The pre-sale order exceeds 1,000 units in one hour, and the Roewe RX5 PLUS is a fan of strength

On May 1, as one of the highlights of the “May 5 Shopping Festival” in Shanghai, the car carnival “‘Five’ has an appointment with SAIC’ Hui'” opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. SAIC Motor made a grand debut with more than forty “55% off” models of its nine major brands, attracting a large number of citizens to buy at the scene. Among them, SAIC Roewe’s “Xin Guochao Intelligent Networking SUV” RX5 PLUS has attracted countless fans with its five PLUS performances of intelligence, comfort, aesthetics, power, and health. The new car officially opened for pre-sale at 23:18 on May 4th. At 0:18 the next day, the order volume of Tmall flagship store alone reached 1,231, with an average of 21 cars being snapped up every minute. The hardest-core technology new product in the Five Shopping Festivals.

The pre-sale order exceeds 1,000 units in one hour, and the Roewe RX5 PLUS is a fan of strength

Favorable policies superimpose corporate discounts, buying a car now is a real benefit

“Old-for-new” subsidies for fuel vehicles, new energy vehicle charging subsidies, and new license plate quotas… It is reported that in order to further promote automobile consumption, Shanghai will not only improve the infrastructure for charging (replacing) electricity, but also provide “new energy vehicles” to consumers who purchase new energy vehicles. Charging subsidy”, making it clear that this year will continue to issue unlimited new energy vehicle licenses. In addition, Shanghai has added 40,000 non-commercial passenger car quotas on the basis of the original annual plan.

May and June are peak seasons for car sales. SAIC Motor will launch a 10-day “‘Five’ and SAIC have an appointment with SAIC'” car carnival sales event at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. With the help of live broadcast, new product cloud release, and door-to-door test drive Such innovative consumption and experience models will “add fire” to the automobile consumer market that is gradually moving from an incremental market to a stock market.

It is understood that during the Auto Carnival, Roewe, MG, MAXUS, Volkswagen, Skoda, Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, as well as more than 40 complete vehicles, travel and service products of ten brands such as Xiangdao Mobility and Chexiangjia will be fully unveiled . A series of promotional activities such as cash discounts, replacement subsidies, free maintenance, and financial discounts have fully stimulated the potential of car consumption.

The superposition of central and local policies, coupled with the powerful activities of enterprises, has multiple benefits for car purchases, and has become an important opportunity for many consumers to buy cars.

Mr. Li, a citizen, is the direct beneficiary of the “May 5th Shopping Festival”. Mr. Li originally planned to buy a new car in the second half of this year, but the SAIC Motor Carnival event made him directly advance his car purchase plan, because it is really cost-effective to buy a car now. It is understood that what Mr. Li bought was the MARVEL X, the main high-end model of Roewe. In addition to enjoying the preferential policies of the above-mentioned countries, he also enjoys 50% off car purchase (134,400 yuan to buy a vehicle), 50% off pick-up (you can pick up the car with a 50% down payment, and the balance will be paid after one year), and 55% off daily supply (battery The fee is 100,000 yuan in 5-year interest-free installments, and the daily supply is only 55 yuan), five-star insurance (additional gift of comprehensive 5-star protection insurance) four major preferential activities. “The ‘temptation’ of such a price is too great, and it is really hard for me to refuse.” Mr. Li told reporters.

The pre-sale order exceeds 1,000 units in one hour, and the Roewe RX5 PLUS is a fan of strength

Hardcore technology unveiled at the “May 5th Shopping Festival” Roewe RX5 PLUS debuted and attracted countless fans

The “May 5th Shopping Festival” is not only a shopping carnival, but also an important opportunity for many companies to release and promote new products. The first show of SAIC Roewe RX5 PLUS was completed in this car carnival.

As a new national trendy smart connected SUV, the Roewe RX5 PLUS has made new breakthroughs in five aspects: smart connection, comfort, aesthetics, power, and health. It is understood that Roewe RX5 PLUS is the first model of Roewe’s comprehensive youth strategy. In addition to adopting Roewe’s latest black-bottomed new LOGO and making the overall style more fashionable and dynamic, the most attractive thing for young consumers is that it is equipped with Zebra Smart VENUS system.

The pre-sale order exceeds 1,000 units in one hour, and the Roewe RX5 PLUS is a fan of strength

It is understood that the Roewe RX5 PLUS will be equipped with Banma Zhixing VENUS system for the first time, adding black technology functions such as AI voice natural continuous dialogue, voice cloning, car home interconnection, Alipay applet, AB parallel world, personalized AI image, day/night mode, etc. Leading the transformation of smart connected cars from “online” to “situational intelligence”.

“Know everything you can talk about”, “Know everything you can ask”, “Do anything you can do”, these are the most easy-to-understand descriptions of Zebra Zhixing’s VENUS system after many consumers experience the Roewe RX5 PLUS.

“Understand everything in chat”, that is, Zebra Zhixing VENUS can realize natural continuous dialogue only once after waking up, and the command can be interrupted at any time, and the content can be switched at will. With the “sound cloning” function, it can bring users more context. A more personalized and warmer car experience.

“Ask anything”, that is, Banma Zhixing VENUS AI voice skills cover more than 500 commonly used knowledge fields. Whether it is checking the weather, checking stocks, or humorous jokes, it can “answer any question”. It can be called the “encyclopedia” of the car industry “.

“You can do anything”, that is, SAIC Motor, Alipay, and Banma Network jointly created a “digital travel” model in the 5G era, opened up the vehicle status, in-vehicle system, and in-vehicle applet scene engine, and actively recommended to users based on the user’s location and habits At the same time, combined with Banma Zhixing’s AI voice and Alipay’s non-sensing payment capabilities, it can realize the closed-loop service experience of related scenes before, during and after the car. Taking restaurant dining as an example, in the future, voice control of the Alipay applet in the car can provide services such as restaurant recommendation, reservation and ordering, and online ordering.

According to the on-site personnel of the car carnival, nearly one-third of the customers who come to see the car every day come directly for the Roewe RX5 PLUS, the new Guochao intelligent networking SUV. Among them, young people aged 22-26 account for Many people placed orders directly after experiencing it. It is worth mentioning that the Roewe RX5 PLUS online pre-sale started at 23:18 on May 4, and the SAIC Roewe Tmall flagship store received 1,231 orders within one hour.