What to do after the beginning of summer, Arrizo 5 PRO invites you to spend the weekend refreshingly

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What to do after the beginning of summer, Arrizo 5 PRO invites you to spend the weekend refreshingly

Unknowingly, the footsteps of summer have come quietly, the warm sunshine has become hot, and there is also a trace of restlessness in the soft air. When we were still having fun during the May Day holiday, Lixia had already met us.

In the hot summer, it is easy to dispel our courage to go out. It is comfortable to be in an air-conditioned room, but it is boring to live indoors for a long time. How to travel comfortably on weekends? This “artifact” you need to know, it is Arrizo 5 PRO.

Rich configuration, convenient travel at your fingertips

Everyone knows that in the midsummer season, life tends to become boring and boring. Under the scorching sun, we always want to arrive at our destination immediately. But with the Internet, the journey can become more pleasant and extraordinary. Arrizo 5 PRO helps you keep in touch with the colorful world at any time. The “Lion Zhiyun” intelligent network connection system equipped in the car can provide real-time online 4G high-speed Internet car life. The built-in 4G network card in the car can support up to 10 devices to connect at the same time. Let you enjoy the colorful world of the Internet without fear of running out of traffic.

Of course, Arrizo 5 PRO’s built-in “Lion Zhiyun” intelligent network connection system allows you to bid farewell to the era of mobile phone navigation at one time, and allows you to fully control the road conditions through real-time synchronization of networked maps. Passengers can browse mobile phone information, listen to songs, and play games to their heart’s content without interference.

What to do after the beginning of summer, Arrizo 5 PRO invites you to spend the weekend refreshingly

The built-in Zhiyun Butler is also equipped with a new generation of enhanced natural voice interaction, which realizes a high degree of natural voice recognition and processing capabilities that simulate humans, allowing the car to talk to you to resolve summer irritability and travel easily.

Super large space, so that travel without space hindrance

The hot air always makes people want to keep a proper distance. Only by having your own space can you feel cooler.

The body size of Arrizo 5 PRO is 4572*1825*1482mm. The leapfrog body size allows the Arrizo 5 PRO, as a compact family sedan, to have more horizontal and vertical space in the car than the same level. Adult men don’t feel crowded at all. The 2670mm ultra-long wheelbase performance allows the front and rear rows to “live in peace”: the rear legs have a distance of two and a half punches, and the head space also has a punch.

What to do after the beginning of summer, Arrizo 5 PRO invites you to spend the weekend refreshingly

Comfortable ride, easy driving and pleasant journey

To ride comfortably, you need not only rich configuration and ample space, but also comfortable, soft and hard seats. In this regard, Arrizo 5 PRO has a coup.

In the ergonomics adjustment of the car, Arrizo 5 PRO is extremely sophisticated. The screen and other buttons of the whole car are relatively close to the main driver, which greatly enhances the driver’s riding experience. Thanks to the multifunctional steering wheel, Arrizo 5 PRO makes driving easier.

In order to ensure the riding experience that passengers are most concerned about, Arrizo 5 PRO has good settings in the length of the seat cushion, the feeling of wrapping around the waist, and the overall soft and hard adjustment, which not only ensures the appearance and comfort, but also ensures the sense of movement.

What to do after the beginning of summer, Arrizo 5 PRO invites you to spend the weekend refreshingly

In addition to comfort, Arrizo 5 PRO is also excellent in terms of convenience, allowing consumers to experience the convenience of technology during summer travel. Arrizo 5 PRO is equipped with one-button up window with anti-pinch function, automatic window up when the car is locked, and automatic window down when unlocked. These are very rare configurations in the 80,000-class models, so that users do not need to repeatedly confirm under the scorching sun. It is extremely convenient.

Having said so much, are you still afraid of traveling in the hot summer? Why not go out boldly and drive Arrizo 5 PRO to go out bravely. The rich configuration, leapfrog space and ultimate comfortable driving experience will definitely allow you to set off at any time without fear of the heat.

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