“Technology inward, human nature outward”, Roewe R standard first flagship concept car interior first exposed

Recently, Roewe’s first flagship concept car under the brand new R standard – Roewe Aurora R-Aura Concept interior images were exposed for the first time. The interior design of the new car is based on the design theme of “technology inward, human nature outward”, integrating traditional Chinese minimalist ink style and holographic projection and other forward-looking technologies, showing the interior design direction of Roewe R-standard models under the concept of intelligent design, redefining The “medium-to-high-end new energy” smart car implements the Roewe R standard “technology realizes imagination”, allowing users to go from love to trust.

The interior design of the Roewe Aurora R-Aura Concept perfectly integrates humanistic imagery and intelligent technology, using images such as ink painting, traditional calligraphy, and the Four Great Inventions combined with a minimalist and pure futuristic design to create a Zen-like no-clean space. The new car is supported by the center console, and uses holographic 3D digital projection technology to create a humanized and situational holographic digital space, bringing active interactive experience for all employees and the whole car, and truly realizing software-defined cars.

(Roewe Aurora R-Aura Concept interior)

The complete and slender IP platform of Roewe Aurora R-Aura Concept has a simple and linear design, which not only shows exquisite craftsmanship and new sensory experience of intelligent technology, but also cooperates with holographic 3D digital projection technology to create a holographic digital space, providing users with a poetic and comfortable experience. Koi carp mode, active and intelligent ink mode and other new interactive atmosphere scenes; the Touch bar embedded in the rear seats supports all-staff interaction, passengers can not only enjoy the tranquility and comfort of Zen space, but also make full use of the intelligence and convenience brought by future technology .

(Roewe Aurora R-Aura Concept IP station)

(Roewe Aurora R-Aura Concept holographic 3D digital projection)

The most eye-catching integrated flexible folding screen innovative platform architecture of the center console realizes the two-in-one instrument central control, which can switch day/night mode independently, present different air-conditioning modes naturally and visually, and actively display more information; ink scroll The steering wheel can be retracted to the center console in unmanned driving mode to increase the driver’s activity space; inspired by the four great inventions of touch-type shifting and wireless charging Sinan, it combines future-oriented linear technology with traditional Chinese wisdom , to enhance the overall design theme of the interior.

(Roewe Aurora R-Aura Concept flexible folding screen, ink scroll steering wheel, touch movable type gear shifting, wireless charging Sinan)

Aiming at the 5G pure electric era and achieving unbounded communication between people and vehicles, the first flagship concept car Roewe Aurora R-Aura Concept of the R standard will be unveiled soon. Roewe Brand Day will be held on May 10, so stay tuned!