Seeing the Future from Tradition Decodes Phyon’s DNA

May 18th is International Museum Day, and the theme of this year is “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition”. Since its birth, Huiang, the flagship car of the Volkswagen brand, which combines traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology, has witnessed a series of cultural exchanges in exhibitions, such as the Pompidou Masters of Modern Art Exhibition and the “Germany 8” Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition. and future ties.

Seeing the Future from Tradition Decodes Phyon's DNA

Combination of traditional high-end materials and exquisite craftsmanship

Tradition is the skills and ideas passed down from generation to generation. As the first C-class flagship of the Volkswagen brand, Hui Ang has inherited its profound use of high-end materials and dedication to exquisite craftsmanship.

The decorative strips in the car are made of European century-old olive ash wood, which has been hand-polished through 17 rigorous processes to create a unique and elegant texture. The NAPPA high-grade leather seats are refined through 12 processes, and the leather is soft, providing an excellent riding experience. At the same time, it is equipped with acoustic PVB mute laminated glass and as many as 93 sound insulation and noise reduction measures, which spare no effort to create a quiet space and bring users the experience of a German executive luxury car.

Seeing the Future from Tradition Decodes Phyon's DNA

In the future, smart technology guides the flagship road

Another layer of Huiang’s DNA lies in the full use of the most advanced technologies of Volkswagen brands. The standard 9.2-inch central control screen of the whole series is the largest central control screen among Volkswagen brand models. It supports multi-touch operation, and on the premise of considering the beauty and convenience, it makes the operation more humanized and comfortable. In addition, Huiang has all kinds of high-end technology configurations: infrared night vision imaging system, 360-degree bird’s-eye view panoramic visual driving assistance system, head-up display system, ACC advanced adaptive cruise control system, lane keeping system, pre-collision safety The protection system and other cutting-edge configurations further demonstrate the true nature of the flagship car of the Volkswagen brand, so that the future can be seen from the tradition.

Seeing the Future from Tradition Decodes Phyon's DNA

Among them, the head-up display system is worth mentioning. This system uses the principle of optical reflection to clearly project and display key driving information such as current speed, navigation path data, and collision risk warning. The displayed information can ensure clarity in any driving environment, and can also be distinguished by color, marking, etc. The driver does not need to look down to check the information, which greatly improves the driving safety.

In recent years, from supporting the long-established German Classical Sound on behalf of the Dresden State Orchestra China tour, to the Pompidou Modern Art Master Exhibition that condenses the essence of nearly a century of modern and contemporary art, to the “Germany Art Exhibition” that focuses on the latest art trends 8″Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hui Ang has always witnessed the blending of tradition and future, using exquisite craftsmanship and future technology to achieve the extraordinary style of the era.