There is always a power for you! Full analysis of the three power systems of the new generation of K3 series models

As the star model of compact cars in the joint venture brand, Dongfeng Yueda Kia’s new generation of K3 series models are extraordinary in appearance design and technological configuration. In terms of the most core power system of the vehicle, the K3 model also performed well. It not only provides three power systems of 1.5L+IVT, 1.4T+7DCT and PHEV plug-in hybrid, but also takes into account comfort, energy saving, speed and passion, and provides consumers with offers a wider variety of choices.

Comfortable and economical choice: 1.5L+IVT power system

Under the epidemic, the economy is under pressure. Many consumers have shifted from “retaliatory consumption” to “retaliatory money saving”. The new-generation K3 is equipped with a 1.5L+IVT power combination. This system is based on Kia’s global advanced Smartstream power system. The engine and transmission are optimized to bring reliable power performance while taking into account fuel economy and driving Take comfort.

There is always a power for you! Full analysis of the three power systems of the new generation of K3 series models

Under the trend of energy saving and emission reduction, the three-cylinder engine has gradually become the mainstream power choice in the field of compact models, but its many inherent defects cannot be underestimated. The 1.5L engine of the new generation K3 adopts the classic four-cylinder structure, and compared with the three-cylinder engine, it shows all-round advantages in terms of power, quietness and economy.

In terms of quiet experience, the three-cylinder engine will cause vibration and noise problems due to the asymmetrical piston movement, while the Kia 1.5L engine is suitable for various complex driving conditions such as idling/climbing/low speed/high speed/rapid acceleration, and the power output is more stable , the noise control is better, and the driving experience will be more comfortable. In terms of durability, due to the increase in the single cylinder volume and compression ratio of the three-cylinder engine, the engine connecting rod, bearing bush and other components are prone to abnormal wear and poor stability. Kia’s 1.5L engine benefits from the stable layout of the four cylinders and can withstand the durability test of more than 300,000 kilometers. In addition, in terms of fuel economy, the three-cylinder engine has problems such as power lag and high fuel consumption when facing complex urban road conditions, while Kia’s 1.5L engine can effectively reduce power loss and improve thermal efficiency. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 5.1L, reaching Best in class.

There is always a power for you! Full analysis of the three power systems of the new generation of K3 series models

Comfortable and economical power performance is also inseparable from the blessing of an excellent transmission. Kia’s IVT transmission has been precisely adjusted to achieve a perfect integration with the 1.5L engine. It not only optimizes the transmission logic and control program to make the power output more direct and efficient, but also simulates 8AT shifting to meet different driving habits. It is easy to deal with complex environments and road conditions, and has both low-speed high-torque and high-speed fuel economy.

Strong performance choice: 1.4T+7DCT power system

The new generation of K3 is also matched with 1.4T+7DCT power system. This model combines the powerful power output of the turbocharged engine with the sharp shifting speed of the dual-clutch transmission, aiming to provide consumers with the best power performance among models of the same class.

With a number of advanced technologies such as small inertia turbine, electronically controlled turbine pressure relief valve, and integrated exhaust manifold, the performance of Kia’s 1.4T engine has been enhanced, with a maximum power of 96kW (130Ps), a maximum torque of 211N m, and outstanding power. The performance can provide the driver with a smooth driving experience. The 7DCT transmission matched with the 1.4T engine not only improves the durability and reliability, but also further strengthens the shifting speed and high transmission efficiency, and the sporty characteristics are more prominent.

There is always a power for you! Full analysis of the three power systems of the new generation of K3 series models

It is worth mentioning that this engine won the “2017 Ward Top Ten Engines” award for its excellent performance and reliability, and is recognized as one of the most outstanding engines in the world.

Trendy and environmentally friendly choice: PHEV plug-in hybrid power system

In addition to being equipped with conventional fuel power systems, Dongfeng Yueda Kia is also actively deploying new energy fields. The new generation of K3 PHEV is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system, which can be freely switched among the three modes of “pure electric driving”, “hybrid driving” and “engine driving”, which is effectively compatible with the convenience of energy supplementation of traditional fuel vehicles and the convenience of electric vehicles. The economic and environmental protection of the model provides the best choice for trendy environmentalists.

There is always a power for you! Full analysis of the three power systems of the new generation of K3 series models

The new-generation K3 PHEV plug-in hybrid power system consists of a Kappa 1.6L GDi engine and a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 45kW. It adopts a parallel architecture and is matched with a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Among them, the thermal efficiency of the engine reaches 40%, the working efficiency of the electric motor exceeds 95%, and the power performance and energy saving performance are excellent. Its total cruising range reaches 1080km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is only 1L/100km, which has the advantages of super long cruising range and super energy saving.

Attract everyone’s attention with fashionable appearance, and establish the benchmark of the same level with the “core” of strength. The three power systems provided by the new generation of K3 series models have their own distinctive features, providing various choices for different consumers. Whether you are pursuing comfort and economy, strong performance, or pursuing trendy and environmental protection, the new generation of K3 series models are the best choice.