Talk about RV toilet

RV travel is becoming more and more popular now. Compared with ordinary self-driving tours, RVs are equipped with complete living facilities and can live without support, which is its biggest advantage. For example, the caravan is equipped with a separate bathroom, so that there will be no embarrassing situation of looking for the bathroom everywhere, especially when there is a traffic jam, you can enjoy the convenience brought by the caravan leisurely.

So, what types of toilets are in the RV now?

Talk about RV toilet

First, the straight toilet. As the name suggests, in-line, is the direct discharge. However, this direct discharge is not directly discharged to the outside of the vehicle, but is stored in the black water tank first, and then discharged to a place where it can be discharged directly to the landform or into the water. Because of its low price, it was widely used in early domestic RVs. In European countries, it is also widely used because of its perfect support for camps.

However, in-line toilets still face many problems in actual domestic use. First of all, the domestic camps are very imperfect, and there is no reasonable sewage pipeline. If discharged directly into the sewer, it is estimated that it will not be welcomed. In the wilderness, there is also the problem of polluting the environment. Therefore, domestic RVs generally no longer use in-line toilets.

Talk about RV toilet

Second, the portable toilet.

Portable toilets are like a box that does not need to be connected to a drain or water system. It is mainly composed of two parts, the upper part is divided into clean water tank and toilet, and has a detachable seat cushion and cover. The lower part is the waste water tank. The portable toilet can be placed anywhere and used at will.

Talk about RV toilet

Talk about RV toilet

Third, box toilet

This is also a toilet commonly used in domestic RVs. Unlike portable toilets, cassette toilets need to be fixed and connected to water supply facilities. Cassette toilets, however, have black tanks that can be opened from outside the vehicle.

As shown in the picture above, this is the opening on the body of Zhongrui RV Jingyanqi 599, and the black water tank can be pulled out by opening the hatch.

This car is equipped with a black water tank with wheels and handles. In this way, it can be easily dumped, which is much more convenient than portable toilets. Therefore, cassette toilets are the most widely used.

If you want to remove the peculiar smell in the car, generally put a degradation agent in the black water tank. More cleaning and degradation agents can basically ensure the fresh air in the car.

In the future, the editor will bring some mainstream brands of toilet use experience, and make detailed explanations with actual experience.