Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man’s Lands

Because I live around the three major no-man’s lands, my work in the past few years was prospecting and mining in no-man’s lands, so I may know more about no-man’s lands than most mainland car enthusiasts. Here are some suggestions for car fans refer to.

1. Time selection

The three major no-man’s lands are connected in succession, and the time period between October and April 20 of the next year should be selected. This time period is the winter in the no-man’s land. The swamp is frozen hard, and the river is either cut off or frozen. , There are many swamps in the area from Whale Lake to Sun Lake to Xiangyang Lake in summer, and it is basically impossible to walk, but you can walk in winter. The crossing of double-crossing or a single no-man’s land is actually not restricted by seasons, and the scenery in summer is more beautiful than in winter, and it is not easy to happen high-reverse in summer, but it must be led by an experienced pilot car to avoid In the rainy season and strong dusty weather, for example, it is no problem to find Li Ge from Korla to lead the navigation. After all, he has planned the route for Yangliusong and assisted Huadiao, and Korla Adong is also very experienced.

2. About high reflection

People who have lived in low-altitude areas for a long time will inevitably feel uncomfortable when they first go to the plateau. If you feel a little uncomfortable at an altitude of 2,899, it’s okay. Yes, you will have a strong reaction at an altitude of 2899, and it is recommended to cancel the three-none crossing. Our experience of walking in no-man’s land to adapt to the climate is to go from low to high, and the altitude gradually increases. The altitude of 8 is a critical value for most people. If you can adapt to this altitude, you will have no problem at 5,120. If you can’t adapt, you will have a stronger reaction. The temples and the back of the head are about to explode. , especially at night and just before dawn, the reaction will be relieved in the afternoon. It’s okay to rely on drugs to relieve the pain at this time, just rely on your perseverance to survive. In fact, high reaction is not terrible, what is terrible is pulmonary edema and cerebral edema, so You must keep warm. Don’t catch a cold. A cold can easily induce pulmonary edema. At this time, a professional doctor is needed to deal with it in time. If possible, it is necessary to bring a team doctor. It can save lives at critical times. The anti-high reaction drug “Gao Yuan An” is more effective, so take it in advance.

3. Regarding the length of the route, come on

The whole journey from Huatugou in Qinghai to Shuanghu in Tibet is about 1,100 kilometers. If you want to go around the Sun Lake in Hoh Xil, it will take about 300 kilometers more. The fuel consumption in the uninhabited area is about 400 liters. Ditch is relatively better, you need a certificate issued by the unit, a copy of the business license of the unit, and a copy of the ID card of the person in charge to the local police station to issue a bulk gasoline refueling certificate, and then the gas station will refill it for you. It must be an iron drum or an oil bag No plastic buckets.

4. Keep warm

Thermal underwear, thick down jackets, jackets, hats, gloves, hiking shoes, the temperature in no-man’s land in winter is around minus 25 degrees, and the wind is also strong, so you must wear thicker clothes, get out of the car and take pictures, add clothes, don’t be too troublesome. Use sleeping bags below minus 30 degrees, preferably two beds, and bring a quilt and a mattress. This will ensure that you can sleep well at night, and you will not be unable to sleep in the middle of the night. It is better to bring more for emergencies than less. The tent is made of cotton, which is warmer for more people. As for heating, we have tried many methods, but the effect is not very good. The most traditional method is still used, a small stove with two or three chimneys, and one or two bags of coal , Where is the campsite, where is the stove, the heating effect is very good, but the disadvantage is that the air conditioner takes up a lot of space, which is inconvenient. Please help me with a good plan.

5. Cross the river

Most of the rivers in the uninhabited land are very wide, one kilometer wide, and most of the rivers are not deep. They are fifty to sixty centimeters deep in wet seasons, and thirty to forty centimeters deep in dry seasons. The wide rivers are channels and tidal flats. Staggered. When crossing the river, you must figure out the sand and stone structure at the bottom of the river. This requires two things to be prepared in advance, one-piece rain pants, and ice-breaking steel brazing (required). If the bottom of the river is large and many, There is little sand, and this kind of river is easy to pass even if the water is large. In the afternoon and evening, the melted ice and snow on the iceberg flow down. The water is the largest, and the water is the smallest in the morning. First put on rain pants and go to the river for a try. The bottom of the river is relatively hard in that place. Wait until the morning when the water is the smallest and the tidal flats are most exposed, and then rush across. As for the lake, try not to go up. The lakes in no-man’s land are basically saltwater lakes. The ice is not very thick. It is very dangerous to drive on it. You must pass it and test the thickness of the ice with an ice drill to see if it is safe. Walking on the ice surface is necessary. Put down the glass of the car so that you can escape once the ice collapses. A few years ago, three members of the Shaanxi geological team accidentally entered the lake with their car, fell into the lake and drowned.

6. About blizzards and sandstorms

These years, the probability of encountering blizzards and strong sandstorms is very small. Once encountered, rest in situ and do not act rashly. Wait for the weather to improve before making a decision. Generally, there will be a few snowfalls in October and November, next April and May. , If you encounter snow, you should avoid it, and wait until the weather clears before you act. The current sandstorm will pass in a day or two, and the sandstorm of Sanwu is not serious.

7. Rescue in emergencies

We are crossing, not risking our lives. I don’t agree with the way of cycling without backup. Yang Liusong, Guanshan Feidu, and Caesar are all god-level figures, not ordinary people but heroes. If you succeed, you are also a hero. If you fail, you are a case. Li Congming and Wang Yong are examples. Traveling through uninhabited areas should be equipped with at least one satellite phone, whether with or without GPS, Aowei, and Google Maps. If an emergency occurs, write down the exact coordinates and report to the rescuers, from Huatugou to Xiangyang Lake Surroundings, the rescue vehicles of Huatugou can reach any accident site in this area within 24 hours. In order to be able to rescue you in time, you should communicate with these professional rescue agencies before entering no-man’s land. At least they understand your basic information so that when something really happens, the method is appropriate. If you have the conditions, you can buy the satellite phone by yourself. If you don’t want to buy it, you can rent it in Huatugou.

8. Food

Rice is not easy to cook in the high altitude of no man’s land, and fresh vegetables are easy to freeze. Prepare some vegetables that are not easy to freeze, such as potatoes, onions, etc. It is best to cook meat in advance. You might as well try hot pot. The food will be cold after eating, and the stomach will feel uncomfortable after eating, but hot pot is different. After eating, boil some ginger syrup for everyone to drink, which can not only dispel the cold but also prevent colds.

9. Support staff

If conditions permit, it is best to hire a few local logistics personnel. The uninhabited land has high altitude and extremely cold climate. Every day, we will build, dismantle the camp, cook and other miscellaneous tasks. If you encounter a car stuck, you need to dig the car. These are in low altitude The area is not a big deal, but no-man’s land requires a little effort, and overwork can easily lead to rebellion. Besides, the labor force in the northwest region is relatively cheap, and these personnel have been working in high-altitude areas for a long time, so they are very capable. Let them earn some hard money. It also contributes to the local area.

10. Procedures

This is very important. It is not recommended for some riders to run secretly. The three protected areas are jointly enforcing the law. This year, the inspection is very strict, and the possibility of being caught is very high. I’m sorry, it’s not easy for you to go through the formalities by yourself. It is still possible to find a local company to assist you.

Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man's Lands

Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man's Lands

Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man's Lands

Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man's Lands

Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man's Lands

Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man's Lands

Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man's Lands

Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man's Lands

Some Suggestions for Crossing the Three No-man's Lands