Set a small goal for half a year after graduation, and drive Landwind X2 home during the Chinese New Year

For graduates who have just started working this year, they are about to receive their first salary after graduation. What will they do when they get their first salary? It’s better to set a small goal for yourself first. This small goal does not need 100 million yuan, and it only costs less than 100,000 yuan to drive the Landwind X2 home during the Chinese New Year.

Set a small goal for half a year after graduation, and drive Landwind X2 home during the Chinese New Year

Fashionable appearance and full of personality

Landwind X2 is a model that is popular among young consumers under Landwind Motors. The official guide price of the model is 63,800 yuan to 88,800 yuan, which is very suitable for young consumers who have just entered the society.

The exterior design of Landwind X2 closely follows the trend of young consumers. The front face of the vehicle is exaggerated, and materials of different colors are matched together to create an image similar to Peking Opera masks. The headlight of Landwind X2 adopts an integrated design, and there is a lens function inside the lamp group, which can improve the lighting effect and has a high texture. Below the front face, there are two in-line LED daytime running lights in the shape of fangs, which make the body look more aggressive.

The side of the body of Landwind X2 looks powerful. A tall waistline runs through to the rear of the car, making the body look more compact and sporty. The vehicle adopts the popular suspended roof design, and a shield engraved with “X2” is inlaid on the D-pillar, becoming the exclusive symbol of Landwind X2.

The rear shape of Landwind X2 is also full of sense of design, with rich lines creating a very full shape. The style of the taillights is designed to be full of personality, and the unique shape is highly recognizable. The image of a sunny and handsome man can be remembered at a glance.

High-quality interior workmanship is exquisite and delicate

The interior design of Landwind X2 brings a bright feeling to people. The high-quality interior style makes it hard to believe its lowest official guide price of 63,800 yuan. The interior style of Landwind X2 is simple and elegant, and the functional areas are clearly divided. The flat-bottomed three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel is full of sporty atmosphere. The appearance of the steering wheel is wrapped in leather material, the workmanship is exquisite and delicate, and it has a particularly comfortable grip. There are multi-function buttons on the steering wheel, and functions such as cruise control, multimedia control and Bluetooth phone are integrated in it, and the multi-function steering wheel can be easily controlled by holding the multi-function steering wheel.

Set a small goal for half a year after graduation, and drive Landwind X2 home during the Chinese New Year

High-end configuration to enjoy the first-class experience

In terms of interior configuration, Landwind X2 has very stylish components, bringing an extraordinary interior experience. The center of the vehicle center console is a 7-inch color multi-function display screen, which supports Baidu CarLife system, which can realize the interconnection between the mobile phone and the vehicle screen, and improve the riding experience in the car. This screen also supports high-definition reversing image function, the situation behind the car can be directly displayed in front of the eyes, eliminating the trouble when reversing.

Set a small goal for half a year after graduation, and drive Landwind X2 home during the Chinese New Year

The seats of Landwind X2 are also from famous families. Lear, a famous seat manufacturer, designed seats in two color schemes for it. The seats are made of leather materials, which can bring passengers comfortable wrapping and leg support, and passengers can enjoy a first-class experience.

Surging power to enjoy passionate control

Landwind X2 is equipped with a set of advanced platinum power system combination. The model of the 1.6L naturally aspirated engine is Bluecore, which can provide a maximum power of 92KW and a maximum torque of 160N·m. The engine is matched with an all-imported Aisin automatic manual transmission, which is highly efficient and energy-saving.

Set a small goal for half a year after graduation, and drive Landwind X2 home during the Chinese New Year

In addition to the well-coordinated power system, Landwind X2 is also equipped with EPS electronic power steering from TRW, which can bring a more sensitive and easy control experience to Landwind X2; the world’s top Bosch ESP body stabilization system can provide Landwind X2 with The world-class quick and precise response enhances the handling experience of the vehicle.


For young people who have just started working, owning a car of their own is the dream of many people. The appearance of Landwind X2 makes this dream close at hand. For more than 60,000 yuan, you can have a unique exterior design, exquisite workmanship and high-quality interior, high-end and practical configuration enjoyment, and a passionate driving experience. For such an all-round high-quality experience, why not take Landwind X2 as your small goal for the second half of the year.