What changes can the investment of more than 100 million Shili Fangfei bring to Xixi Wetland?

“Walking along the river, forgetting the distance of the road, and suddenly meeting ten miles of Fangfei…” After leaving Huajiantang, Zhang Bei brought another ten miles of Fangfei.

In 2016, Zhang Bei came to Xixi, Hangzhou, and used 6 primitive natural villages in the wetland to build a resort cluster with the theme of “impromptu wisdom”, named Shili Fangfei.

Before the construction, Shili Fangfei has been regarded as an important content filling of Xixi Wetland Park, and it is expected to increase its influence and increase the income of tickets. What fresh elements does it contain, and what changes can it bring to Xixi Wetland? become the interest of many people.

Ten Miles of Fangfei

Zhang Bei’s relationship with Shili Fangfei began in 2016. Before that, the most striking label on her body was the founder of Huajiantang. In 2016, the Xixi Wetland Management Committee approached Zhang Bei, intending to create products similar to Huajiantang in Xixi Wetland Park, so as to enrich the product format and increase the income from tickets.

What changes can the investment of more than 100 million Shili Fangfei bring to Xixi Wetland?

Map of Shilifangfei

Zhang Bei thought it was a good invitation. At that time, she was thinking: What new products can bring you a different feeling? In her view, the surrounding projects are telling similar stories, and the products created are seriously homogeneous. “In the past, our products were differentiated from other tourism products by culture. Since 2014, many new holiday products such as homestays and inns have appeared. Everyone is telling similar and the same stories. For example, we sold a hotel in Beijing. room, go to Dali as an inn…”

Therefore, Zhang Bei wants to make a product that is different from Huajiantang. With the idea and the opportunity to implement it, the two sides hit it off, and the construction of Shili Fangfei was put on the agenda. In October 2018, Shili Fangfei officially opened its doors to welcome guests.

Zhang Bei once wrote in an article, “If it is said that Qianhuajiantang has led an upgrade of the hotel industry from function to experience, I hope Shili Fangfei is a beautiful practice of new life aesthetics.”

Compared with Huajiantang, Shili Fangfei has a larger area, and it also carries more expectations and new elements.

New scenes outside of accommodation and catering

The entire project of Shili Fangfei is scattered in a narrow and long shape. It takes 40 minutes, 10,000 steps, and about 10 miles to walk from the first house at the head of the village to the last house, which is why the name of Shili Fangfei comes from. There are 27 small bridges connecting them , and both guests and staff can only travel by boat or on foot.

According to Zhang Bei, Shili Fangfei covers an area of ​​more than 700 mu, with a construction area of ​​15,000 square meters and an investment of about 100 million yuan. If all goes well, the cost can be recovered in 3 to 4 years.

It is understood that there are 6 natural villages in Shili Fangfei, Yiqu Yanjia, Xunmeizhu, Shilizhou, Shilizhou North, Lihuawu, and Dingxiangpu, and more than 110 guest rooms are distributed in the villages. By checking the online booking platform, the reporter found that Shili Fangfei currently has 7 types of rooms, including Fangfei Special Room, Fangfei Lake View Room, and Fangfei Villa Room. Except for Fangfei Villa Room, which is priced at 7,888 yuan, the prices of other room types are mostly around 2,000 yuan.

As for the basis of pricing, Zhang Bei said that there are three main points to consider. One is your own positioning, which can be intuitively expressed by numbers; the other is the affordability of the customer base. You must consider how much the target customer is willing to spend for your products; The third is the peripheral price. The prices of similar products around Shilifangfei are mostly above 2,000 yuan.

In addition to accommodation, Shilifangfei also has many other forms of products. For example, Jinyang Bistro, Village Canteen, Huashen Store, Persimmon House, etc., each product has its own name and story.

What changes can the investment of more than 100 million Shili Fangfei bring to Xixi Wetland?

