RV show – when the “goddess” is waiting to marry ordinary people’s home

After reading the resume of “Goddess”, is your heart moved? Do you have the urge to worship now and have a bridal chamber at night? Don’t worry about waiting for the “group of relatives and friends” to make a careful appraisal before making a decision.

RV show - when the

Registered residence

The first is the household registration issue. It is well known that it is difficult for foreign wives to register for household registration (it is difficult to get a car license). So what about this “goddess”? The vehicle management office stipulates that the license plate for a towed caravan requires that the length, width and height of the vehicle be within 8000mm * 2500mm * 4000mm, and the lighting complies with Chinese laws. Vehicles with legal procedures can apply for a license plate. Venus540 passed the requirements of length, width and height perfectly. In terms of vehicle lighting, Venus540 has a lot of rear marker lights, brake lights, turn signals, reversing lights, fog lights, and even the latest required triangular reflection area. When applying for a license, some imported vehicle documents, import certificates and other materials are also required. The dealer has it all ready for you. It seems that the matter of registering is not difficult to solve.

RV show - when the

hall and kitchen

Next, let’s find out whether Venus540 can go up to the hall and down to the kitchen. The Venus540 adopts the mature AL-KO chassis, and the energy-absorbing design of the rubber shock absorber makes the body structure quite stable and safe. The aluminum body is not only strong and safe, but also reduces the weight of the body to 1145kg. In this way, there is no need to deliberately match the tractor during use, and cars with a displacement of 1.6L or more can be towed. Unfortunately, this RV can only be driven on paved roads, friends who want to go off-road, please make a detour.

The Venus540 door adopts a two-layer design, which is said to be designed to keep children in the car. Isn’t this too underestimating the IQ of children! The door handle is designed to hold small dogs at best, not even huskies. The body uses a large number of vacuum double-layer windows, which perfectly solves the problems of heat preservation and lighting. The living room adopts a deck-style sofa, almost all three sides are windows, coupled with the almost crazy three-day window design on the top, the lighting in the sofa area is so good that people don’t want to leave. When the red wheel falls to the west and the jade rabbit rises to the east, turn the booth sofa into a double bed, play a piece of soothing music, hug your lover, and watch the galaxy flow from the sky by the window, you can’t help but praise the designer for being too distracted .

RV show - when the

The kitchen has everything from a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator to a cutting board with sink. But why there is no range hood, even if it is not convenient to make a light meal. Due to the limitation of space, the bedroom does not have an independent partition, but the comfort of the bed is still very good. The design of the toilet is a well-regulated structure with dry and wet separation. What makes people’s eyes shine is the toilet light switch, which uses a retro pull-wire switch, which is practical and beautiful. If you plan to take a bath or go to the toilet, you can only open the skylight for ventilation, because there is no exhaust fan installed. Air conditioning and sunshades are available as optional extras on the Venus540 at an extra cost. However, there are more choices. For example, the air conditioner can choose the top-mounted Dometic air conditioner, or the floor-mounted Truma air conditioner. The heating system adopts two modes of gas and electricity, which can be switched intelligently. Entertainment only has a CD radio and a TV stand, need to install the TV yourself. There is also a TV antenna that cannot receive channels. Since it cannot receive channels, is it just a waste of space to install it? The water tank of the vehicle only has a 40L main water tank plus a 40L mobile auxiliary water tank, and the water heater has only a 10L storage capacity. If there is no camp supplies, saving water is no longer a slogan, but a necessary living habit. Venus54 didn’t design the gray water tank like the American RV. Does the British culture think that bath water and washing water will not pollute the environment?

It seems that Venus540, an ocean horse, has no problem in the hall, but it needs more work to get in the kitchen. However, the design style and fine workmanship of the British model still make people feel very comfortable.

Not acclimatized

Venus540, as the epitome of European-style caravan, is slightly unaccustomed when used in China. For example, the kitchen of a caravan is very uncomfortable with the frying and cooking of Chinese people. Although the water storage capacity of the Venus540 RV clean water tank has 2 water tanks, the total is only 80L. Of course, this phenomenon of acclimatization is not unique to Venus540, and almost all imported RVs have problems, big or small. The first problem faced by many American imported vehicles is the problem of 220V voltage. Because the voltage in the United States is 110V, most of the electrical equipment in the RV is also 110V. Users in China have two options, one is to use a 110V generator. The second is to use an inverter to invert the conventional 220V voltage into 110V voltage. There are also some details, such as windows, sockets and so on. Because the RV will be manufactured according to the habits of local users at the beginning of the design, it will inevitably be a little awkward when traveling across the ocean to the Central Plains.

RV show - when the

Due to the dual advantages of China’s population base and geographical area, the RV market in China has developed rapidly, and it can be predicted that the RV market will grow even faster in the near future. Manufacturers of RVs should pay attention to the big cake that is about to be baked in China. Who can adjust the product structure in time before the Chinese market explodes. According to the living habits of Chinese users, road conditions, geography and humanities, R & D and adjustments can occupy a favorable terrain when the Chinese RV market explodes.

only choose the right one

Only choose the right one, the one that suits you is the right one. But what kind of RV is right for you? Due to space issues, here is just a brief talk about the author’s views on trailers. First of all, of course, is the issue of money, a price that you can afford is suitable for you. Buying an RV, even a relatively inexpensive trailer, is more than just the price of the car. Car price + purchase tax + accessories (air conditioner, awning) etc. Do you think that’s the end of it? It is far from enough. Bedding, kitchen kits, various small items in the RV, emergency maintenance tools outside the RV, outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor kitchen utensils, etc. will cause quantitative changes and qualitative changes, and qualitative changes will cause quantitative changes in wallets.

There is also the serious question of where to go camping. If you just plan to add a log cabin to your backyard, you can choose a campervan with a large space, complete internal facilities, and a low price. But be careful not to take it for a trip on a whim, the result may be very dire. If you plan to take your family to a campsite by the lake for a few days, then most trailers made in Europe are suitable for you. For example, the Venus540 mentioned above does not have high requirements for tractors, and the price is moderate and the facilities are complete. Undoubtedly the best choice. Or maybe you’ve packed your bags and are ready to measure the land on wheels. Then you need a sturdy car. American-style medium-sized caravan is a good choice, but American caravans generally have certain requirements for tractors, and they need to have certain hands-on ability for long-term travel.

RV show - when the

Who are you going to travel with? Some people like to travel alone, some like to be with their lovers, and many friends like to travel with family and friends. This depends on how many beds you need, whether the living room is larger or the bedroom is larger. In this way, it depends on the specific model, learn more about several RVs, and give up some unimportant conditions appropriately, so that there will be more choices.

RV travel is no longer just a game for the rich, RV travel can also be rich and thrifty. RV travel needs more of a mood on the road, a feeling of moving forward.