The innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i is coming

(Beijing) A few days ago, BMW officially revealed the top version of its first full-size SAV – the innovative BMW X7xDrive M50i. Under the guidance of the brand-new “First Strategy”, BMW Group continues to deepen the development of ACES (Electrification, Automation, Interconnection, Sharing/Service) innovation, and strengthen the leading position and outstanding charm of the BMW brand. A heavy model. This model perfectly combines the surging power of the V8 engine with the luxury and comfort of a full-size SAV, and strengthens BMW’s competitiveness in this market segment with its unique M sports luxury charm. This is also the first time that BMW endows M power to a full-size large luxury SAV. It also perfectly integrates the passion of BMW M with X7, creating an unprecedented exclusive car, and bringing more choices to customers who love driving and pursue luxury quality.

The innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i is coming

The innovative BMW X7, as the BMW Group’s first full-size luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SAV), represents BMW’s new understanding of luxury. As the latest and largest model in the BMW X product lineup, the innovative BMW X7 integrates exclusive luxury, eye-catching super large space, top-notch interior design, advanced configuration, unprecedented comfortable driving experience, industry-leading innovative digital technology and services for all over. The V8 engine, intelligent all-wheel drive system and suspension system of the innovative BMW X7 M50i are all developed and tuned by the BMW M department, with more excellent power performance and precise control, showing the unique sporty and luxurious style of BMW models. The innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i not only incorporates the innovative and pioneering spirit of the BMW X family for 20 years, but also integrates the sports essence accumulated by BMW for a century, interpreting BMW’s kingship in the large luxury SAV market segment.

The powerful power combination tuned by M brings an unprecedented exclusive car

BMW has given the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i the most powerful performance in the full-size large luxury SAV segment. The brand-new 4.4-liter V8 engine is developed and tuned by BMW M, which can produce a maximum output power of 530 horsepower and a peak torque of 750 Nm. With the brand-new 8-speed Steptronic sports automatic manual transmission, it only takes 4.7 seconds to complete Accelerate from 100 kilometers. The outstanding output power and torque allow the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i to meet your expectations whether you are driving at a constant speed at low speeds or want to fully explore the strong power of the vehicle and accelerate with a sense of sportiness. . It is worth mentioning that the new car is equipped with the M sports exhaust system as standard, which can emit exciting and wonderful sounds according to the driving mode selection.

The innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i is coming

Facing off-road roads, the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i also has extraordinary potential. With the combination of the xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system and the M sports electronically controlled rear axle differential lock, it can optimize traction and power transmission, allowing the engine torque to be precisely distributed to the required front and rear wheels, thereby preventing Wheel spin caused by torque being distributed to other wheels due to lack of grip. At the same time, the M sports electronically controlled rear differential lock is also connected to the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system, which can effectively reduce the understeer of the vehicle when cornering at high speeds, and achieve a precise sense of control. The new car can also choose the integral active steering system to further enhance the flexibility of the vehicle.

The innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i adopts leading chassis technology. The equipped magic carpet intelligent air suspension system can make the driver and passengers feel more comfortable through the active anti-roll function and intelligent adjustment of the hardness of the suspension during driving. The Roll Stabilization System compensates for body roll when accelerating out of corners very quickly and precisely, which not only contributes to improved agility and handling stability on corner entry, but also optimizes traction on acceleration out of corners. In addition, intelligently adjusting the softness and hardness of the suspension can also reduce the vibration caused by bumpy road undulations and improve the comfort when driving in a straight line.

The innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i is coming

The suspension part of the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i adopts a double-wishbone front axle and a five-link rear axle, and has been carefully tuned by the M department, with kinematics and elastic kinematics specially designed for wheel suspension. With the mutual cooperation of the M sports electronically controlled rear differential lock, the magic carpet intelligent air suspension system and the overall active steering system, the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i is endowed with precise control beyond its class. With advanced powertrain, chassis technology and tuning, the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i has all-round driving characteristics, providing the best ride comfort and flexible road handling in its class.

Top luxury combines M exclusive design and passion, highlighting extraordinary identity

In order to highlight the unique sporty and luxurious temperament of top models, the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i adopts a striking M exclusive design style. While adhering to the majestic momentum of the X family, the exterior and interior of the new car also incorporates the sports passion elements of the M family, and the visual effect is extremely tense.

The front face of the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i is highly visually recognizable. The large kidney-shaped air intake grille has an aura that stands out from the crowd. The large air intakes on both sides of the front apron highlight the “lung capacity” of the V8 engine. The door sills and rear apron also adopt an exclusive design style, full of sculptural power. The black high-gloss decorative strips, selected cerium gray design elements and 22-inch M aluminum alloy wheels from BMW’s personalized customization further emphasize the unique status of the 8-cylinder engine model.

The innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i is coming

Entering the interior of the cabin of the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i, in addition to the top exclusive luxury and the large space sense of SAV, everything you see is full of the sense of ceremony from the M family. Including the steering wheel, shift lever, leather seats, aluminum alloy wheels and high-end decorative strips, all of them have been replaced with M exclusive configurations, which are very luxurious and sporty. Other configurations include illuminated welcome pedals with the “M50i” logo, Bowers&Wilkins diamond surround sound system, and BMW’s customized Alcantara headliner, metallic paint and full Merino leather interior, etc., highlighting its distinguished status and Exclusive luxury.

As the top version of the innovative BMW X7 model, the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i has assembled the most cutting-edge innovative technologies of the BMW Group. The advanced seventh-generation BMW iDrive intelligent human-computer interaction system incorporates the cutting-edge BMW intelligent personal assistant, comprehensively revolutionizes the digital operation in the car, and creates a new form of human-vehicle-digital interactive experience. The innovative BMW X7 is equipped with professional driving assistance systems, including the unique hands-free low-speed car following function and lane change assistance function unique to its class. At the same time, BMW’s world’s first reversing assist function allows the vehicle to automatically reverse a distance of 50 meters when necessary. It demonstrates the BMW Group’s innovative achievements and leadership in developing future travel, especially in the field of autonomous driving, and sets a new standard for market segments.

The launch of the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i model has further strengthened BMW’s competitiveness in the large luxury car category, demonstrating BMW’s systematic expansion of BMW X family models, and ensuring BMW’s continued growth in the global automotive market in the future. With excellent performance and top-level luxury, the innovative BMW X7 xDrive M50i will become the best choice for successful people who are keen on driving and pursue luxury quality.