“Straight Iron Man” learns these operations from it, and it is just around the corner to get out of the singles!

“Give me another three minutes, and I’ll go out right away.” “You’re right, how could you be wrong, you’re not wrong at all.” “It’s okay, get busy!” Do these words sound familiar? It is said that a woman’s mind is elusive, and she can change her face faster than turning a book, but in fact, most girls have a delicate heart. Compared with cliché rhetoric, small details in actual actions can move their hearts more. So how do you stand out from the details and beat your competitors? Ford Maverick will teach you a few cheats to get out of the singles, to help “steel straight men” successfully win the hearts of beauties, and never miss the peach blossoms!

Cheats for getting out of singles 1: Wisdom and caring

In many cases, if a girl has a smart mind and can solve many problems for her, she can help her make choices when she is in doubt, and when she needs company, she can always care about her small emotions and think carefully. Just like the Ford Maverick, it can always bring considerate care to consumers and be a unique “personal butler”. Ford Maverick is based on the brand-new Internet car intelligent system developed by Alibaba AliOS, which can learn the travel habits of car owners and actively provide destination guidance services in a considerate and timely manner. Equipped with a 10-inch atmospheric LCD touch screen that supports multi-touch, the intelligent system works closely with the mobile phone, and utilizes the ecological resources of China’s Internet to realize various powerful and practical functions such as online music, smart food recommendation, and gas payment. Invite her to go out on weekends, enjoy beautiful music and intelligently navigate to popular gourmet restaurants to catch her ears and taste buds. 

Cheats for getting out of singles 2: Strong and gentle, strong protection

Of course, having a strong but gentle “boyfriend power” is an indispensable condition for attracting girls. He always exudes the charm of male hormones, which makes people admire him. The Ford Maverick is the best tool to add color to your “boyfriend power”. It is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine power system with a maximum power of 245 horsepower and a peak torque of 350 Nm/1750-4000 rpm. The continuous output of power brings the owner a surging and comfortable driving pleasure. At the same time, all Ford Maverick series are equipped with automatic engine start and stop and SelectShiftTM 6-speed automatic manual transmission as standard, together with the active air intake grille closing system (AGS) that is also standard for all series, to achieve a perfect balance between strong power and fuel economy. This is where the home strength comes from.

Cheats for leaving the order 3: Safe and stable, always protected

Sincerely pay for her, try to let girls see the stable characteristics in you, and provide a comprehensive sense of security in all aspects of life, so that she can have a sense of dependence and belonging. Just like the standard AdvanceTrac® system with anti-rollover stability control technology for all Ford Mavericks, it improves driving safety and stability and effectively prevents brakes from locking up, preventing vehicle flicking, skidding, and rollover. All Ford Mavericks are equipped with multi-directional 7-airbag protection as standard. The adaptive cruise system can automatically adjust the speed according to the distance between vehicles in front. The low-speed driving safety system helps reduce the risk of collision when driving at low speeds. Blind spot monitoring and auxiliary reversing system, etc., provide all-round safety protection.

Although no matter how strong the routine is, it can’t match a sincere heart, but more tips to show your own advantages can help “straight men of steel” who can’t express themselves successfully capture the hearts of beautiful women. With its wise “mind”, strong and gentle “boyfriend power”, and firm guarding “sense of security”, Ford Maverick helps straight steel men better understand girls’ incomprehensible thoughts, such an efficient secret to getting out of the order! Have you learned it?