There are bands and Arrizo GX Pro this summer

In the midsummer that is getting hotter, the variety show also blows a fiery summer wind. Gathering 31 high-representative and influential bands such as Reflector, Painful, New Pants, Penicillin, etc., the online comprehensive dark horse “Summer of the Band” sang all the way into the audience’s sight, becoming the most eye-catching this summer One of the variety shows.

There are bands and Arrizo GX Pro this summer

This summer, there is a band, but also a high-performance car that can relieve the heat. Bring ice coke, drive a car, blow the sea breeze, and adjust the volume of the music to the point where the emotions burst, this is the right summer! Today, the editor recommends a high-performance smart car – Arrizo GX Pro.

Burn engine, heartbeat, speed up, let’s get excited together!

Audiences who watch each issue of “Summer of the Band” are sure to be deeply impressed by New Pants’ “Huahuo”. Peng Lei’s kneeling voice made one’s heart beat faster, and his explosive state completely ignited the fiery fireworks in the hearts of many people.

High-burning, high-explosive, not only “Summer of the Band” but also Arrizo GX Pro can arouse your enthusiasm.

In terms of power, Arrizo GX Pro is equipped with a SQRE4T15B1.5T turbocharged engine that meets China VI emissions, with a maximum power of 115kW and a maximum torque of 230N m. It effectively avoids turbo lag and the sudden feeling of intervention, and the peak torque can burst out at 1750rpm. At the same time, the new generation of 9-speed CVT gearbox is perfectly integrated with the power system, and the SPORT sports mode brought by it is even more amazing. Powerful and efficient, so the acceleration of Arrizo GX Pro is very direct. The 0-60km/h acceleration time is only 4 seconds, and the 100km/h acceleration time is 9 seconds. Turning speed into a kind of heat, Arrizo GX Pro allows you to enjoy the smooth driving experience with adrenaline rush.

There are bands and Arrizo GX Pro this summer

Zongqing, more recklessly. Arrizo GX Pro uses a large number of lightweight materials with higher strength and lighter weight to create the second-generation MEC matrix lightweight and high-strength body, which reduces the weight of the whole vehicle by more than 100kg. Lighter, easier to handle, more responsive ride. At the same time, through track-level professional sporty and precise chassis adjustment, Arrizo GX Pro has an overall controllability, especially in line-shifting stability, straight-line control, and curve control.

Galloping on the stretching and magnificent coastline, shuttling through the bustling and psychedelic “neon rain” in the city, Arrizo GX Pro, which combines excellent sportiness and handling, can satisfy your multi-faceted imagination of summer passion and give you More wanton driving pleasure.

Freedom, casualness, coziness, and comfort!

“Hello, Xiaoai, I want to listen to “Song of the Highway” by Painful Band.”

Since it is a passionate summer trip, how can music be absent? Equipped with an upgraded version of the “Xiong Zhiyun” intelligent network connection system, Arrizo GX Pro is equipped with AI-enhanced natural voice interaction. A sentence of “Xiao AI, hello” can start the whole process of intelligent voice control, not only playing music, It can also control vehicle interconnection functions such as navigation and weather query, and can control the opening and closing of the sunroof and windows. It is worth mentioning that the system can recognize 46 dialects, and the speech recognition rate is close to 100%. Therefore, whether it is Beijing dialect or Shanghai dialect, Arrizo GX Pro can accurately identify and respond quickly, making the communication between people and vehicles more instant and smooth, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant driving experience in a more relaxed and comfortable driving rhythm. summer trip.

There are bands and Arrizo GX Pro this summer

In addition, Arrizo GX Pro not only realizes Carplay/Carlife system-wide mobile phone interconnection, remote vehicle management and control functions, and APP face recognition safety control function, but also is equipped with one-key rescue service for vehicle failure, active car reminder service, etc. Active car life service. Powerful intelligent functions can greatly improve your car happiness value, and also allow you to calmly deal with minor problems on the road, making everything so easy~

In terms of intelligent driving assistance configuration, Arrizo GX Pro is equipped with functions such as 360° bird’s-eye view panoramic high-definition reversing image, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, steep slope auxiliary lights, etc., providing safer guarantee while enjoying driving fun. It is worth mentioning that all Arrizo GXPro series are equipped with TPMS tire pressure monitoring system as standard, and a new high-definition integrated driving recorder is added, which can not only clearly record the whole driving process of the car, but also take pictures with one key, so that you can easily enjoy the scenery along the way .

There are bands and Arrizo GX Pro this summer

Both internal and external, both model and speed. Accurate insight into the excitement of young consumers buying cars, and firmly grasp their pulse. Arrizo GX Pro not only has excellent dynamic driving performance, leading intelligent configuration at the same level, but also has a sharp sporty appearance and high-quality technology. Advanced cockpit design, super five-star safety design. More importantly, after 5 major modules and 14 upgrades, Arrizo GXPro still keeps the price of the old model unchanged, which can be said to be full of sincerity. At the same time, becoming the first batch of car owners can also enjoy four VIP benefits, so act quickly if you are interested!

There are bands and Arrizo GX Pro this summer

“One generation will eventually grow old, but there will always be someone who is young.” While you are young, go to restlessness, go to hell, and go to see the distant scenery! This summer, let Arrizo GX Pro accompany you to enjoy the great youth under the speed and sunshine.