at the same time, it will be accompanied by a period of golden growth. We all look forward to the rainbow after the rain, but before that comes the storm. But now is the period when the storm is the most violent. Compared with some RV companies who choose to stay dormant, I am more optimistic about those brave ones who take advantage of the situation to continuously innovate and win the market on their own initiative.