The village canteen is not only a restaurant, but also a flower shop, a children’s entertainment area, a small bar, and a classroom for impromptu performances

Take the Persimmon House as an example. The Persimmon House is the village office and full-time canteen of Yiqu Yanjia. Here, persimmons picked from the Xixi Wetland are important ingredients for the dishes. Persimmon House also has its own little story: Once upon a time, there was a cat whose time in the world was exhausted, and went back to be a cat fairy. Its owner wrote to it every day, and its owner believed that each letter was like The stairs leading to that mysterious place will arrive one day, and the place where the letter is written is in the persimmon house in Yiqu Yanjia.

What changes can the investment of more than 100 million Shili Fangfei bring to Xixi Wetland?

Persimmon House

In Zhang Bei’s view, the dimension of customer consumption has changed from the original functional dimension to the scene dimension. What is purchased is no longer the travel product itself, but a new scene that can make users’ emotions flow.

It is understood that there are currently three main types of customers in Shilifangfei: tourists who come to Xixi Wetland for fun; people who participate in conference activities; people who simply want to come to Shilifangfei for leisure and vacation. The design of the existing scenes is based on the needs of these three groups of people. For example, the Improvisology Research Center allows visitors to enjoy impromptu plays, impromptu music, impromptu dances, and impromptu speeches from global artists; the Flower Temple can be used as an auditorium for weddings on the water , can also be used to hold press conferences, and Shili Fangfei also has courses developed by herself for others to purchase.  

 Good products also need good marketing

“The success of a brand is the aggregation of all aspects. It is really not a unique product.” Zhang Bei said that the building of a brand requires both good products and good marketing. ” It is good to sell products on OTA . The days are gone . ”

Today, when users’ time is becoming more and more fragmented, Zhang Bei said that in order to gain users’ attention, it is not enough to just hang products on OTA, and must appear in various forms in users’ fragmented time. For example, you can scan it by swiping Douyin, you can see it by watching Moments, and you can hear it by listening to Himalayan audio.

After grabbing users’ attention, we need to find ways to help them establish their identities in the virtual world and increase their social charm  . “Who is the first to increase the social assets of users’ acquaintances on social media such as Moments through vacation content, and increase the recognition of strangers? And influence, who will win the highly sticky users.” Zhang Bei said.

What changes can the investment of more than 100 million Shili Fangfei bring to Xixi Wetland?

Pear Vortex Small Cinema An indoor art theater with 12 seats, all kinds of classic art films, which can only be seen here by appointment in advance

Tourism is a relatively low-frequency consumption. How to continuously create a closer relationship with users and generate higher stickiness has puzzled many people in the industry. The answer given by Zhang Bei is to make games that integrate online and offline, so that online consumption and offline experience can be connected and form a closed loop. It is understood that Shilifangfei has developed a system based on the WeChat platform. Click to enter the simulation scene of Shilifangfei. The rose coins obtained by playing games or doing tasks can be directly used for Shilifangfei’s accommodation or dining consumption. Check the schedule and location of activities and performances in the scenic spot on the day in the applet.

In addition, there is a virtual tree hole in Shilifangfei, where photos and videos taken in Shilifangfei can be uploaded. When you want to see it, you can go back to a place with a radius of 500 meters in Shili Fangfei, and use the positioning download technology to download it for viewing. Zhang Bei believes that this is the storage and flow of mood, which is very ceremonial. These small ideas are drawn into the connection with customers, turning low frequency into high frequency.

Zhang Bei once summed up her thoughts on Shili Fangfei’s business model. She said that Shili Fangfei builds a closed-loop experience of “decision-purchase-sharing” through content, services, and games, matching corresponding content products for users before, during, and after their vacation. , scene products, and service products to create a complete business closed loop for user vacation experience.

Covering an area of ​​more than 700 mu, with an investment of more than 100 million yuan, can Shili Fangfei stand the test of the market and bring more income to Xixi Wetland Park? Not yet known, it will take time to test.