Style and aesthetics interpret the taste and enjoy the brand-new Ford Taurus

(May 20, 2019, Chongqing) With a deep insight into the aesthetic preferences and needs of Chinese consumers, Changan Ford has brought a new Ford Taurus. Enjoy the taste, tailor-made luxury cars for the cutting-edge elites of the era. The all-new Ford Taurus is introduced into the Vignale model for the first time, bringing a more high-quality and noble experience.

Style and aesthetics interpret the taste and enjoy the brand-new Ford Taurus

Style and aesthetics highlight the taste

Aiming at the cutting-edge elites of the era who are confident and do not follow, have unique personality taste and high-end artistic and cultural accomplishments, Ford designers combined Ford design DNA with modernist design style, presenting a more expressive style aesthetics on the appearance of the new Ford Taurus, conveying The exterior design concept of grandeur, self-confidence, harmony and balance, and modern dynamics creates a luxurious and enjoyable car.

The Ford family-style hexagonal front grille has been newly designed with chrome-plated strip decoration, and runs through the slender LED headlights horizontally. The design is ingenious and balanced, highlighting a strong sense of visual width and presenting a more confident front face shape. The newly designed LED headlights are pleasing to the eye and evenly lit like jewels, and bring brighter and wider lighting effects. The turn signals are composed of 22 LED lights, integrating the functions of position lights and daytime running lights. When turning, it presents a flowing dynamic effect of gradually lighting up from the inside to the outside, which is novel and unique.

The overall body line is very sculptural, the swooping front end line profile, and the streamlined body with a lower profile make the entire body structure more tense and impactful. The new Ford Taurus retains the panoramic sunroof design, allowing more natural light to be projected into the cabin. The newly designed 19-inch aluminum wheels embody the atmosphere and harmony of the new Taurus shape, bringing a more confident and calm driving experience.

The shape of the rear of the vehicle is symmetrical and coordinated, and the brand-new LED taillights bring a more modern and rich perception. The new LED taillights adopt piano key-style lighting elements, which have a high degree of visual recognition and are more refined. The two taillights are connected by a solemn yet dynamic chrome-plated trim strip, which highlights the visual effect of the body width. The layout of the chrome-plated dual exhaust is embedded in it, and the LED fog lights in the middle visually become the finishing touch of the rear, creating a luxurious atmosphere.

Taurus Vignale models enjoy quality and prestige

The all-new Ford Taurus is the first to introduce the more premium Vignale model. The Vignale model has a unique exterior design, with a chrome-plated strip on the rear and an exclusive “Vignale” nameplate engraved on the body. The “flying V” shape mesh air intake grille designed by the initials of Vignale, and the V-shaped chrome plating with contrasting matte plating on the black background, interpret dignity in a low-key manner. The Vignale model adopts an exclusive black roof, which is more visually impactful. The specially designed 19-inch wheels adopt a special two-color painting process, which is exquisite and full of texture.

The all-new Ford Taurus, as a luxury car tailor-made for the cutting-edge elite of the era, will be launched later this year.