The list of the first batch of “CN95 Healthy Cockpit” was released, and Yidong PLUS obtained 5A certification

Recently, the list of the first batch of “CN95 Health Cockpit” was released, and Changan Yidong PLUS obtained the highest 5A certification. The domestic fight against the epidemic is gradually improving, and the resumption of work and production is proceeding in an orderly manner. However, the risks of overseas imports and local rebounds cannot be underestimated. A protracted battle for epidemic prevention and control is inevitable. Especially in the automotive field, which is closely related to our daily travel, the public pays more and more attention to health and safety issues such as the air quality inside the car. Therefore, how to measure the health standard of a car has become the focus of consumers’ concern.

Authoritative organization testing, the first batch of 5A certification in the industry

In order to allow users to use the car with peace of mind in special times, Changan Yidong PLUS has passed the “CN95 health certification” jointly launched by China Automobile Research Huacheng Certification Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Kairui Quality Inspection and Certification Center Co., Ltd. Cockpit certification”, completed five certifications including fresh air, antibacterial and sterilization, healthy material selection, electromagnetic cleanliness, low noise and sound insulation, and was awarded the first batch of the highest level “CN95 Healthy Cockpit 5A” certificates in the industry, which proved that Changan Yidong PLUS Excellent technical and product strength, as well as strong brand power behind it.

The list of the first batch of

Excellent R & D strength, quick response to user demands

During the epidemic, Changan Automobile quickly developed a PM0.1 composite antibacterial and antiviral high-efficiency air filter. Eado PLUS, as the first healthy car in China to be installed and mass-produced, has an “anti-allergic function layer, a high-efficiency dust filter layer and a high-efficiency air filter.” “Activated carbon layer” three-layer filter, with the three protective functions of isolation, filtration and purification, brings users a fresh and clean interior environment. Under the protection of the three-layer filter screen, whether it is droplets, dust, aerosols attached to virus transmission, or plant pollen, mold spores, dust mite excrement scattered in the air, etc., can be filtered and isolated, making the whole vehicle The filter effect on particles ≥ 0.3 μm reaches 97.7%, effectively inhibiting the virus from invading the human body, and greatly improving the breathing safety of passengers in the car.

The list of the first batch of

Strict material selection control to create a clean interior environment

According to the “Guidelines for Air Quality Evaluation in Passenger Cars”, in the fresh air cockpit evaluation that is most closely related to air quality, not only the filtering ability of the air-conditioning filter element will be tested, but also the VOC (volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde) in the car will be tested. )content. Eado PLUS adheres to the concept of being responsible for the health of users in the car. Through the established strict material selection production control system, it checks every link in raw material selection, parts production, warehousing and logistics, and is equipped with a professional team to monitor 33 types of raw materials and 64 types. Parts are tested and confirmed, and the principle of “one-vote veto” is adopted throughout the process to ensure that the VOC of each Yidong PLUS is better than the national standard requirements.

The list of the first batch of

In addition, all Eado PLUS series are equipped with a healthy fresh air purification system as standard. This system can not only purify the smell inside the car by introducing fresh air, but also has the function of automatically cycling the clean air at regular intervals after locking the car and unlocking the ventilation function, allowing passengers to open the door every time There is fresh air to greet you. At the same time, after the self-cleaning air conditioner is refrigerated for a certain period of time, the air conditioner will actively blow and dry the surface of the air conditioner evaporator after the vehicle is turned off and locked, effectively inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms such as mold, reducing the generation of odor sources, and allowing users to breathe comfortably. In-car enjoyment of the forest. 

The list of the first batch of

Quiet driving experience, comprehensive protection of cockpit health

The definition of a healthy cockpit is not limited to air quality, and sound insulation and noise reduction are also a particularly important part. The engine is the main source of vehicle vibration and noise. The “Blue Whale NE1.4T high-pressure direct injection engine” equipped in Eado PLUS is derived from the Blue Whale NE tens of millions platform. More than 10 advanced technologies such as noise and high-pressure oil pump reduce the idle noise to 38 decibels, and the idle vibration of the steering wheel is 0.41mm/s, creating a library-level quiet driving environment for drivers and passengers.

The list of the first batch of

The result of this certification is not only the “health promise” made by Eado PLUS to many consumers, but also demonstrates Changan Automobile’s user-centered brand philosophy and extreme demands on product quality. Pollutants that may be harmful to passengers are completely controlled from the manufacturing process to fully protect the health and safety of the cockpit. In the future, Changan Automobile will continue to lead the Chinese auto brands with the spirit of ingenuity and constant pursuit of quality, and create more “one step ahead” car enjoyment for Chinese consumers in the field of healthy travel.