“Shared Dad”? Without company, talk about feelings

When the sharing economy became popular and quickly swept across the country, from shared bicycles, shared umbrellas, shared charging treasures, to later “shared boyfriends” and “shared girlfriends”, people’s brains have become so big that everything can be “shared”. However, the “Shared Dad” who has recently blown up the circle of friends still refreshed the cognition of many netizens and aroused widespread attention and heated discussions.

Although “Shared Dad” is just a marketing campaign full of routines, behind the marketing is a precise insight into social pain points, that is, some married men find it difficult to balance family and career well, resulting in “dad” The “missing” of a role in the child’s growth journey.

Every moment of companionship cannot be copied, and every period of growth cannot be repeated. Every touch that parents accompany their child to the unknown world will subtly help him grow up. Therefore, accompanying children to touch and perceive the world is the best education for children. And a spacious, comfortable, high-safety high-quality car is a high-quality carrier for family travel. Today, the editor recommends a high-quality family sedan that is suitable for young families to travel – the new Arrizo 5.

The super large space can hold every piece of your love

Whether it is a boy or a girl, parents will always carefully prepare various items for them when they go out, such as water glasses, snacks, and even various toys. Therefore, for a family sedan that accompanies children to grow up, the space is naturally large!

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new Arrizo 5 are 4572mm/1825mm/1482mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2670mm. The superior body width and ultra-long wheelbase bring users a very spacious horizontal and vertical seating space, even if a child safety seat is placed in the rear row, it will not appear cramped.

Not only the seating space, but also the storage space of the new Arrizo 5 is remarkable. The number and design of the storage compartments in the car are scientific and thoughtful, and personal items such as water cups and mobile phones can be placed at hand. Under normal conditions, the trunk volume of the new Arrizo 5 is 430L, which can fully meet the daily use of the family. The child’s scooter, the “mother’s bag” full of children’s commonly used items, and the suitcase are all fully HOLD and will not fall Every love parents have for their children

In addition, the seats of the new Arrizo 5 are wrapped with leather materials. The cushions of the front seats are wide and thick, and the backs and shoulders of the seats are well supported. There are independent air-conditioning outlets and USB power ports, and new central armrests and rear three headrests can provide children and lovers with a comfortable riding experience.

Five-star security protects the safe travel of the family

While enjoying the happy time of traveling, parents are more concerned about the safety of their children. The old model Arrizo 5 once won the five-star safety standard of the new version of C-NCAP crash test with a high score of 56.24 points, so the safety strength of the new Arrizo 5 is naturally not bad.

The all-new Arrizo 5 adopts an integrated cage body with a super five-star safety design. Ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel is used in key parts. At the same time, more than 60% of the third-generation high-strength steel with a yield strength greater than 460Mpa is used in the entire vehicle. The upper ring protection type 6 airbags build a barrier-like safety protection for the whole family from the inside to the outside.

In terms of active safety, the new Arrizo 5 is equipped with active safety systems such as Bosch ESP body electronic stability system, EBA brake assist control system, and TCS traction control system as standard. Very friendly all-round dynamic assisted reversing image and rich intelligent equipment such as cruise control, and complete safety configuration can provide users with more comprehensive safety protection and escort the whole family’s travel.

In this day and age, everything can be shared except love for family. Take some time out of the busy work, bring your children and your lover, drive the brand new Arrizo 5, and go to see the mountains, the sea and the world together! Friendly reminder~ You can enjoy a comprehensive discount of up to 10,000 yuan if you buy a new Arrizo 5 in the near future (5,000 yuan cash financial personal loan car purchase subsidy up to 3,000 yuan, replacement subsidy up to 2,000 yuan), or directly enjoy the financial personal loan car purchase discount (3 years 0 interest or 10% down payment to buy a car, the down payment is as low as 5555 yuan). If you are excited, act quickly!