Why travel in an RV?

This manuscript has been written five times over and over again. Every time I write to the end, I feel that the clumsy words can’t express what I think in my heart, so I have to abandon it. But there was a feeling of not being able to vomit, so there was the following crude text, which made everyone laugh.

Why travel in an RV?Why do we travel in an RV?

A big question with a very small answer. This answer is as small as a promise made 30 years ago, or just because I want to go out for a walk.


Time flies, I have spent five years in the RV industry. I remember when someone asked me about my ideal, and I can still remember the grandeur of the answer at that time. And the ideal now – not going to work is my ideal. Suddenly, I wanted to escape from this oppressive city, and suddenly realized that maybe they were the same.

Why travel in an RV? escape

Cities have given us better education, growth, and medical care, but they have also deprived us of the singing of frogs and the singing of cicadas, and the blooming of green trees and flowers. When we get what we want, we start to miss what we lost. So we went crazy, obsessed, and tried every means to achieve it. Hiking, cycling, self-driving, using different ways to find that thing called “nature”.

Spring buds and autumn fruits, summer rain and winter snow, these beautiful things seem to have learned the magic of speeding up. Whenever you are with them, time will become fast. Then, we began to try our best to keep such beauty. We tried to move the beauty into the city, and we tried to build the city into the beauty, but the result was not ideal.

Why travel in an RV? wake up

So what about putting your home in the beauty? After trying many things, we settled on the RV. Although the caravan is still very small, it can go slower, go farther, and be rich and thrifty.

We fled from the city in an RV and came to deserts, grasslands, forests, and bamboo seas, trying to breathe the smells that we missed day and night. At this moment, it seemed that our decadent bodies slowly woke up. What wakes you up every day is no longer the noise of sirens, but the chirping of birds and insects, as if all this is as it should be.

Why travel in an RV?


Going back to the original question, the answer is not important, but the result. Are you going to fulfill the promise you made when you were in love-take her to travel around the world?

The time is just right, I wish you a pleasant journey and see you in the rivers and lakes.

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