Why does this 100,000 yuan compact SUV handle “picky” young people

I have to admit that the new generation of users who have lived in the era of material abundance since childhood are the most “picky” car buyers. Under the wave of consumption upgrading, they no longer blindly pursue brands, but start to establish a more rational and sensible consumption concept. They hope to get better products and enjoy a better experience within a limited budget, especially when it comes to buying a car.

For the new generation of users, good looks are the basics, high quality is necessary, fuel-efficient and comfortable is a must, and of course the price should be affordable enough, after all, they have a limited budget for car purchases just out of society. Based on the above, a new generation of Tiggo 7, a 100,000-class SUV that was just launched this year, really firmly grasped the excitement of young people’s car purchase.

Why does this 100,000 yuan compact SUV handle

Ping Thuan is fuel-efficient and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 6.8L

The new generation of Tiggo 7 is equipped with the only 1.5T+9CVT power combination in its class. The equipped 1.5T engine is Chery’s star product for the global market, with a maximum power of 115kW, a maximum torque of 230N m, and a thermal efficiency as high as 37.1%. Compared with the latest products, it is not inferior at all. In terms of transmission, the matching 9CVT gearbox has won the honor of “Longpan Cup” Top Ten Transmissions in the World, and forms a platinum efficient partner with the 1.5T engine. In the downtown area, it is also very relaxed to drive.

Why does this 100,000 yuan compact SUV handle

For the new generation of consumers, abundant and smooth power is a “just need”, and the low cost of using a car cannot be ignored. In order to achieve the best balance between power and fuel consumption, Chery Automobile has increased the transmission efficiency of CVT to 95% by using a new type of high-efficiency vane pump, a new type of hydraulic torque converter, a new type of hydraulic system and a new generation of transmission steel belt. Minimize power consumption and achieve an ultra-low fuel consumption of 6.8L per 100 kilometers, which satisfies everyone’s demand for easy driving and fuel-efficient car purchases.

Both color and quality create a superior full-sensory experience

In terms of appearance, the new generation of Tiggo 7 adopts a new generation of family-oriented “peak style” design, which combines elegant and powerful lines to outline its unique and distinctive sense of fashion. Adopting the new front face shape of Sunyal Galaxy, the new generation of Tiggo 7 is equipped with multi-cavity array reflective LED headlights. The sharp design embeds the high-end beauty into the eyes, giving people a sense of love at a glance; at the same time, the sky-suspended roof design, The super-large aluminum alloy wheels vividly show the elegant temperament and dynamic charm of the whole vehicle. In order to provide consumers with a unique personalized expression, the new car also provides 7 new trendy car colors and 3 stylish color matching body options.

Why does this 100,000 yuan compact SUV handle

In the big trend of beauty economy, having a capable appearance is definitely a booster to attract attention, but if you want to really impress the current new generation, outstanding quality is also very important. For example, the new generation of Tiggo 7 has a technologically simple interior atmosphere and exquisite details and materials, all of which bring a full luxury texture effect.

Why does this 100,000 yuan compact SUV handle

Similarly, the tactile texture brought by the luxurious tactile soft cover stitching and sports stitching double stitching design, the technological atmosphere created by the intelligent stepless color-changing rhythm ambient light, and the quiet driving environment brought by NVH deep-sea mute optimization , can let you feel the high-end style of this car at any time. In addition, the first batch of domestic “N95 medical-grade” anti-bacterial air-conditioning filters adopted by the new generation of Tiggo 7 not only meet the high requirements of current users for health and comfort, but also provide them with an in-car environment experience beyond the same level.

In addition, the deployment of technological configuration is also an important plus point for the sense of quality, especially for young consumers.

Thanks to the blessing of the Lion Zhiyun intelligent network connection system, the new generation of Tiggo 7 has AI-enhanced natural voice interaction that supports 46 dialect recognition and a voice recognition rate close to 100%, such as: “Open the sunroof”, “I want to eat hot pot” “This kind of natural voice command can make it automatically open the sunroof, search for nearby delicacies, truly realize the liberation of hands, and make driving easier and more convenient. In addition, Lion Zhiyun intelligent network connection system also has very advanced and practical functions such as face recognition technology and Zhiyun housekeeper.

In general, the new generation of Tiggo 7 not only has “impressive” fuel consumption, is smooth and comfortable, but also has outstanding performance in terms of design and driving quality. At the same time, it has a starting price of 79,900 yuan, which fully satisfies the “picky” needs of consumers. “Demand, friends who like it, hurry up!