[RV Show] Seeking stars does not take the usual path

At the Beijing RV Show in June 2017, a small event happened. Xunxing RV’s first model NX585 was officially unveiled. The NX585 was officially launched at the Beijing RV Show in March 2018. It took nine months from its debut to its launch, which is rare in the domestic RV circle.

At the beginning of 2018, the Xunxing NX585 launch conference started in the RV exhibition in the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Hall. Compared with the traditional leader’s speech followed by a product launch like a product unveiling, this launch is much easier. Huge film clapperboards, black oil barrels, and kayaks placed randomly. The host Mr. Han Zhe told the media and friends on the scene the story of him and Xunxing RV in a relaxed and interactive way. Curious why it took 9 months from debut to listing.

[RV Show] Seeking stars does not take the usual path

star tour

Before answering this question, let’s take a look at what makes this RV different.

The whole Xunxing RV is designed by Zhongrui Engineering, the only RV design studio in China. This Xunxing NX585 is modified from the Isuzu D-MAX chassis. The non-load-bearing body is equipped with a 3.0T diesel engine. The low-speed four-wheel drive and the rear axle limited-slip differential lock can realize the driving function on light off-road roads.

In terms of appearance, the gray matte painting and unique lines have a strong sense of muscle. On the top of the cockpit is the sleeping cabin of a C-type RV, with sharp eyes like a huge motorcycle helmet. The tail is different from the straight and simple of common RVs, but with sharp edges and full lines, showing the tough style of this RV mainly off-road. It is very interesting that this RV has innovatively installed an inclined roof mechanism on the C-shaped sleeping cabin, which maintains the overall streamlined shape of the body when closed, and increases the use of the sleeping cabin of the RV after opening. Of course, it also brings Changes in insulation and body structure.

The interior of the compartment adopts the layout form of the rear kitchen and bathroom commonly used in pickup trucks, the reception area in the middle and front, and the forehead sleeping compartment. Different from the layout of ordinary RVs, the reception area of ​​this layout is relatively small, but it has a 2-meter super king bed and a super large bathroom. Because the original intention of this RV design is not to squeeze in five or six passengers for camping, but for the travel life of a family of three. In terms of living facilities, 90% of the imported electrical appliances and raw materials in the car ensure the air quality in the car, and the design of the double kitchen is more in line with the cooking habits of Chinese people. The addition of overhead air-conditioning system, fuel heating heater, and solar charging system makes the life of the RV simple and fulfilling.

[RV Show] Seeking stars does not take the usual path

sharpen the knife

Although such a product is not perfect in my opinion, it can also bring good returns when it is introduced to the market. Why do users have to wait for 9 months? I specifically interviewed Mr. Han Zhe, the founder of Xunxing RV, and the answer I got was surprising-test.

Xunxing NX585 has undergone a durability test that is rarely seen in domestic RVs after it rolled off the assembly line. Durability testing usually refers to automobile durability testing, which is a set of tests to assess the reliability of the whole vehicle, system, subsystem and components. The Xunxing NX585 has undergone a 100,000-kilometer endurance test, during which the RV has to go through bumpy roads, gravel, extreme cold, and dry environments. Because the RV is composed of a chassis and a top, the top part not only includes the body frame, skin, but also a variety of wooden furniture, household appliances, etc. With so many different items and materials combined, durability testing is definitely not a small test.

Sharpening a knife does not cut firewood by mistake. Although the test has delayed the time for RVs to go on the market, it has given enough confidence to the RV manufacturers themselves and potential RV users. At the same time, it also poses a new problem for the RV industry, whether it is necessary to publish the product test report at the same time when the new product is launched.

[RV Show] Seeking stars does not take the usual path

name of design

The role of design in the development of modern industry is self-evident. Another distinctive feature of Xunxing RV is that it is designed by a professional design company. The design of the RV is the result of comprehensive consideration of many factors such as use, environment, materials, craftsmanship, cost, sales, and maintenance. RV design is still in its infancy in China, and most of the design work is in the stage of imitating foreign RVs or imitating each other. In the RV market, many manufacturers have very low design requirements, and even do not consider the overall safety of the product when designing in order to pursue orders and cater to users. The “five-year obsolete” motorhomes that appear on the market today are the most severe consequences of ignoring design.

The appearance of Zhongrui Engineering seems to be born out of nowhere, which reminds many RV companies. Re-examine the importance of caravan design, from the layout and appearance as the key object in the past to the overall consideration of the caravan, so that the “five-year scrap” caravan no longer appears.

[RV Show] Seeking stars does not take the usual path

balance of contradictions

Enterprise survival and product quality have become typical internal contradictions of RV companies. In the initial stage of RV development, balancing the contradiction between profit and quality is the foundation of an enterprise’s survival. Even Xunxing RV is no exception in this regard, from design to product development, to prototype production, then a long durability test, and finally to the market. The time cost and economic cost spent during this period are huge, which is obviously unacceptable to most enterprises. Even for a large RV company with strong strength, these costs will increase exponentially due to its huge size, and eventually it will be difficult to ride a tiger.

High quality and high standards mean that the price of the product will increase. At this stage, the lack of publicity means and the low awareness of users about the product will undoubtedly face the risk that good products will not sell well. On the contrary, they will have to endure endless after-sales torture and the lingering mouths of everyone, and finally withdraw from the market sadly. Different enterprises have different ways of survival. The author himself is more optimistic about high-quality RV companies, and there are many companies in the RV industry that have lost their market due to product quality factors.

The market is unpredictable, and companies without competitiveness may be out at any time. Because the “spoiler” of Xunxing RV has given the development of RV companies a new direction. Although this direction cannot be commented on right or wrong for the time being, there will be more chances of success when considering problems from the perspective of users. The current RV market may need a RV company that does not take the usual path like Xunxing RV.