SAIC Roewe official blog post “Extreme Challenge” style preview! After playing talk show and playing reality show

Regardless of whether you are a variety show fan or not, as long as you have surfed the Internet and surfed the waves, you must have seen “Extreme Challenge”. “Extreme Challenge” has been on the air for six years and has been popular for six years. The sixth season is currently on the air. At the end of each episode, related topics are all over the place on Weibo. “xswl”.

Anyone who has watched “Extremely Challenged” knows that sometimes the program group will invite flying guests to add more visibility and fun. For example, Zhang Yixing and Di Lieba are the first flying guests of the sixth season. Come on big surprise. Recently, we discovered that the official Weibo account of SAIC Roewe released a teaser poster full of elements of “Extreme Challenge”, which sparked heated discussions on the Internet.

SAIC Roewe official blog post

 In the picture, under the words “Guochao Roewe PLUS Extreme Challenge” are three silhouettes, which are easily reminiscent of the classic “Extremely Picky Men’s Gang”. “Challenge” will collaborate with Roewe to “make things happen”. Are the resident guests of “Extreme Challenge” attending the Roewe event, or are Roewe insiders attending “Extreme Challenge”?

The truth will be revealed at 10 pm on June 10, let us wait and see.